A ferocious and also fast predator, the Devil's coach horse beetle hunts invertebrates after dark in gardens and on grasslands. The is renowned for curling up its abdomen like the tail that a scorpion once defending itself.

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The Devil's coach equine is a typical beetle of gardens, and can frequently be discovered under stones and also in compost heaps. The is likewise common along hedgerows and in grassland. Devil's coach steeds are voracious predators, arising after dark to food on other invertebrates, and using their pincer-like jaws to crush them. They are fast-moving, preferring to operation along the ground quite than fly. Lock are popular for curling up your abdomens choose the tail of a scorpion once threatened, and also emitting a foul-smelling problem from their abdomens. Beware - they can also deliver a pains bite come us! Females lay their eggs in soil; the predatory larvae hatch and spend the winter together pupae, arising the following spring together adults.

How come identify

The Devil's coach steed is one all-black, medium-sized beetle, with huge jaws and also a tail that it hold cocked in a characteristic, scorpion-like position.

Did you know?

The Devil's coach steed is a member of the rove beetle family, of which over there are much more than 1,000 species in the UK. Rove beetles are one of the most varied families of animals on the planet: there room at least 46,000 species described for this reason far, and many an ext still to be discovered.



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