A crucifix is among the many recognizable pictures in the Christian faith. Because that those who embrace using a crucifix, the symbolizes the fatality of Jesus Christ because that the forgiveness of their sin. However, various other Christians stop using the crucifix since they think that the holy bible instructs believers not to use such objects.

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Baptists don’t use a crucifix due to the fact that they think it violates the second of the 10 Commandments about not making use of graven images. Idols, they argue, shouldn’t it is in in church or on their jewelry. Baptists likewise believe the crucifixes fail to depict Christ’s success over sin, i m sorry his resurrection accomplished.

Exactly just how does a crucifix violate the second commandment, follow to Baptists beliefs? Do other Protestant denominations reject it, too? Keep reading to learn more.

The indigenous “crucifix” means “one resolved to a cross

Does a crucifix violate the second Commandment?

The primary reason Baptists don’t have actually crucifixes in their churches or use them in decorations in their homes or on your jewelry, is due to the fact that they think the photo violates the 2nd of the 10 Commandments.

What go the second commandment speak exactly?

Exodus 20:4
You shall no make for yourself an idol, whether in the form of anything the is in sky above, or the is top top the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.” (NRSV, Catholic Edition)
Thou shalt no make depend thee any kind of graven image, or any kind of likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or the is in the planet beneath, or the is in the water under the earth.” (KJV)
You shall not make for you yourself a sculpted image, or any kind of likeness that anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or the is in the water under the earth.” (ESV)

While Baptists apply these verses to utilizing crucifixes, those who use the photo in worship, together decoration, on pendants, and in various other displays, don’t believe they room breaking the 2nd commandment. Those who use crucifixes don’t believe they are rebelling against God; they believe they room honoring him. (Also see carry out Baptists think in Saints?)

Key ax | crucifix: The English indigenous “crucifix” originates from the Latin indigenous “crucifixus,” which combines “cruci” and “fix,” definition “one resolved to a cross.”

How perform Baptists interpret the second commandment?

Baptist think that Christians should obey the 10 Commandments. Lock don’t constantly agree on particular applications, like exactly how a human being should watch the Sabbath, but they agree the the moral foundation of the instructions use to the period of Israel and to the age of the Church. (Also see Here’s What Baptists Believe around Salvation)

Baptists think that using crucifixes — i m sorry they recognize to it is in idols, graven images, or sculpted images — offend and dishonor God’s nature in this ways:

Crucifixes hide God’s glory: photos of Christ’s fatality on the cross might reflect a minute in history, but they obscure God’s glory. The ax “glory” defines God’s unending beauty the leads people to know and also worship him. “Glory” in the bible describes God’s character and also deeds. Come Baptists, crucifixes dim the irradiate of God’s beauty.Crucifixes hide God’s victory: The clear teaching of the new Testament is that Christ rose from the dead 3 days after his crucifixion. The Gospel stories conclude through Christ’s resurrection, no his death. His body no longer hangs ~ above a cross due to the fact that he physically climbed to new life. To Baptists, crucifixes don’t call the finish of the story. However, north crosses serve as a reminder of Christ’s resurrection.Crucifixes hide God’s character: To Baptists, among the good dangers of photos of Christ is the the human being imagines the depiction while in prayer. If a human imagines God in their mind the method he is illustrated in a item of art, or ~ above a wall decoration, or top top a necklace, that is idolatry. Some might object, “but that photo only represents Christ,” to which Baptist theology would say “a representation isn’t good enough since it’s not God.”
What did Martin Luther say around crucifixes? watch below

Do other Protestant use crucifixes?

Crucifixes are most usual in the roman inn Catholic and also Eastern Orthodox heritages where castle are uncovered in church sanctuaries, in pictures and also paintings, and also on an individual items choose on jewelry and rosary beads. (Also see Baptists vs Catholics: What’s the Difference?)

Key term | rosary: The rosary is a dedication prayer in Catholicism, which includes the Hail Mary and also the Lord’s Prayer. The word likewise describes the cable of beads the Catholics use to assist them in praying.

Most good news traditions disapprove using crucifixes since they think it is a violation of the second commandment and also for the various other reasons currently mentioned. However, part Lutheran and Anglican churches make use of crucifixes in this firm worship and for personal use such as prayer. (Also see Baptist vs Lutheran: What’s the Difference?)

Crucifixes in Lutheranism

Martin Luther, the 16th century German Reformer, created using crucifixes in Lutheran churches. Luther thought that it was feasible for people to use pictures of Christ in wrong ways, but there are right means to usage them, too. Luther believed that photo of Christ wasn’t naturally corrupt. he wrote,

“Should it not be as feasible for us without sin to have actually a crucifix or picture of Mary, together it to be for the Jews and Christ himself to have picture of Caesar who, pagan and also now dead, belonged to the devil? without doubt the Caesar had coined his photo to glorify himself.

However, we look for neither to receive nor offer honor in this matter, and also are however so strong condemned, if Christ’s possession of such an abominable and shameful image remains uncondemned.” <1>

Against the Heavenly Prophets, 1525; LW, Vol. 40, 96

Luther taught that a crucifix or one image, even if it is it be of God or the Mary, for example, deserve to be maintained to psychic a human or one event. In various other words, Luther attracted a distinction between using pictures to remember and using images to worship.

y photo breakers must likewise let me keep, wear, and look at a crucifix or a Madonna . . . As lengthy as I do not worship them, yet only have them together memorials.”

Ibid., 86, 88

“But photos for memorial and witness, such as crucifixes and also images of saints, are to it is in tolerated . . . And they space not just to be tolerated, yet for the benefits of the memorial and the evil they are praiseworthy and also honorable . . .”

Ibid., 91
What did man Calvin believe around crucifixes? see below

John Calvin opposed making use of crucifixes

The French Reformer man Calvin, who established the Presbyterian church and articulated much of Reformed theology because that the good news church, agree with Luther on many things, but using crucifixes wasn’t among them. Prefer Baptists, Calvin thought images of God hide his glory:

“We think it unlawful to offer a visible form to God, because God himself has forbidden it, and also because it cannot be excellent without, in some degree, tarnishing his glory.”

The academy of the Christian Religion, I, 11:12

Like Baptists, Calvin establishes his dispute in the 10 Commandments:

“In the Law, accordingly, after God had claimed the glory of big for himself alone, as soon as he concerns show what type of prayer he approves and also rejects, he automatically adds, ‘Thou shalt not make unto thee any kind of graven image, or any type of likeness of any thing that is in sky above, or in the earth beneath, or in the water under the earth,’ (Exod. 20:4).

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By these words he curbs any licentious effort we can make to stand for him through a clearly shows shape…”

Ibid, I, 11:1

In a sermon on Deuteronomy, Calvin implored people to not use images of Christ:

“Should we have actually portraitures and images, by which only the flesh may be represented? Is it no a wiping away of that which is chiefest in our mr Jesus Christ – that is, to wit, of His magnificent Majesty? Yes!”

Sermon on Deuteronomy 4:15-20

While Baptists find covenant with Calvin ~ above the usage of crucifixes, they have actually disagreement through him about the level of the 2nd commandment’s prohibition. Calvin, uneven Baptists, thought that believer shouldn’t use empty crosses corporately or privately either.

Baptists revere the cross of Christ

Some people may break up that since they don’t use crucifixes castle don’t worth the death of Christ. Top top the contrary, historically Baptists have been staunch defenders for the centrality that the cross because that the atonement that sin. Salvation for sinners isn’t possible without the overcome of Christ, follow to Baptist theology. (Also see execute Baptists believe Jesus is God?)

Rather, it’s because Baptists think so highly of the cross that they don’t utilize it’s picture in church or in their personal life. Therefore, Baptists don’t reject the crucifix since they reject the prestige of Christ’s death; castle revere the death of Christ and also don’t want to alleviate it’s definition to one image. (Also see have the right to Baptists Dance?)