​Question: ​Weeping willow, six years old and also 9″ diameter. Wet, clay ground and thriving. All of sudden late critical summer, i noticed the pipeline were dead, and the bark top top the trunk was completely loose and falling off. No various other trees or shrubs within 50 feet (black walnut, sycamore, maple, increased of sharon) to be affected. No evident sign of insects, boring, trails, worms, etc.

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Answer: When a tree start to shed leaves, specifically in the spring once they have to be broadening for the brand-new growing season, it have the right to be puzzling. Often, this is a authorize of troubles which have the right to be caused by biotic or abiotic issues however not constantly a significant cause because that alarm. The dropping leaves deserve to be a symptom of foliar diseases which weakens the tree, or it can be the result of an insect pest feeding ~ above the petioles of the leaves. There are many pests i beg your pardon can reason leaf drop.

Another feasible cause is the response to abiotic obstacle which is frequently a complex of issues. Leaf drop can take place on tree that have actually been exposed to an extensive wetness in heavy, clay soils. Some tree species like wet soils however not an extensive wetness without drainage. If trees space exposed to continual wetness, your roots can end up being diseased and cause the leaf drop. Additionally, it has actually been provided that trees which were planted improperly, specifically if planted too deep, can result in several physiological issues such as decrease and dieback.

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If trees reveal symptoms the premature fall color, yellowing of pipeline or inexplicable leaf drop, it might be crucial to send in a sample for diagnosis. The betterworld2016.org Plant and also Pest Diagnostic activities (PPDL) gives this service by a really capable team that pathologists, entomologists and extension professionals to analysis plant worries in the landscape. This is an inexpensive approach to investigating the issues and also leading come the best possible curative measures. Protocol because that submitting tree samples can be found on the PPDL website.

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Lindsey Purcell, metropolitan Forestry SpecialistDepartment of Forestry and Natural Resources, betterworld2016.org University