Exploratory study is one which intends at giving insights into and an expertise of the problem challenged by the researcher. Descriptive research, top top the various other hand, aims at explicate something, mostly functions and characteristics.

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The research style is defined as a frame for delivering out research tasks in different fields that study. The research style is classified into two crucial categories i.e. Exploratory and also conclusive research. Conclusive research is more subdivided into descriptive and casual research. The human being often juxtapose exploratory research and descriptive research, however the reality is that they are different.

Take a read of this short article to recognize the differences between exploratory and descriptive research.

Content: Exploratory study Vs Descriptive Research

Comparison Chart

Basis for ComparisonExploratory ResearchDescriptive Research
MeaningExplorartory research way a research conducted for formulating a trouble for an ext clear investigation.Descriptive research study is a research study that explore and explain one individual, group or a situation.
ObjectiveDiscovery that ideas and thoughts.Describe characteristics and also functions.
Overall DesignFlexibleRigid
Research processUnstructuredStructured
SamplingNon-probability samplingProbability sampling
Statistical DesignNo pre-planned style for analysis.Pre-planned architecture for analysis.

Definition of Exploratory Research

As the surname implies, the major objective the exploratory research study is to check out a trouble to carry out insights into and comprehension for more precise investigation. It concentrates on the discovery of ideas and thoughts. The exploratory research architecture is suitable for research studies which space flexible enough to administer an opportunity for considering every the aspects of the problem.

At this point, the required information is loose defined, and also the research process is flexible and also unstructured. That is supplied in the case when you must specify the problem correctly, identify alternate courses the actions, develop a hypothesis, gain extr insights prior to the breakthrough of one approach, collection priorities for more examination. The following methods are used for conducting exploratory research

Survey of worrying literatureExperience surveyAnalysis the insights stimulating

Definition that Descriptive Research

By the hatchet descriptive research, we mean a type of conclusive research study study which is came to with relenten the attributes of a certain individual or group. It consists of research connected to certain predictions, features or attributes of human being or group, the narration the facts, etc.

The descriptive research intends at obtaining complete and also accurate details for the study, the method adopted must be very closely planned. The researcher must precisely define what he desires to measure? exactly how does he desire to measure? that should plainly define the population under study. It uses approaches like quantitative analysis of second data, surveys, panels, observations, interviews, questionnaires, etc.

Descriptive research concentrates ~ above formulating the research objective, making methods because that the repertoire of data, selection of the sample, data collection, processing, and analysis, report the results.

Key Differences between Exploratory and also Descriptive Research

The difference between exploratory and descriptive research have the right to be drawn clearly on the following grounds:

Research performed for formulating a difficulty for more clear examination is dubbed exploratory research. Research that explore and also explains one individual, group or a situation, is referred to as descriptive research.The exploratory research aims at the exploration of ideas and also thoughts vice versa, the major purpose of descriptive study is to explain the characteristics and also functions.The overall design of the exploratory research must be flexible enough so the it provides an possibility to take into consideration various facets of the problem. On the contrary, in descriptive research, the overall style should be rigid i m sorry protects against bias and additionally maximise reliability.The research process is unstructured in exploratory research. However, that is structured in the instance of descriptive research.Non-probability sampling i.e. Judgment or purposive sampling architecture is provided in exploratory research. As opposed to descriptive research study where probability (random) sampling design is used.When it involves statistical design, exploratory research has actually no pre-planned style for analysis. Unlike, descriptive research study that has the pre-planned style for analysis.

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Therefore exploratory study results in insights or hypothesis, nevertheless of the an approach adopted, the most essential thing is the it have to remain flexible so the all the facets the the problem can be studied, as and when lock arise. Vice versa, descriptive research study is a comparative style which is ready according to the study and resources available. Such research minimises bias and also maximises reliability.