Background: We have actually a regional food that"s something in between "broth" and "noodles". Unfortunately, English language experts in Iran don"t bother to introduce a perfect word that deals with the problem. But that isn"t the problem. Come know exactly how I"ll have the ability to use a an ideal word (if any), I first need to make sure of the following:

Problem: too phrased through the title, is over there a regulation or a share which disallows us from "drinking/eating soup"? Or is this totally context-based (as abiding the ascendancy that if we describe the liquid, it need to be "drinking" and if we refer to the heavy ingredients, it"s "eating"?)There"s likewise a 3rd possibility in i m sorry natives take it the "viscosity" or the heavy nature that food into consideration and also decide i beg your pardon verb to use, but I have gained no clues.

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FYI, This is the neighborhood food that has offered rise come this question:


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The preeminence of thumb that I would recommend is, if girlfriend consume the by:

using a utensil (fork, spoon, chopsticks, etc.): climate you eat it.pouring that from a container right into your mouth: then you drink it.sucking that up with a straw: then you drink it.

Normally, soup would autumn into the very first category (using a spoon), so i would often tend to to speak "eat your soup". (However, once you choose up the bowl and also pour the last oz or 2 of fluid straight right into your mouth, ns would often tend to say the you room "drinking the last drops from the bowl".

The yes, really difference between eating something and drinking miscbetterworld2016.organeous is that when you eat, you acquire some quantity of the items in your mouth, friend (optionally, however recommended!) chew it, and then girlfriend swallow once. As soon as you drink, you have actually a consistent supply of the article entering your mouth, and you swallow at the very least once (but typically more), without ever chewing. So the is entirely possible, together you note, to choose in between eating her broth and drinking it.

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The upshot is, if you are serving this neighborhood food through a spoon, you deserve to safely refer to eating it.

It"s likewise worth noting the you have the right to avoid the entire eat/drink issue by using the generic word have, in its sense of "partake / consume":