From tacos, quesadillas, enchiladas come tamales, huaraches, burritos, mexico food is incomplete there is no an intense, spicy sauce!

It can obtain confusing to know the intricacies the this rich cuisine. The main difference is that enchilada sauce draws its spice indigenous chili, conversely, taco sauce it s okay its zing native cayenne pepper and also paprika.

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Therefore, this write-up will help you know whether it is enchilada sauce or taco sauce the you room looking for. Review on to know more about each sauce!

What is Enchilada Sauce?


Taco sauce is a functional sauce made by including paprika and other seasonings such as cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, etc., to a base of tomato sauce.

You have the right to use taco sauce together a smell enhancer and a dipping sauce through tacos, burritos, nachos, etc. Moreover, girlfriend can additionally customize it conveniently by adding several ingredients and also spices.

You have the right to also include mango, avocado, honey, maple syrup, etc., to suit taco sauce follow to your taste. Because that an extra zing, you also include vinegar or lemon juice to taco sauce.

Some people add extra chili, cayenne pepper, or jalapeno to your sauce for an even richer flavor.

Enchilada Sauce vs Taco Sauce: to compare Table

CategoryEnchilada SauceTaco Sauce
Main IngredientsChiliPaprika
ConsistencyIt often tends to it is in smootherIt has tendency to it is in thicker
UsesBaking enchiladasDipping sauce through tacos
TypesThree various typesOne conventional type

Enchilada Sauce vs. Taco Sauce: What Is the Difference?

Although taco sauce and enchilada sauce re-publishing a typical origin and consist of more or much less the very same ingredients, they have actually unique and also distinct flavors and consistencies.

What renders them various are their crucial ingredients and also uses, therefore let’s check out some more!

Main Ingredients

Taco sauce and enchilada sauce both originate from mexico cuisine. Like various other items indigenous this cuisine, they room loaded with seasonings such together jalapeno, garlic, onion, etc.

What makes them various is the spices that they attract their rich, umami sensation from.

The main ingredient in enchilada sauce is chili. eco-friendly enchilada sauce consists of roasted environment-friendly chilis rather of classic red sauce and a tomato base.

Taco sauce derives its hot, tangy flavor indigenous cayenne pepper and also paprika. you can change taco sauce according to her liking, but you cannot prepare taco sauce without paprika.


Taco sauce is typically made through tomato paste instead of tomato sauce. This enables the tomato to tie the flavors of the sauce and gives the an amazing texture. Enchilada sauce tends to be smoother 보다 taco sauce.

However, obtaining the consistency that enchilada sauce ideal can gain tricky. Enchilada sauce needs to have a thin consistency to get took in by the tortillas. However, no so lot that that seeps past the fillings of the enchiladas!

The texture of the sauce the you make and also use relies on what you prefer. For example, if you are substituting taco sauce and enchilada sauce for one another, friend will need to thicken or dilute the sauce.


Undoubtedly, both enchilada sauce and taco sauce have powerful flavors. You have the right to substitute them because that one another, but they are mainly used for various purposes.

You can use enchilada sauce because that baking enchiladas. Moreover, you can additionally use enchilada sauce to do enchilada rice, soup, and chicken.

Or, you have the right to drizzle that on top of any kind of other food to boost its flavor. If girlfriend want, girlfriend can also mix enchilada sauce v salad dressing for an included spicy twist.

Taco sauce is provided as a dipping sauce with tacos and also other key such together burritos, nachos, quesadillas, salads, etc. you can add this sauce to pizzas, salad dressings, or on optimal of any dish that requirements a touch that spice.


As we already mentioned, enchilada sauce has a couple of types including green, red, and also white enchilada sauce. Alternatively, taco sauce doesn’t have any other subtypes.

The recipe usually continues to be the exact same throughout the world, v a couple of minor differences.

Can You substitute Enchilada Sauce for Taco Sauce?

You can quickly substitute Enchilada sauce and also taco sauce because that one another.

Enchilada sauce and also taco sauce space both spicy condiments the originate from mexico cuisine. You have the right to use taco sauce in location of enchilada sauce top top tortillas. The only problem you might face is the difference in your consistency.

Enchilada sauce tends to become more liquid than taco sauce.

If you room using taco sauce in place of enchilada sauce, girlfriend will need to dilute that slightly. You can add water or lemon juice come taco sauce to make it the right consistency because that enchiladas.

When making use of enchilada sauce instead of taco sauce, you will must keep it in the frypan because that a bit longer until it thickens come the consistency girlfriend need.

What is a an excellent Substitute for Enchilada Sauce?

Some substitutes that you have the right to use in place of enchilada sauce include:

Taco sauceSalsa sauceChiltomate sauceRanchero sauceSofrito sauce

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Related Questions

Is Taco Bell red sauce Enchilada sauce?

Not exactly. Taco Bell red sauce consists of cayenne pepper, chili powder, and also cumin. However, the does not have actually the exact same consistency as classic enchilada sauce.

Taco Bell Red Sauce is creamier, thinner, and saltier than traditional enchilada sauce.

What is the difference between an Enchilada and a Taco?

Enchiladas space made by rojo corn tortillas about fillings such together chicken, beef, cheese, beans, potatoes and covering them through a savory sauce. Then, height them with some cheese, sour cream, chopped onions, chili peppers, avocado, salsa, etc.

Tacos space stuffed corn or wheat tortillas. Commonly used fillings offered in tacos include chicken, seafood, beans, vegetables, cheese, etc. Friend can likewise consume tacos v condiments favor salsa, guacamole, sour cream, etc.

Enchilada sauce vs Fajita sauce, what is the difference?

Fajita is a Tex-Mex dish consisting of striped, grilled meat and vegetables served on optimal of a tortilla. Fajita sauce has an ext or less the very same ingredients as enchilada sauce.

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It is developed of chili, paprika, onion, garlic powder, and cayenne pepper. Fajita sauce tends to it is in milder than enchilada sauce, yet you have the right to substitute the enchilada sauce for fajita sauce and also vice versa.