Valente Rodriguez is one American actor. He is ideal known for his role as Ernie Cardenas in the George Lopez sitcom. He additionally played the function of Cesar in the sitcom happy Divorced top top TV Land and he starred in TV shows like Yes, Dear, Mad about You and also ER, and played the function of Marco in Suckers.

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BornFebruary 14, 1964, Edcouch, Texas, U.S.
Years active1988–present
Known forrole together Ernie Cardenas top top the ABC collection George Lopez

About Valente Rodriguez

On the humorous TV sitcom George Lopez, he played Ernie, and also he also had a role in The Mentalist.

Valente Rodriguez prior to fame

In 1988, he showed up in among his first television duties on the present The golden Girls.

Achievement of Valente Rodriguez

He played Mr. Pedroza in a Beverly Hills 90210 episode from 1994.

Valente Rodriguez family life

His parents to be migratory labourers, and also he to be the youngest of eight siblings as soon as he to be born.

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Associations the Valente Rodriguez

He starred on the TV land sitcom, happily Divorced, i beg your pardon featured Fran Drescher together Fran Lovett.

Top truth You Did no Know about Valente Rodriguez

Pan American alumni. Masculine actors the Hispanic and Latin American origin. Texas masculine actor






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