Dây Chuyền Titan Màu Vàng Hồng Đính Đá Kim Cương Giả Màu Đen Sang Trọng đang được bán bởi shop chưa được chứng thực nên dù giá có tốt đến đâu thì bạn vẫn phải trao đổi kỹ càng về cách thức kiểm tra hàng hóa sao cho cả 2 bên đều hài lòng. Hiện đã có 100 sản phẩm được bán ra nên bạn hay nhanh chân lên để chọn lấy sản phẩm xịn nhất nhưng phù hợp với túi tiền, ngoại hình của mình nhất.

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Hi customers.

Nb: If over there is a wrong / no question, you re welcome chat admin an initial before providing us a rating (star) in our store.

If we "ve provided a poor rating / star / comment without conversation admin first, we think about the matter to it is in over.

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Thank you so lot sis...

1. We "re the an initial hand that the factory, obviously cheaper price (buy units, everyone prices)

2. Our product is high quality, selected and sorted not from borong

3. Packaging is guaranteed safe until destination.


- stainless, allergic, for sure for toddlers or perceptible skin. - precisely 99.9% prefer real jewelry

- long-lasting (bored) and also chrome-cleanable in the gold shop.

- since it "s no expensive, it" s not afraid of gift lost.

The jewelry is made v the many quality selection in the market: Rhodium metal and zircon element swarovski (Very shiny)This jewelry is stainless, allergic, durable, no black, itchy, and odorless, safe to stay a day2, or to take it a bath. Our jewel is made really accurate and also heart2, through a staff of well-trained an option resulting in fine products and also neat level of detail. Very similar to the original jewelry in keep 2. Don "t compare united state to product2 in one more cheap, rough and easy-to-find store.

There "s a price that quality.

- - guaranteed satisfaction and addiction come the quality of our product--

The right method of treatment is if you want your jewelry to critical years

- constantly dry wipes through soft fabric if exposed to fluid, automatically after exercise

Don "t acquire hard liquid prefer white timber oil etc.

- - the therapy is easy, right? - -


1. Check stock first before order, via chat

2. Make prompt payment on her order since stock is to run out

3. Products are sent when your payment is confirmed by the shopee

4. Automatic resis after ~ barnag is sent

5. Confirm the article as soon as the item arrives

6. Please don "t mind giving a positive review:)

Nb: If there is a mistake / no question, you re welcome chat admin very first before offering us a rating (star) in ours store.

If us "ve given a poor rating / star / comment without conversation admin, we think about the matter over.

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Thank you so much sis...
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