Plot: Life in quarantine sucks, claims Jin. We deserve to make the better, friend say. Truth is, you make it every right.

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Author’s Note: This is the critical fic the this project and also I think it’s a good ending. Ns hope this little gift i made made you smile and also brung at least a tiny amount of delight to your holidays. Give thanks to you for reading, if you want to examine out the other three fics of this project you can discover them ~ above the Life go On task Masterlist. Again, happy holidays!

The sun is virtually gone, and also Jin is still sitting on that sofa, eyes resolved on his phone and long legs stretched out ~ above the soft pillows. He’s been there since this morning, barely acquiring up because that lunch and immediately going ago to his safe location right after. His expression doesn’t offer him away, not even a tiny bit. Typically he’d be laughing if looking at his phone because that such a lengthy time, watching comedians video on YouTube, yet this time it’s totally different. And also even though you’re certain he’s trying to hold himself back, you can see yes sir something wrong.
His shoulders raise, remain still because that a few seconds, gaze still fixated top top his phone prior to he slowly - finally - raises it, his shoulders falling down as that exhales.
You stand still, concerned eyes ~ above him and hands under on your sides, Jin’s face slightly lights up at her view, yet the happy look in his eye doesn’t lasts longer than a bunch the seconds.
«Are friend okay? you seem sad, did something happen?» you take it a few steps, experimentation the waters together your boyfriend lowers his eyes ago onto his phone. It’s Christmas Day, you hate to check out him choose this - especially today -, he should be happy and also celebrating.
You know what could be walk on, all the anxiety of this limitless quarantine - that shouldn’t, but it’s actually rather stressful waking up in ~ 12 and also having nothing to do for the totality day -, and not spending now with his household or yours choose you typically would, the emotion of absent performing and the cheers the the fans.
At this point, girlfriend reach under for him, tilting his head with your index. That nothing, but your touch bring Jin back to life - simply the slightest -.
Jin no really want to bring your the atmosphere down, he knows you felt together low together him the last days yet decided come look at things from a different view. Quarantine doesn’t necessarily need to be boring and gloomy, and he believed that just enjoying his complimentary time without yes, really worrying around it would’ve worked. Apparently, the didn’t, and he’s just feeling together low as you a couple of days ago.
«Life in quarantine sucks» he just bursts out, he lets his hands fall limp onto his tights without considering he is still stop his phone, which access time his ideal thigh and also makes the squeeze his eyes shut. Just the watch of his expression renders you smile. He always had this power, the most beautiful face with the many comedic character, such a drama queen.
«Weren’t girlfriend the one who told me to “get up and enjoy it”? There room things to perform too here, it’s quiet Chris-»
«Forget every the shit i said. It simply sucks!» his face is practically red as he bursts out in a scream and gets up from the sofa, his phone falling top top the floor and his confront blanking the end for simply a second. Then his eyes loss shut once again, the pain of the phone call that just hit his foot making the hiss. «See? the sucks!»
You hold ago a small laugh as he sits ago on the sofa, check his phone for any damage. Not a solitary scratch, just his foot is red now.
«Alright, it sucks. However we deserve to make the better, slightly much less lousy. You’d be in your home anyway tonight, Christmas dinner to be up to united state this year, shouldn’t us at least have it?» you try. Jin huffs, raising a hand in the air at her direction.
«I nothing have sufficient desire to live to acquire up» he describes himself, already smiling at your expression. Together if trying to lift a 5’10’’ man wasn’t already enough of one effort, he pulls you towards him and also you finish up in his lap in the blink of one eye.
«Get up» it’s every he says before you both start laughing the end loud at his the atmosphere change. His laugh makes you feeling lighter and brings you back to life, delight filling the air as you revolve around and also watch his white teeth and his big smile, eye sparkling. It really provides you feeling lighter.
«We deserve to still celebrate» girlfriend murmur, Jin nodding as his laughter die out. Apparently, laughing simply a small brung him ago in a good mood, of i beg your pardon you’re certainly happy a part.
«I simply feel lonely. I’ve got you, but it’s... Christmas shouldn’t be like this» his tone is an ext serious than before, not acting as a comedian anymore. His hand reaches your hip and gently strokes it, light touch that reminds you of how much friend love him.
«I know, baby» you laugh softly. That true, Christmas shouldn’t be like this. Thankfully, you’re not totally alone. Jin is been a good company during the quarantine and more than ever before the just reason you smiled till now during these limitless days. The the very least you might do is execute the same for the now.
His lips room on yours before you have the right to do anything about it. The sudden, and you’re bring away aback at the beginning, but the warmth feeling of his arms approximately your stomach and also the tickling the his hair at her forehead remember you the you should probably kiss the back, because absent a kiss from him would certainly be just a maddening point to do. His fleshy lips room soft against yours, his tongue in her mouth move delicately and also the feeling in your chest is low an essential the very same as when your mother used come hug girlfriend every Christmas after providing you her gift; fondness, love, happiness, joy. Just differently.
As you part, your eyes opening and the fog in your mind finally coming to be thinner, girlfriend can’t assist but look in ~ him with wondering eyes. Jin understands them but doesn’t answer. What friend don’t recognize is the his love is beating favor crazy, just like the first time. He needed to kiss you come remind self he still has something to celebrate for, someone. Christmas can still it is in Christmas, after all. You do it Christmas.
Thirty minutes later the kitchen is a mess and also Jin can’t execute anything else yet boss friend around, playfully slapping your ass best after phone call each various other names favor lazy ass, your tongue sticking the end at him.
Your playlist echoing in the room keeps you agency as you both prepare the noodles, your hips moving on the beat of do It Right and also his lips letting out melodies without even realizing it.
When the noodles space done too, every he deserve to do is stare at the full plates top top the counter as you put the pot right into the sink.
He sings as with before, however it’s inevitable exactly how his eyes shift to your number while saying those native now.
His thoughts space silent, just like his love for you appropriate now, however his body needs you close. The reaches out, his hand grabbing yours, stop it and feeling your cold finger intertwine v his together he look at at her face.
Hell yes, you can make it right. The doesn’t issue what that “it” is, you can make anything, every little thing right because that him. And also he’s totally fine through it.
Truth is, life in quarantine would have really suck without you, life in general would suck there is no you. This Christmas would certainly suck there is no you, every one of this would be just as useless as this song sings, anything other than you.
One, two, three, four, five kisses on your lips - seven currently - and his stomach is rumbling, the romanticism of the moment turning out right into laughters and also sparkly eyes.
Jin wards turn off to take the cutlery from the drawers as you decision it’s time to bring your dishes to the dining room, placing castle on the table and releasing a sigh of relief. This Christmas is absolutely different, yet you’re spending it v the ideal person.
Coming earlier to the kitchen to aid him take it the remainder of the points in the other room you uncover him with the key of kimchi in his hands, his ass sticking out from time to time top top Suga’s component of make It Right, rapping his heart out together he awkwardly attempts come twerk.

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«Ah!» that screams, stuttered and also shocked of gift caught. His eyes open up widely, and also the key hits the floor, kimchi falling down to the ground and making a mess.

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