Everything has actually mass and also volume, and also therefore density. So it is supposed that the smallest piece of matter, choose an atom that Copper has it too. However what is the density of an atom that Cu?Note: Learn much more about thedensity here.In the case of Copper, density is8.96 g/cm³.

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However, over there are exciting facts about Copper that many don"t know about. Also check the kg/m³ conversion...

Copper Data

Copper thickness g/cm³

8.96 g/cm³


8960 kg/m³

State in ~ 20 °C



Most regularly used as an electric conductor. Likewise used in the to produce of water pipes. The alloys are supplied in jewelry and also for coins.

Atomic Mass

63,546Learn an ext about theatomic mass.


Pure copper occurs rarely in nature. Usually discovered in sulfides as in chalcopyrite (CuFeS2), coveline (CuS), chalcosine (Cu2S) or oxides prefer cuprite (Cu2O).

Atomic Number

29Learn much more about theatomic number.

Atomic Symbol


Name Origin

Symbol native Latin: cuprum (island that Cyprus well known for that is copper mines).


Discovered By: recognized to the ancients.Year: UnknownLocation: Unknown


Malleable, ductile, reddish-brown metal.Want come learn more details and data about Copper (Cu)? examine my Elements considerable List.


When you need to incorporate a truth or piece of info in one assignment or essay you should additionally include where and how you discovered that item of information.That offers credibility to your paper and that is sometimes compelled in higher education.To make your life (and citation) less complicated just copy & paste the information listed below into your assignment or essay:Luz, Gelson. "Density of Copper (Cu) <& g/cm3, kg/m3, Uses, resources ..." betterworld2016.org. betterworld2016.org.com. Dd mmmm. Yyyy. Currently replace dd, mmmm and yyyy v the day, month, and also year you browsed this page. Likewise replace URL for the yes, really url of this page (The stay, ok?). This citation style is based on MLA.

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Are you having trouble expertise the basics of atom elements? This video will walk girlfriend through:What is an elementWhat is a substanceWhat elements look likeHow a small number of atoms can be join and type completely different substances

Need an editable periodic table come edit? Maybe add your college logo, job-related team or anything else to make your file look cool?Along with an easy atom / facet information (like Copper density and also all the other atomic data), it also comes with shade coded info about: State (Gas, liquid or Solid at room temperature), Groups/series details and much more...How about an catalyst to re-publishing this post? (You will aid other colleagues find this blog)Download and enjoy this complete and colored regular table for you come edit and also enjoy. It"s in one editable excel layout or .ods (open).