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When you need a safety and security inspection

All vehicles registered in new York State must get a safety inspection at a inspection station

every 12 monthswhen the property of the vehicle is transferred

A valid inspection sticker need to be shown on your vehicle. Inspections expire the critical day the the month punched ~ above the investigate sticker.

If your car does not have a valid inspection

Emissions inspection

Most vehicles must likewise get one emissions inspection (or diesel emissions inspection) at the time of the safety and security inspection. 4

See the brand-new York vehicle Inspection Program (betterworld2016.orgVIP2) page. You have the right to find extr information in these brochures

 Find an investigate station

Licensed stations screen a yellow and also black sign that reads, "Official inspection Station." Motorcycle inspection stations screen a blue and also orange sign.

Find an investigate station close to you


See the Inspection Groups and Fee graph (PDF) (VS-77).

What is checked

The brochure, brand-new York State automobile Safety/Emissions Inspection routine for Cars and Light van (C-50) lists the equipment items checked during a safety and security inspection, and a description of the security inspection.

I to buy a vehicle from a dealer

The dealer must have the vehicle inspected in ~ 30 days of the day of sale and also prior come delivery.

I purchase a car from a private seller (not a dealer)

If you buy or acquire a auto from someone various other than a dealer registered v the new York State, you will get an inspection extension that will certainly last 10 days indigenous the day of the registration.

An inspection issued come the previous registrant is no valid.

I have actually moved to brand-new York and registered my car here

If your vehicle was registered in an additional state which issues an investigate sticker, you perform not need to have actually your automobile inspected immediately. Your out-of-state inspection remains valid until it expires or because that one year after ~ the it is registered date, whichever comes first. When your out-of-state inspection expires, friend must acquire a brand-new York State auto inspection.

If the ahead inspection to be performed in a jurisdiction that does not worry an investigate sticker, you must have actually your automobile inspected in brand-new York.

I require an extension (I am not in brand-new York ideal now)

If you are out that state as soon as your inspection will certainly expire, friend can use for one extension. First, identify if an expired out-of-state investigate is a violation of law in the state. Ask the authorities if a brand-new York State inspection extension sticker prevents a ticket because that the violation. The extension enables you 10 days indigenous the day the vehicle returns to new York State to get an inspection.

Allow 14 days for the to procedure and letter your extension sticker. Friend will require it prior to you return your car to brand-new York.

To obtain an extension, mail this information

your name and current out-of-state e-mail addressthe year and also make of her vehiclethe auto plate numberthe inspection sticker number and expiration date


betterworld2016.orgS betterworld2016.orgBureau that Consumer and also Facility ServicesInspection ExtensionP.O. Crate, 12220-0700

When you obtain your expansion sticker, execute not placed it on your windshield when your vehicle is out of state. Save the sticker and the accuse in your car to display to an out-of-state police officer. The sticker is not a guarantee the a police officer will not problem you a traffic ticket.

There will be no record of an inspection on brand-new York State records. You can not renew the it is registered if over there is no document of an inspection in ~ the previous 12 months. If you have to renew the registration before you gain a brand-new York State inspection, call 518-486-9786.

After you return your vehicle to new York State

write the date the car returned to new York on the extension stickerattach the sticker to your windshieldget your automobile inspected within 10 days

The inspection sticker came off my vehicle

You can connect it to the windshield again v clear ice cream or a little amount of clean adhesive. Remember that an inspection terminal must have the ability to remove the sticker during your following inspection.

If the sticker is no usable, you have the right to have your auto re-inspected or you have the right to order a replacement sticker using the type Request for Replacement investigate Sticker (PDF) (VS-118). Finish the kind and letter it to the deal with on the form.

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I have to replace the inspection sticker

You deserve to have your automobile re-inspected or you have the right to order a replacement sticker using the form Request for Replacement inspection Sticker (PDF) (VS-118). Complete the type and letter it to the address on the form.


4. Vehicles room exempt indigenous the emissions inspection if lock aremotorcyclesless 보다 two design years old (model year is greater than or equal to calendar year minus one)more 보다 25 version years old (model year is much less than or same to calendar year minus 25 )diesel-powered, other than diesel-powered vehicles that space 1997 or newer and that have actually a gross car weight rating (GVRW) less than 8,501 poundselectric-poweredissued historical platessubject to the heavy car safety inspection