Everyone's talking around Capsized: Blood in the Water, Shark Week's first TV movie. It's certainly a Hollywood production (Josh Duhamel dram the lead), but Capsized: Blood in the Water is actually inspired by a real-life tragedy. 

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When a yacht capsized during a 1982 storm and also sunk off the shore of north Carolina, over there were just two survivors. Two decades later, one of them pass away. Just how did Deborah Scaling Kiley die? Here's what you should know around this incredible woman.

Miraculously, Deborah survived the 1982 boat crash that asserted three lives. She pass away twenty years later on respectable 13, 2012, at the age of 54. Per the Star-Telegram, Deborah died in san Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where she had actually recently moved. 

An obituary archived in ~ Legacy.com did not list Deborah's reason of death. Her household requested that in lieu the flowers, donations be sent out to the fort Worth Stock show Equine Scholarship fund or the Humane Society.

Brad Cavanagh and Deborah Scaling Kiley to be both featured in a 2005 illustration of I Shouldn't it is in Alive top top the discovery Channel. At the moment of production, Brad was still cruising as a professional yachtsman. 


The 1982 boating tragedy did, however, readjust how he live his life every day. "It's no something you just turn off once it's over. You keep living in that survival mode," he claimed in the discovery Channel program. "I don't know if you're covering shocked or what friend are, yet it's impossible to simply turn it off and go back to being the method you were before."

She became a motivational speaker and also wrote a book about surviving in 1984 called Albatross: The True Story that a Woman's survive at Sea.

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"I never ever wanted to create it," Deborah stated in a 1994 interview through South Florida's sunlight Sentinel. "I mean, why dredge up memories? and how might I take money? ~ all, three civilization died, for this reason it's kind of like blood money."

But when an associate argued she donate component of the profits to charity, Deborah had a change of heart. "That sort of made it OK," she said, "and it emerged to me the what had helped me most, what most likely saved mine life, to be the outside Bound program at my high school, Colorado Springs School."