Dây Chuyền Mạ Vàng + Mặt Dây Chuyền đang được bán bởi shop chưa được chứng thực nên dù giá có tốt đến đâu thì bạn vẫn phải trao đổi kỹ càng về cách thức kiểm tra hàng hóa sao cho cả 2 bên đều hài lòng. Hiện đã có 100 sản phẩm được bán ra nên bạn hay nhanh chân lên để chọn lấy sản phẩm xịn nhất nhưng phù hợp với túi tiền, ngoại hình của mình nhất.

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Xuping yellow plated necklace pendant jewelry

Requirements and also provisions of shopping:

1. Digital shopping is at hazard of damage on the street

Make sure you "re prepared with the following few minor risks

2. We "re providing added plastic bubble packaging to alleviate the danger of damages on the road.

Can friend buy in storefront or click link:

Click link:

Cardboard + bubble:




- bubble:


But if over there "s any type of damage, it" s a risk on the road.

Want to be for sure please attend jne insurance

3. Buying means agreeing ~ above the terms above

4. All items sent in an excellent condition.

You "re no attached insurance money jne = can" t claim

It "s currently attached = assumed to agree come the terms of online purchase in our store.

5. Distribution of jne yes solutions does not require us come prioritize buyers

We "ll shot to send the on the exact same day, no be sure.

Jne correct is prioritized through the jne

Not by us

6. Sunday / large day every our divisions are off

So no chatt & no delivery.

The ordering that comes in top top saturday afternoon, may be ceded on monday.

7. We need customers to guide the items received. , If the items received are not suitable please call our admin

Thank girlfriend & happy shopping.

Cultivate reading prior to buying:

X) color & size choice is only through the ”information / note” column during the order, not v chat & diskussion.

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*) mandatory Documenting Moments open Package In kind Video To just in case If There items Yang No ideal / damaged / disabled As needs Return In Shop We

X) if you decide to to buy then we assume girlfriend agree with the over rules

X) carry out not accept any kind of return & complaint

”Read compulsory notes before transactions.”

”Check stock before order.”

”The product that has been bought cannot be returned.”

”Don "t expropriate return and also complain in any kind of form.”

Xnb: Please check or review once the items arrives. Happy shopping! (^_^)

Note: Các sản phẩm có chất liệu vàng, kim cương, đá quý trong shop đều là xi mạ/ nhân tạo.
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