Nissan initially came to the US market under the name Datsun for fear of failure. V that Datsun name they lugged the 240Z; due to the fact that then they have been a top contender in the sports car market. The Z household has adjusted a bunch over the years, yet there space still some crucial factors the make them all related. Low roofline, squished trunk, and also a lengthy hood are features that every solitary Z has.

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What around the most recent Zs? The 350Z and also 370Z were extremely successful sports cars, but which one is in reality better?


After the success of the 300ZX finished in 1996, Nissan to be a small unsure what to perform with the Z. They developed a new 240Z concept, however that to be scrapped for fear of walk backward. Eventually, Nissan proved the people their new Z concept, and also they called it the “350Z”. The 350Z to be a lot prefer the outgoing 300ZX. Lock both shared similar design attributes like the lengthy hood, yet the 350Z to be designed come fit right into the modern-day world.Additional 350Z info on Wikipedia


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In Japan, the 350Z was well-known as the Fairlady Z Z33. Overseas countless of the Z cars were called the Fairlady. The Z33 is the chassis code, which identify this specific generation the Z.


Fast front to 2009, and Nissan is now producing their next Z car. The all-new 370Z is the sixth generation in the Z family. The 370Z shares nothing v the outgoing 350Z. The 370Z is smaller, lighter, faster, and also much curvier 보다 the 350Z. It has actually a 4″ shorter wheelbase, 2.7″ much shorter length, 0.3″ reduced height, and also 1.3″ wider body. What do all of these numbers mean? this numbers mean the 370Z is designed to handle far better than the 350Z in every way possible.Additional 370Z information on Wikipedia


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Just favor the 350Z, the 370Z was well-known as the Fairlady in Japan. This time, it was the Fairlady Z Z34.

350Z vs 370Z: Exterior

I stated the 370Z has actually smaller dimensions 보다 the 350Z. The odd point is, the 370Z looks larger to me. They space obviously related, the as whole shape is exceptionally similar. Castle both long, low, simple, with a an easy fastback rear. The 370Z is much curvier than the 350Z. This was done to make it look much more aggressive, but likewise much an ext modern. Just like countless other models throughout history, the follower is much more curvy and contemporary looking.

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The 350Z is a timeless design, the will never look dated. Sitting beside the 350Z the looks simply as modern. That being said, ns think that they’re both incredibly good looking sports cars. However the 350Z’s simpler style arguably renders it the better looking because that the two.

350Z vs 370Z: Interior

This shouldn’t take it you by much surprise; the 370Z’s interiors has features that no even easily accessible on the 350Z. The 370Z likewise has a redesigned inner that feel more modern-day and much more expensive. Castle both have functions that room a tribute come the initial 240Z such together the three gauges high increase on the dashboard.

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One point that Nissan no really change between these two is your race automobile feel. Whatever in the cockpit is angled in the direction of the driver, making that a true control experience. The seats are placed low, and they space surrounded, making that feel favor a true race car.

350Z vs 370Z: power Data

So if you an enthusiast climate this is the component that girlfriend actually care about. Which one of these cars is actually faster? Logic would tell you the the 370Z is walk to be the much faster of the two, yet is it really? let’s look at few of the 350Z’s numbers.

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Horsepower: 300
4,800 rpmCurb Weight: 3,200 lbs0-60: 5.1 seconds60-0: 112 feet1/4 mile: 13.5 secondsNurburgring lap time: 8:26

As you can see from these numbers the 350Z is in reality pretty quick. It’s no “mustang” fast, yet it’s plenty rapid for the typical person. This Japanese sporting activities cars shine when the road gets twisty. The 350Z confirmed this through laying down as impressive 8:26 lap time ~ above the Nurburgring. Currently that we recognize what the 350Z deserve to do, let’s look at the 370Z.

Horsepower: 332
5,200 rpmCurb Weight: 3,300 lbs0-60: 4.5 seconds60-0: 105 feet1/4 miles: 12.5 secondsNurburgring lap time: Unknown

The 370Z is an ext powerful which isn’t surprising considering its larger engine. The interesting part is that also though it weighs 100 lbs more, it’s still much faster in every solitary way. I am unable to discover a Nurburgring time for the 370Z, but I would certainly guess it would certainly run 8:10 – 8:15 based on all the various other numbers.

I expect this didn’t take you by surprise, however the 370Z is faster in every solitary way. Which is funny since I’ve never seen a 370Z on a track, however I’ve seen countless 350Zs on a track. This is probably due to the price difference.

350Z vs 370Z: Reliability

The subject of reliability deserve to be an extremely subjective when it comes to Nissan, the is, everyone has a different agenda. Many Nissan enthusiasts insurance claim to have had exceptionally reliable 350Zs, and also incredibly reputable 370Zs. Numerous enthusiasts also claim the precise opposite. Either way, the Nissan brand is actually much less reliable 보다 you can think.


With that out of the way, we have the right to return come the topic at hand: i beg your pardon one is an ext reliable? Unfortunately, i was can not to find any kind of concrete numbers about the reliability of this two. So i resorted to the forums, and also I found that many Z enthusiasts both are very reliable. This is odd considering the chart above shows that Nissan is listed below average in terms of reliability.

I yes, really couldn’t find any kind of forums short articles complaining around the reliability of either. If girlfriend have any type of insight top top the reliability of the 350Z or the 370Z let me recognize down in the comments!

350Z vs 370Z: Price

Unfortunately, we are all limited to price. Because that this single reason, most human being will never gain to own their dream car. Both the 350Z and also the 370Z deserve to be uncovered used because that a fraction of their initial price. The 370Z is clearly going to be much more expensive, it’s newer. Something you require to recognize is that vehicle prices vary by location, age, mileage, seller motivation, the variety of problems, and luck. This prices ns going to quote you might be entirely different from the prices the you find.

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A 2006 350Z enthusiast coupe through 50,000 miles in an excellent condition has actually a Kelly Blue publication price of $11k. This surprised me, I supposed it to it is in closer to $7k based upon my endure with 350Zs. Once I hopped ~ above Phoenix’s Craigslist I discovered 350Zs native $6,500 to $14,500. All of the cheaper ones had actually 160k mile or more. From what I’ve found a good condition 350Z with approximately 100,000 mile is about $10k.

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A 2010 370Z touring coupe with 50,000 mile in great condition has a Kelly Blue publication price the $17k. This also surprised me, I intended it to be closer to $20k. The KBB because that the 370Z is $6k more. Because that that, you gain a model 4 years newer than the 350Z. As soon as I hopped ~ above Phoenix’s Craigslist I discovered 370Zs from $13,500 all the means up to $33,000. This way that in the real people a 370Z is around 2x as expensive together a 350Z.

So which One is Better?

This is a tough decision come make. Both the 350Z and the 370Z space incredible sporting activities cars. They have actually both set the bar for every one of their Japanese competitors. Because of 350Z’s lower price, ns think the the better option. Yes, the is contempt slower, yet with the money you conserve going through a 350Z does it really it matter? the money deserve to be supplied for suspension, brakes, and tires. A 350Z complete of adjustments is going come be means faster 보다 a 370Z. Let me recognize what you think in the comment below!