A lot readjusted in the five year time gap in between Season 5 and Season 6 the Pretty little Liars. Charlotte was committed and also released from the hospital because that the extreme amount the stalking she had actually performed. Aria got a job in Boston. Emily dropped the end of college. Spencer became a political-savant. And, unfortunately for plenty of shippers, Hanna and Caleb broke up during the Pretty small Liars time jump. The was together sad is it can get, considering the two had been with so much. But, top top Season 6B the Pretty tiny Liars, Hanna and also Caleb space reconnecting, so might they actually get back together? UPDATE: In the 6B finale, Hanna and also Caleb kissed after ~ Hanna explained that she came back for Caleb during the time jump.

Well, if the is to happen, there room a few huge obstacles in your way. Those two obstacles gift Jordan, Hanna"s fiancé, and also Spencer, Hanna"s BFF and Caleb"s existing girlfriend. Messy, right? Look, if points were walk to it is in easy, that wouldn"t be Pretty small Liars. In ~ the current moment, the two room in relationships. While Jordan seems choose a fine guy — seriously, there"s naught wrong with him — Hanna simply doesn"t seem really into your relationship currently that she"s went back to Rosewood. Spencer and Caleb seem to be going strong, however there"s only so much time Haleb time Spencer is going to be able to handle prior to possibly letting it affect their relationship.

On the penultimate illustration in Season 6, Hanna and also Caleb developed a arrangement to gain Uber A to reveal him/herself. Hanna would certainly confess come the killing of Charlotte and hope the it would bring their text-happy enemy out the the woodwork. The idea is absolutely bananas, yet Haleb has tendency to think that the will work — and also they"re pretty identified to come together and also make the happen.

Obviously, Spencer is no thrilled with the 2 working with each other on such a risky plan. No only can the plan not work, yet Hanna can actually rotate herself in because that a killing she didn"t commit, which would be even an ext disastrous.

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The cooperation happening between Hanna and also Caleb certainly seems indicative of a future rekindling, but at the time, I"m not so certain it"s in the cards. As the unpopular opinion, i think Spaleb is a hard pair. I think castle need more time together before Hanna and Caleb come ago together — simply make sure it happens before Hanna needs to walk under the aisle through Jordan.

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Choose I said, nothing wrong with the guy... I simply don"t choose him!