The step-by-step hair expansion instructions in this tutorial have helped:

1000"s the naturalistas that wanted faster growth and also get more length retention...

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...grow your hair half-way under their backs. Even those who when screamed come the heavens, "Why is mine hair no growing!"

You desire to acquire it poppin" choose that?

Then simply LEARN NOW and perform what I display you. 


In today"s post I display you exactly how to get your hair growing fast with cute box braids.


These styles assist you prevent too much hair manipulation and it"s likewise a good time to emphasis on taking your natural hair-health herbs or also your favorite development supps choose the newly well-known biotin growth gummies, everything you use.

And you"ll also learn just how to:

Avoid the big mistakes that cause...

...breakage, damage, snap, crackle & poppage...

Let"s acquire you some development girly!

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Avoid Setbacks once Trying to thrive Hair through Box Braids

After safety so much time on a strict herbal hair regimen...

...doing every one of your cleansing, moisturizing, strengthening and also protecting her hair. It can sometimes take some stress and anxiety off of you to download braids or a kinky curly weave and relax a little.

Especially once you have a liven schedule, and it"s constantly a good feeling come think that placing in braids have the right to actually help you flourish your hair as an included bonus.

Here"s the problem though:

Although getting box braids to thrive your hair longer works for plenty of women.

Some women, because of doing the wrong points with their braids, actually finish up shedding hair.

This is since of not correct use, and the results are often balding, fungal growth and also many species of hair complications.

Many also ask. "Which is much better box braids or Senegalese twist?", well, if you are judging by which style critical longest climate the prize is that box braids are far better than Senegalese twisted in this instance. 


Box Braids are popular for gift a long-lasting length retention protective hairstyle because that naturals with kinky Afro-textured hair. They stay in because that a long time there is no frizzing up too conveniently when showering and washing her hair.

On the other hand, short Senegalese Twists deserve to start come unravel fairly quickly, although a cuter style in my opinion.


Many of our readers have questions about the use of braids and also weaves because that retaining length and avoiding hair breakage.

Box braids and also weaves are extremely low maintenance and also they don"t require everyday styling, this is awesome due to the fact that it frees you as much as do various other things and give you much more time in the day. 

What happens though:

Is countless women get lax with their hair after installation braids.

That"s a significant mistake.


This have the right to lead to improper practices and also neglecting the treatment that her hair requirements in bespeak to thrive long and healthy.

It would suck come install crate braids in stimulate to thrive hair and also end up v shorter more damaged hair in the end.

So the an initial thing we need to emphasis on is what you need to do before installing crate braids.

Before installing Your crate Braids: Get an knowledge With your Stylist

This is soooooooo dang crucial sis!

A significant KEY!

Make-or-break (literally, together in hair breakage...)

Before you ever sit under in the stylist chair you need to have actually a significant conversation v him or her.

You must:

I emphasize, you must, must, must…

Clearly express her expectations v them, beforehand.

You see:

Many hair stylists space accustomed to ladies instantly wanting your braids set up tightly so that they last a lot of longer. 

Let her braider understand that this is not what girlfriend want, at all.

If you desire to keep the health of her hair and also scalp, you must let them know you desire your braids set up loosely.

Loose sufficient so that you don"t feel any tension whatsoever.

And correct girl, that"s really loose. 

Some worry about if when braids get loose is hair growing still?

Yes, the is.

Much better than once your braids are tight.

So don’t trip sis… Your finish goal is to thrive hair v box braids.

And pay attention:

Stay woke sis... Her hair will say thanks to you.

I require you to it is in on your A-game.


Oftentimes your stylist will start off making her braids loose. But...

...out of habit, castle slowly start twisting your box braids tighter and also tighter.

You cannot permit this come happen.

Stop the braider and politely ask lock to proceed making your box braids loose.

You"re paying them, you get to call the shots around YOUR hair health and natural hair growth.


Your hair growth (or absence thereof) hangs in the balance.

So you must stay conscious of what"s walk on, salary attention, and also speak up as soon as necessary.

If you room too timid to carry out this, then forget the whole thing scaredy cat!

Don"t even get no dang braids if friend can"t speak up around what friend want and need.

You excellent made me mad... 

(As I placed words in her mouth)...


Balding risk #1: crate Braids That room Too Tight

Awww, don"t perform it, please don"t it. You braid mine hair also tight and we gon" go through it! *Drake voice*

Why is the so necessary that her braids don"t have too much tension?

Because if your box braids are set up too tightly that can cause traction alopecia.

So, that doesn"t matter if your making use of these braids for organic hair protective formats or strictly for growth, alopecia is THE specific OPPOSITE that what you want.

That tightness friend feel through tight braiding space your nerve endings reacting come the reality that your hair is ~ above the verge of gift plucked the end of your doggone scalp.


And as soon as you"ve allowed her stylist to put your crate braids in tightly, your roots room stuck in this an extremely tense state and give her scalp no relief until some brand-new growth start to flourish in.

That"s why:

You often don"t feel any kind of relief with brand-new braids that space too chop until nearly a main later.

This type of stress not just stops friend from healthily cultivation hair with box braids... reasons your blood ship to constrict and dilate i beg your pardon triggers the pains sensors in your mind and causes some killer headaches too.

Worst of all:

girlfriend won"t effectively grow hair through box braids in this type of it is too dirty state.

This crazy tension can lead to permanent damage to your hair follicles.

together time go on, you"ll start to notification traction alopecia, definition you will certainly stop growing hair from those damaged follicles altogether.

A directly up disaster-fest and also true hot mess!

And here"s the kicker:

Traction Alopecia Hair ns Aint disease -  It"s her Fault.
Aww, HECKY NAW! I"d be about to tear the club up!

So look:

If you want to thrive hair v box braids you should be careful not to cause traction alopecia i m sorry will totally destroy your hair growth cycle.

It"s crazy:

Some naturals think that traction alopecia is some sort of scalp disease, that isn"t.

What that is though:

Is a problem that is mechanically caused by you or her stylist.

Traction alopecia is the an outcome of what someone has actually done with their hands to her head.

I recognize you"ve viewed those girls v the edges just snatched increase (not "snatched" as in a an excellent edge control type of way) and also pulling up on their scalp, that"s therefore dangerous. These are the main one"s who tear your edges up and then are scrambling to shot and regrow your hairline edges. SMH...

Traction alopecia will simply sneak up on you, for this reason it"s finest to get rid of the risk appropriate now before it"s too late. 

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Prep with Perfect Protein To grow Hair with Box Braids

Hydrolyzed wheat protein therapies prepare girlfriend to flourish hair with box braids.

Before make the efforts to grow hair v box braids and getting them installed

You have to do a protein therapy with hydrolyzed wheat protein.

This type of protein therapy will correctly fill in all the damaged areas along your hair cuticles, resulting in your hair to look and feel strong and behave together it should.

This way:

Your hair is in the best condition to stand up to all the tugging and pulling that installing box braids without resulting in your hair an ext damaged and also snapping off any type of weak pieces.

This likewise may be a good time to perform a rice water rinse, we recently wrote about how useful rice water is for natural hair.

Grow Hair through Box Braids: book Your appointment Early

Here"s a major tip that many women don"t even think about.

Here"s the deal:

It is a finest practice to constantly book your braiding meeting for early on in the day.


Being a hairstylist is physically and also mentally challenging, and they"re just human.

If you present up in ~ the end of the day...

...your stylist will certainly have currently washed, styled, and also braided many women"s hair.

They will be tired and also not on height of your game.

Thie point is:

If you"re do the efforts to prosper hair through box braids you require a top-notch installation.

Here"s what you do:

Go at an early stage in the morning and catch her braiders when they space fresh and alert.

They are much more likely to hear to you and also be patient.

Quick evaluation CHECKLIST: just how To flourish Hair v Box BraidsBook her appointment beforehand in the day for the best service.Converse v your stylist and explain the your braids MUST
 be installed loosely. Stay alert throughout your installation and also speak increase if your braider beginning braiding tightly.Maintain a hair health and also moisturizing organic hair regimen.

Follow this blueprint and you"ll thrive hair through box braids favor a BOSS!

Let"s talk around staying on your regimen now...

Want to thrive Hair through Box Braids?Don"t acquire Lazy through Your organic Hair Regimen

Trick concern for you:

How carry out you understand if your hair is cultivation with braids?

When you are maintaining up through your hair care and also moisturizing regimen, that’s when!

Here’s the deal:

We all understand that acquiring box braids set up can reduced down top top styling time.

That"s a blessing!

Still though:

This turns periodically turns organic sistas who had actually been on optimal of their herbal hair regimen into a lazy naturals, LOL.

Just shameful:

See, if friend aren"t careful...

Getting an environment so that you can prosper hair through box braids sometimes can cause you to abandon your hair maintain regimen.

This aint what you wanna do as soon as trying to properly grow hair v box braids.

No matter what you"re doing v your hair in ~ the time, you should always be adhering to some type of regimen.

It doesn"t matter if you"re wearing her hair the end or you have actually your hair in box braids. 

Here"s your #1 best Regimen: To aid Grow Hair with Box Braids

In bespeak to thrive your hair v box braids, you need to:

Wash your scalp at the very least twice a month.

If her hair produces a many oil or you have alot the hair product build-up, you require to:

Cleanse her scalp and also hair when a week.

After you wash your scalp, you should nourish your hair v a bomb deep conditioner or a good, penetrating hot oil treatment.


While you try to thrive hair v box braids her hair will be in require of much moisture.


Because the braid hair the is mounted on your head is soaking up a most moisture indigenous your real hair.

Feel me top top this sis:

To properly grow hair with box braids... MUST make certain that your genuine hair is not being plunder of moisture.

Moisture is the life-blood the healthy and fast-growing hair.

So right here are some points you must do:

 Spritz your hair in ~ the base every morning prior to leaving the home with other moisturizing.Alternate her hairstyles to protect against placing excessive tension on one ar too much.Wrap your hair every night v a satin scarf because that sleep on satin pillowcases.

To grow Hair through Box Braids: Don"t Fret about Frizziness

So after reading these best practices on exactly how to prosper hair with box braids, you might be reasoning that you"re walk to end up with frizzy braids.

And you"re right, type of...


That"s the sacrifice you have to make if you desire to flourish hair v box braids.


Growing a bunch that hair is precious a lil" frizz, right?

Then you got to execute what you obtained to execute baby girl...

The point is:

You"ll feel good knowing that the hair underneath your crate braids is healthy and growing quickly.

You"ll feel even much better knowing that your size retention program is working.

Here"s the finest part:

The braid frizziness yes, really won"t be not that bad if you remain on top of your regimen.

If you are repeatedly washing your hair, moisturizing the properly, and also wrapping it at night, many of the frizziness will go away.

How lengthy to store Box Braids in because that Hair to Grow?

To thrive Hair with Box Braids: Lighten Up!

So here"s the deal:

If your true goal is to grow hair v box braids, you should make sure that friend don"t weigh down your real hair too much.

Because even if you have actually not had your box braids set up too tightly, weighing your actual hair down too greatly can reason the very same tension effect on her scalp.

Too lot tension deserve to lead to long-term hair loss and also traction alopecia.

So here is a finest practice to remember:

Use only a medium sized amount of braid hair for a tool to big section the your actual hair.

If you want to download bulky spring braids like Havana braids or Marley braids, don"t get very long ones.

Get Havana hair or quality Marley braids that are short to tool length, this will mitigate the lot of weight that is hanging from your scalp.

So just how long to store braids in for hair to grow?

Answer is:

In 1 year you can thrive a an excellent 6" of hair if you monitor this hair development regimen.

Wait though:

I"m no talking about keeping one collection of braids in for a entirety year.

To thrive hair through box braids... should not undertake tthe same hair for longer than 2 months straight.

Also when you"re taking your crate braids down, make certain you carry out it top top a day that you have actually plenty of time to chillax.

The worst thing you can do is be in a rush when taking your box braids down.

You want to make certain that you have actually time to it is in patient, and pamper your hair.

If girlfriend have very long crate braids in your hair..."s it s okay to reduced them to save time ~ above removal.

But to it is in on the safe side, shot to reduced 1 1/2" come 2" far from the tips of your real hair.

If you"ve properly grown hair v box braids, it doesn"t make feeling to cut it turn off while removed the braids, you must use the suitable removal technique.

Now look:

Without doubt, girlfriend will have actually to resolve some shredded hair strands that weren"t may be to fall from your hair because of the braids, since of this...

...your actual hair is walking to appear a lot thicker 보다 usual.

Here"s the good news:

If you stayed on peak of your hair health regimen by maintaining, moisturizing for hairn growth, and caring because that your real hair the way you should have while your braids were in... hair should feel and look a many softer 보다 usual with your crate braids out.

Once you have removed all your braids...

Be certain to detangle her hair and smaller sections than normal.

Because ideal after taking your braids out, your hair is more susceptible come friction  and also entangling.

So, it"s likewise extremely crucial to develop as lot slip as possible once detangling,   just detangle in smaller sized sections

How To grow Natural Hair In crate Braids  | safety Styles

Sloooow down sis!

Before reinstalling much more box braids for hair growth, there space a few steps you have to take.

You require to:

Evaluate girlfriend scalp health.Evaluate your expansion progess.Cleanse accordingly.Condition accordingly.Moisturize accordingly.

So look at sis:

Don"t just remove your crate braids top top Sunday and then go crate braids set up again top top Monday.

Don"t you execute your luscious like that!

To prosper hair with box braids you have to take care of your hair in in between installations.

And remember:

You can also switch formats up on this fools, rock some high-quality kinky curly extension hair for a minute, then...

Slap em" in the challenge with them box braids again.

They"ll never ever see it comes girl, LOL!


Inspect ERRRRTHANG before Re-Installing. Wellness Leads To growth & Retention

Check your scalp and also make certain you see no redness, abrasions, tension marks or any braid-related damage.

Pay attention to if her hair is growing and take care of her ends especially.

So after closely removing your braids without shedding hair, pay unique attention to washing, conditioning, and also moisturizing together you usually would in your natural hair regimen.

And offer your hair part time to reap it"s freedom before installing new braids, that method you protect against irritating her scalp with too lot manipulation. Manipulation is just one of the key reasons why your hair won"t thrive long, 

Give it 1 week atleast

And pamper it the whole time!.

Conclusion: flourish Your Hair Out v Braids

You WILL flourish your hair out lengthy with braids, i promise you!

I hope this tutorial about how to flourish hair v box braids has given you some an excellent pointers and also will aid you stop the usual pitfalls the some natural hair women have suffered.

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If done properly, you can prosper hair through box braids pretty easily and take her hair growth regimen to the next level.