Manatees are frequently referred to as Sea Cows. They space massively cute aquatic mammals — for this reason ugly they’re irresistible and also really gentle. Varying in color from gray to brown, they room covered with wrinkles and also short bristle-like hair, and sport long thick whiskers jutting from their snouts.

Manatee Facts

Manatees have the right to be uncovered in shallow, slow-moving rivers, estuaries, saltwater bays, canals, and coastal areas - particularly where seaweeds or freshwater vegetation flourish.There space four species of manatees: the West Indian Manatee, the Florida Manatee (technically a subspecies the the West Indian species), the Amazonian Manatee and the West afri Manatee.Manatees have actually fairly great vision and also can distinguish between colors.Manatees carry out not have eyelashes. Their eye muscles close in a one motion, lot like an aperture top top a camera. They have a lid-like membrane (called a nictitating membrane) that closes over their eyes for protection as soon as they are under water.Manatees have the right to hear very well in spite of the absence of external ear lobes.A manatee's love beats in ~ a rate of 50 come 60 to win a minute. The heart price slows down to 30 to win a minute during a lengthy dive.Manatees have actually no "biting" teeth, only "grinding" teeth. A manatee's this (all molars) room constantly being replaced. New teeth come in in ~ the back of the jaw and move forward around a centimeter a month. The prior molars ultimately fall out and also are changed by the this behind them. This tooth replacement is an adaption to the manatee's diet, together it consumes plants that may hold a most sand.Manatees replace worn this throughout their lifetime.

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A manatee can move each side the its lip pads independently. This flexibility permits the manatee come "grab" aquatic plants and draw them into its mouth.Manatees room herbivores an interpretation plant eat animals.Manatees spend 6-8 hours a work feeding.Manatees eat 10% to 15% of your body weight each day.Manatees have only 6 cervical (neck) vertebrae. Most all other mammals, consisting of giraffes, have seven. As a result, manatees cannot revolve their heads sideways, they have to turn their totality body about to watch behind them.The manatee's rib bones room solid, there is no marrow. They do red blood cells in their sternum where marrow is found.The manatee has pelvic bones, yet they are not attached come its bones frame. They are remnants of a time as soon as manatees live on land. The skeletal are uncovered in a cartilage organization area that the human body in the vicinity the the reproductive organs and also the urinary bladder. The bones space soft as soon as the manatee is young and also later harden together they mature. Various other remnant bones found in the manatee room the hyoid bones situated near the neck region. These bones are similar to the Adam's to apologize in humans. Today, there is no known use of these bones in the manatee.The manatee's lungs lie follow me its backbone instead of along its rib cage as is discovered in most mammals. The lungs are long (1 meter or an ext in adults), wide (20 cm), and also thin (5 centimeter or less). As well as breathing, the lungs assist the manatee with buoyancy control.Manatees surface ar for air every 3-5 minutes.Manatees deserve to stay submerged as much as 20 minutes.The skeletal in a manatee's flipper are similar to a human hand. The jointed "finger bones" the the flipper aid the manatee move through the water, carry food come its mouth, and hold objects. Three or four nails are discovered at the finish of each flipper.The typical Manatee 10ft lengthy weighing 800-1200 pounds.They have been well-known to reach 13 ft and also 3500 pounds.When born they space 3-4 ft long and 60-70 pounds.Manatees closest modern-day relative is the elephant. Proof of this partnership is simple to point out – both animals have 3 to four fingernails.Manatees cannot make it through in temperatures below 60 levels (15 Celsius).

Females mature for reproduction at around 5 year old and also 8 year old for males.

Manatees are commonly pretty slow, but, have the right to swim up to 20 mph.

Manatees perform not type permanent bonds when breeding.

On average one calf is born every 5 years.

Gestation duration is around 1 year long.

Manatees babies space born underwater. Mothers must help their calves come the surface ar so that they can take their an initial breath. Yet the babies can commonly swim on their very own after only one hour.

Fossil continues to be of Florida manatee ancestors date back around 45 million years.

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Manatees connect by squealing under water to show fear, tension or excitement.