“Do Your ear Hang Low?” is a children’s song often sung in school and at camp. Yes no conclusive evidence worrying the beginning of the lyrics. A common id is the the lyrics refer to the ears of a hound dog. 

It is most likely that this to be a crude wartime soldiers’ track that, in sanitized form, has actually made its method into various other circles. Versions through obscene lyrics exist, especially “Do her Balls cave Low?”and “Do your Boobs cave Low?”

Certainly “Do your Balls cave Low?” is recognized to have been sung by british soldiers top top the west Front throughout WWI. It’s report that, ~ above one occasion in 1916, general Douglas Haig heard the song being sung through a column of soldiers together they marched past on their way to the Somme.

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He immediately rode come the head that the column to remonstrate through the battalion commander, just to discover the Colonel singing as heartily as his men.

The tune is frequently heard gift played on ice cream cream truck P.A. Speakers in America.

Do you expect that’s true? does anybody know? I had a deprived childhood; i’ve never even seen an ice cream cream truck, allow alone heard one.

The following lyrics are from one particular variant the the song:

Do your ears hang low?Do they wobble to and also fro?Can girlfriend tie ’em in a knot?Can friend tie ’em in a bow?Can you litter ’em o’er your shoulderLike a continent soldierDo your ears hang low?

Do your ear stand high?Do castle reach up to the sky?Do they droop as soon as they room wet?Do castle stiffen as soon as they’re dry?Can you tide them in ~ (or semaphore) her neighborWith an facet of flavor? (or the minimum the labor)Do your ear stand high?

Do your ear flip-flop?Can you use them together a mop?Are they stringy in ~ the bottom?Are castle curly in ~ the top?Can you usage them for a swatter?Can you use them because that a blotter?Do your ears flip-flop?

Do your ears stick out?Can girlfriend waggle them about?Can friend flap them up and downAs girlfriend fly roughly the town?Can girlfriend shut lock up for sureWhen girlfriend hear an dreadful bore?Do your ears stick out?

Do your ears provide snacks?Are they all filled up with wax?Do girlfriend eat it in the morningDo friend eat it in the bath?Do you eat it v a sconeOr do you eat it on that is own?Do her ears offer snacks?

That critical verse is not one I desire to hear just prior to I’m about to eat breakfast!

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