It"s no surprise that some wrestlers have had actually other jobs outside of the ring, and some of them have also enlisted in the United states military.

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Road Dogg, Sgt. Slaughter, and Montez Ford in WWE
end the years WWE has had terrific relationship v the united States armed Forces. WWE CEO (and owner) Vince McMahon is one outspoken support of the military. In fact, annually the company holds its yearly Tribute come the Troops, in an effort to present appreciation for the fighting men and also women that serve.

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WWE has additionally employed numerous veterans, countless of whom have gone on to have outstanding careers through the organization. To more illustrate this point, that time to take it a look at at some high-profile wrestlers that were in the military.

Updated on respectable 10, 2021, by Shawn S. Lealos: WWE has continued to push its link with the military, including including several instances of promoting the soldiers and veterans into storylines the emphasize their armed forces careers. While some wrestlers, such as Lacey Evans, tried to focus on a character external of her armed forces experience, others, including Jackson Ryker, carried the personality directly into your WWE personas. This has actually been true transparent the years, indigenous Sgt. Slaughter making use of every ounce of armed forces experience in his gimmick come Bobby Lashley, who you can only know he served if listening to out-of-character interviews. Regardless of the differences, these men and women greatly served their nations with honor.

Montez Ford in WWE.

It could seem difficult to think from a character through a gimmick prefer Montez Ford, however he to be a former member the the U.S. Military. In WWE, the is component of the Street Profits, making use of catchphrases favor "we desire the smoke" and also bringing the end red drink cups when they get in the arena for their matches.

prior to his WWE career, Montez Ford was component of his high school"s JROTC program and also when the graduated, that enlisted in the marine Corps. Ford offered his country from 2008 come 2012. His job included handling Defense Travel system plans for his battalion.

Corporal Kirchner v the American Flag in WWE.

Corporal Kirchner was one more WWE superstar who had his gimmick include plenty of recommendations to his military career. Kirshner worked in WWE in the "80s and also worked initially as RT Reynolds till 1986 once he took on the armed forces persona the Corporal Kirchner.

Kirchner finished up winning a Flag Match against Nikolai Volkoff at WrestleMania 2. Corporal Kirchner was a paratrooper through the upstream 82nd Airborne division out of fort Bragg, phibìc Carolina. He never went into battle before leave the military and joining WWE.

Jaxson Ryker wrestles in WWE.

Jaxson Ryker originally made his name in TNA, wherein he functioned as Gunner and was component of Immortal, winning the TV title and tag team title prior to leaving for WWE NXT. In NXT, he finished up forming The forget Sons faction, through the gimmick as previous military veterans whose nation turned its back on them.

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Some dispute caused WWE come drop the gimmick, yet Ryker reverted in 2021 together a lackey because that Elias before moving back right into singles activity and relying top top his military past again. Prior to his wrestling career, Ryker offered in the U.S. Marine Corps together a device gunner throughout the war in Iraq.

Steve Cutler in WWE.

Steven Cutler started his in-ring career through WWE in the NXT brand. He functioned a lot v a young Baron Corbin, losing practically every time prior to he gained a chance to shine together the forget Sons in 2018 through Wesley Blake and also Jackson Ryker.

The forget Sons" gimmick was the they to be veterans that came earlier home and society overlooked them. Cutler carried experience to the gimmick, together he offered as a machine Gunner/0331 Infantry with 2nd Battalion 8th Marines tools Company. He enlisted from 2007 to 2011 and also did 2 tours that Afghanistan.

Zeb Colter functioned as a territories star named Dirty netherlands Mantel prior to he pertained to WWE and served as a manager for men like Cesaro and Jack Swagger. However, before he showed up in experienced wrestling, Colter to be a member the the U.S. Army’s 25th Infantry Division.

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Colter is a Vietnam battle veteran. Colter served in Vietnam for a year prior to he came earlier home and started his wrestles career. While most of his job was together a rough southern brawler, WWE offered his armed forces experience as component of his gimmick through the actual Americans.

Lacey Evans has only been wrestling since 2014 and is currently headlining pay-per-views. WWE’s “sassy southerly belle" was recently involved in a storyline through Becky Lynch – one of WWE’s height stars. The 29-year-old Georgia indigenous is one intimidating presence in the ring and also is known for she deadly appropriate hand.

in ~ 19 year of age, Evans joined the unified States marine Corp. The 5-foot-8 WWE star to be a armed forces police officer who served for 5 years. It was throughout this time that she discovered pro wrestling. A fellow marine, who was a promoter on the side, booked her in a complement on an indy show and also the remainder is history.

Perry Saturn is among only a handful of wrestlers that have had actually success in the original ECW, WCW, and WWE. The is probably ideal remembered together a member that Raven’s i cry in WCW and for his storyline in WWE where he fell in love through a mop named Moppy.

there is no concern that the 52-year-old Cleveland, Ohio product is a legit difficult guy. Once he was just 17, Saturn enlisted in the United states Army and went ~ above to to visit (and graduate from) U.S. Military Ranger School. Because that those unfamiliar, the college is essentially 61-days the intense management training.

Knoxville, Tennessee’s Randy Orton started his rings journey earlier in 2000. Since that time, he to be gone top top the come to be one of experienced wrestling’s best attractions. The 39-year-old has actually held a variation of the WWE people Championship an impressive 13 times and counting. The third-generation pro has additionally headlined several pay-per-view events throughout the course of what"s sure to it is in a hall of fame career.

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after high school, Orton enlisted in the unified States maritime Corp. However, the former WWE champ had actually a stormy go of that in the military. He had actually a couple of not authorised absences (UA) top top his record and disobeyed an order. His conduct at some point led come his premature birth dismissal.

The late, good Freddie Blassie had actually a effective career as both a wrestler and also a manager. The WWE room of Famer out of St. Louis, Missouri began his wrestling career all the way back in 1952. As a wrestler, “The Hollywood Fashion Plate” caught the prestigious NWA human being Junior Heavyweight Championship.

However, most fans this particular day remember him together a WWE (then WWF) manager in the 1980s – representing stars favor The stole Sheik and also Nikolai Volkoff. Blassie offered in the navy during world War II. He would at some point earn the rank of petty Officer 2nd Class and also spent over 3 years in the Pacific Theater.

at 6-foot-10, Detroit, Michigan’s Kevin Nash was among wrestling"s biggest stars in the 1990s – both literally and also figuratively. The currently 60-year-old originally got his huge break in WWE using the ring name Diesel. Together Diesel, Nash was also able to catch the WWE (then WWF) Championship.

the would later sign through WCW and become a starting member that the new World stimulate (NWO) – one of the many successful factions of all time. Before the large man came to be wrestling royalty, he offered in the 202nd Military Police Company. Nash had some success during his enlistment and worked his means up come the rank of specialist.

Konnan is a experienced wrestler who was born in Santiago de Cuba. In the early-90s that wrestled because that WWE under the ring surname Max Moon. He had tiny success during his stint with people Wrestling Entertainment, but went top top to make a surname for himself in people Championship rings (WCW) and also was an also bigger star in Mexico.

these days, the 55-year-old works for significant League Wrestling and appeared in 2021 because that AEW. The wrestles star ran into some legal trouble in his youth and was required to choose between either the military or prison. He choose to join the United states Navy and even served on one of the ships that were bombed in Beruit, back in 1983.

Bobby Lashley has had success as both a experienced wrestler and also a combined martial artist. The powerhouse out of Junction City, Kansas has had plenty of good fortune during his stints through WWE. The is a two-time ECW human being Champion (after WWE to buy the company), a previous United claims Champion, and also a two-time Intercontinental Champ as well. He finally won the WWE Championship in 2021.

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The 43-year-old WWE star originates from a military background. His father was a former US army Drill Sergeant. Lashley would certainly follow in his dad"s footsteps and enlist in the army. During his tour, he also won a gold medal in freestyle (amateur) wrestling at an event hosted through the worldwide Military sports Council.

Sgt. Slaughter is a wrestles star who climbed to prominence in the 1980s. The was known for comes to the ring in his armed forces fatigues and finishing his opponents with his signature move, the Cobra Clutch. Later in his career, as part of a WWE storyline, he ended up being an Iraqi sympathizer who beat The can be fried Warrior because that the WWE world Championship.

Slaughter was likewise a member of G.I. Joe, having appeared in both the comic book and cartoon. Yes, Slaughter’s army credentials were legit. Prior to chasing WWE gold, that enlisted in the US maritime Corps and served as a drill Sergeant.

The “Road Dogg” Jesse James is a hall of Famer who increased to prominence during WWE’s attitude Era. He began his run v the agency back in 1994, regulating Jeff Jarrett. He would go on to come to be a star in his own right after ~ teaming up v Billy Gunn and also forming The new Age Outlaws.

The Outlaws would join the legendary stable D-Generation X and also capture the WWE human being Tag Team Championship 6 times. Back in 1986, James determined to enlist in the united States marine Corp. He had already begun wrestling at the time but decided to put his in-ring job on hold.

Jessie “The Body” Ventura is a retired pro wrestler the end of Minneapolis, Minnesota. While he had a significant career as an in-ring competitor, the is arguably finest to remember because that his work-related as a commentator because that WWE in the 1980s. Venuta would certainly later get in the world of politics and also become the branch of his residence state, Minnesota.

Ventura to be a member the the United states Navy native 1969 come 1975. Throughout that duration he offered as a member that the Underwater Demolition Team. He remained in the service during the Vietnam War but never saw combat during the conflict.

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