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Suppose I have actually a conventional credit card with a magnetic stripe, lied

right on peak of a cellphone, or in a continuous leather wallet that"s lying appropriate on peak of a cellphone.

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The cellphone is top top (but no in a call), provides a 3G network, and also is in a good reception area.

Will the credit card it is in demagnetized (to the allude where that can"t it is in read) in the over 2 scenarios? If so, how long will certainly it typically take? response that mirrors all assumptions and calculations supplied would be particularly useful!



Mythbusters did this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MythBusters_%28season_1%29#Eelskin_Wallet

If i recall correctly, castle tried rubbing cards through magnets and cellphones, yet failed come cause any kind of damage.


No, you"re fine. However a GSM phone could knock the end a 3.5" floppy disk - i learned the lesson the hard method a lengthy time ago.

The answer is “no.” Generally, to demagnetize a credit card, it would certainly take a 1,000 gauss magnetic field. A cabinet phone"s magnetic field intensity varieties from just 1.2 come 10 milligauss.



I don"t know around credit cards however last year I remained at a hotel with vital cards and also I lugged the card in mine pocket v the cell phone and it disabled the vital card. At least that is what the desk clerk said once I had to go down and get one more one. It operated for a while prior to I did the so it wasn"t the card. I have been careful since then.

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Magnetism often tends to exist in "domains", i beg your pardon are small collections that magnetized molecules. These domains tend to remain stable till sufficient energy overcomes them. This way that the details in the magnetic strip will resist being readjusted until exposed to a solid enough field. So, the answer to the "how long" inquiry becomes, one of two people "instantly", or "not at all".

If you"re very unlucky, and also if you"re talking around the magnetic stripe, yes, it can be rendered unreadable. But the radio is no the problem: speaker in the phone have actually permanent magnets. Vibration motors have actually permanent magnets, the instance of the phone call is yes, really thin and does no shield at all magnetic fields. A credit transaction card in the wrong ar at the not correct moment and for sufficient time ultimately will it is in ruined.

FWIW, it really taken place to mine mother, three times! her pocket purse compartments were arranged in a means that placed her phone engine exactly in the magnetic stripe center. Three ATM cards rendered useless in less than a month.

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