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4C standards


How to select a diamond


* The very nice one is not restricted to, the secret behind the splendor, high-end is no surprise that the diamond is considered to it is in jewelry and also gifts represent love and also romance. * as a expert diamond dealers, consultants procedures so you acquire a diamond jewelry as desired.

Step 1: understand the needs themselves and objects donated

Diamond jewelry is taken into consideration as the queen of all kinds of jewelry by the pure and also perfect beauty of that is enchanting. A diamond purity higher the cut the more perfect sense, together the white color, the higher the price, for this reason you must really recognize the requirements of the self. Jewelry that you will certainly wear in any type of occasion, or just everyday use the the unique date? It will certainly be coordinated with what costume? Those room the straightforward criteria that the need itself the you need to meet to select their own diamond jewel in the area finest suited them at work-related or when going come a party.

Step 2: Put confidence in the brand and understanding of the product to buy

In the procurement of a product valuable as diamond jewelery, it is important to choose the best brand through the prestige, popularity and also potential irreversible development, has actually a team of skilled consultants and mode functional warranty, after-sales, purchasing reasonable mode, ready to aid when you have to swap or change products.

Step 3: spending plan Management

Budget is a aspect that should be taken into consideration at this time. This makes it easy to decide to to buy a diamond jewelry fit in terms of both design and also price. Moreover, you can be totally confident as soon as buying diamond jewelry if you recognize for sure just how much his bag money. Not necessarily a huge diamond and really expensive, the sample diamond jewelry slender through beautiful design, fashion and also perfect technique will make you stand out and will carry many surprises when making gift.

Step 4: recognize the gold rule

This is as soon as you room standing in former of a room shining diamond jewelry and also enchanting. Be calm you then, rules "4Cs and also more" will help you choose the most perfect diamond. Step 5: select shell jewelry

If you pick to buy diamonds left come ring, pendant or earrings ... Then it is time you should choose a shell ring, pendant or earrings to match. Prefer a diamond shape, shell jewelry pertained to your separation, personal, instance style. So knowledge your own layout or the format of the donation is exceptionally important. If you select to purchase diamond jewelry was made available, then there is small or lot jewelry motifs, affix one or much more diamonds ... Are the determinants you must consider. will come with many choices and a team of experienced sales consultants commodities suit her personality. Step 6: The convenience and the exchange policy

- One last important thing is the exchange policy and also convenient when you desire to exchange diamond jewel you already own. - With huge stores in every provinces across the nation, proud all set for her exchange transactions at any type of time that day.

POLICY adjust DIAMOND repertoire OF



big change

Diamonds under 5ly

93% that the invoice value

95% of the invoice value

Diamonds native 5ly under 6ly

93% of the invoice value

97% the the invoice value

Diamonds from 6ly upwards

95% of the invoice value

98% the the invoice value


Along the Pearl, why have numerous different prices? make of pearls and sophistication easily manipulated as among the key reasons contributing to the value of the jewelry. The pearl you view every job a lot of origin, Pearl Akoya, Tahitian, Sounth Sea, fresh Water ... .tuy in i beg your pardon the product will differ. Allow find out each pearl come tell the distinction with the info posted listed below nhé! choose, you select jewelry Pearls worthy quality and confidence.


South Sea Pearl rare and superlative lug value not just by noble gold color but additionally by the process of developing cultured pearls ornate, meticulous in north Australian waters. The rarely gem creative soul in absolute luxury jewelry, reflecting the beauty, beauty of the woman class.


Originating indigenous Polynesian islands Pacific, of France, varieties of pearl rare called Tahiti embodies the secret beauty v black featured alongside the nuances extremely distinctive as green, blue , gray, silver- ... Follow me comments mesmerizing beauty of Tahitian Pearl jewelry masterpieces the


Freshwater pearls lug fresh vitality, shine, as a prize of youth, independent and sexy in every woman. Freshwater Pearls appear in jewel designs youthful personality that, the more added value and looks flawless.


Originating from Japan, Akoya ships are known for diverse bright colors, shiny surfaces, complete of charm. Sophisticated culture process meticulously developed for the precious pearls. Akoya becomes more delicate as soon as it appears in the high-end jewelry designer, astute.

Recipes buy pearls:

There room 06 criteria to assess 01 pearls beautiful: color (color characteristics of each type of pearl), forms (circle will have actually the greatest), thickness ships (from the workers to the surface ar of pearl, measuring v "glass"), gloss (nacre thicker the jewel together the ball), dimension (ranging from 1mm - a few centimeters, the same kind of turquoise, member larger will have a higher price), surface ar defects (smooth ships and little rough spots will cost more). Pearl round pearls are good, there is no blemish, iridescent surface with light, bright and smooth ball.


Pearl jewelry worth mining this day is various from those waters as Hongkong, Japan, Tahiti and also Australia. 04 most popular categories: the many beautiful white Freshwater, Akoya defined pink felts, legend Tahiti black color or gray, the south Sea has actually a gold yellow.



Is a leading firm of gold jewelry, has full 04 gems discussed above, is a rigorous an option from sellers leading pearl. In June - the month that the pearl, debut repertoire (BST) Sea Jade jewelry consists of 50 designs utilizing pearl accent.


To fit the audience various customers, BST Jade Sea has actually 03 product currently in particular: "Luxury-class" making use of the pearls black color magic Tahitian or gold yellow southern Sea; "Happiness - fullness" usage pink Akoya pearls; "Independence - glamorous" utilizing the Freshwater pearls pure white.


To always shiny pearl, after every use, you have to rinse through water jade specialized wash, wipe with a soft fabric or a damp cloth and let dry naturally. For sure no cleaning pearl jewel by ultrasound, lotions jewelry, do not use usual jewelry wipes due to the fact that they save on computer substances that deserve to erode jewel. To protect the nacre great on the surface, you have to take pearl jewel in soft cloth bags or jewelry crate separately, not included together with various other kinds of jewel stones.

By currently you must buy you yourself a set of pearl jewelry - jewel indispensable because that women!


With pure beauty and shining favor a complete moon, Pearl tho praises forever as a treasure indigenous the ocean and is thought about a classic jewelry that any woman who also owns desire.

Selection pearls v perfect quality, combine stylish design, crafted orgasm to produce collections the pearl jewelry renowned, worthy of ending up being gift honoring the beauty patience easy, aristocratic and also noble soul praises that the woman.

South Sea Pearl

South Sea pearls are rare and superlative carry value not just by the noble gold color but additionally by the process of developing cultured pearls ornate, meticulous in north Australian waters.


Tahitian Pearl

Grown in French Polynesia region, types named Tahitian pearl rarely embodies the secret beauty through enchanting colors besides black color shades extremely distinct as green, blue, gray, silver- ...


Akoya Pearl

Originating indigenous Japan, Akoya pearls are recognized for varied bright colors, shiny surfaces, full of charm.


Fresh Water Pearl

True come its name, fresh water pearls just pure beauty back sweet surface sparkling gems favor the full moon.


Gemstone, semiprecious

Semiprecious gem-with the range of types, the wealth of color and also the prevalence varies gave us the curiosity, fascinated extremely attractive. Civilization have supplied to make beautiful jewel from thousands of years and also so far, it becomes an ext popular and artistic stature.

In terms of material and gemstones room minerals (single mineral, multi-mineral) meet the conditions for cutting grinding, crafted jewelry, trinkets or ornaments ... In enhancement to the minerals supplied as gemstones then part organic formations are likewise used together gemstones such together pearls, amber, fangs, bones and also horns the animals.

The main factors to assess the value of a gem include:


Each gemstone usually has a details color, this is additionally the best color and also best worth of such stones. As the ruby red shade characteristic dark purple and also red felt (best color red together blood pigeons regularly ...). Read more


Transparency cleanliness:

Transparency is the capacity for irradiate to permeate inside the stone. The much more transparent the stone, the an ext sparkling shade and higher values. Cleanliness is the level the impurities current in the stone, how can the less, the higher the degree of cleanliness .... Read more


Degree projection (fire - fire):

Demonstrate the capacity to reflect irradiate of the stone, depending upon the mineral dispersion. Rocks the dispersion greater the more powerful the fire, sparkle the the stone greater .... Check out more


Cut sense:

Cutting makers (cut) is the means in which world make the appearance much more beautiful stones. Apart from the herbal elements, the cutter grinding likewise greatly influence the value of the stone, mainly due to ...... Check out More



In the jewelry industry worldwide, world often use devices of measure up is carat (abbreviated "ct") together a traditional unit of measure up of the weight of gemstones, 1.00ct = 0.20g ... Read more



Resistances the gemstones through the tiles scratch or abrasion is the hardness, denoted H. Resistance depends on the stamin of the binding force in between the atoms together. To simplify, the solid binding force matching to the tough stones. Thus, stiffness is an essential property, one of the crucial attributes precious stones, due to the fact that the durability counts on that a lot ... Read More


Count Rare:

The worth of gemstones is additionally evident in that is rarity. No much more beautiful stones as rare then as countless hunters. Rarity that the gem has counted the time, that goes together with the discovery of brand-new mines .... Review more



Customer tastes are dominant components of good value gems, especially when merged with the tastes of rarely gems. We often understand the tastes choice, an individual preference or a details group the people, so can call tastes a hobby. In the ar of gems, tastes contributed to decide the worth of the stone, for example, tsavorite Garnet room rarer emrerald, yet from time immemorial by the needs of customers for emeralds quiet much better should do the worth its higher. In the team corundom ruby ​​(red) room often an ext rare quality sapphire blue (blue), rarity an unified with the demand for rock ruby ​​red made usually have actually a higher value sapphire. Additionally in the kind of sapphire blue sapphire (blue) is more common 보다 other types of sapphire color,Read more


Jewelry ECZ - terrific Cubic Zirconia is do from 10K gold and also Swarovski Zirconia stones indigenous SWAROVSKI official importer GEMSTM

Swarovski Zirconia stones the provided in jewelry line ECZ has actually transparency, perfect grinding and also dispersion brilliant together diamonds, brings a beauty beauty attractive, modern-day and luxurious.

DISCRIMINATION and also CZ diamonds

Structure Carbon - thermal conductivity as organic diamonds ZrO 2 (zirconium dioxide)
Stiffness 10 (natural diamond) 8.5
Specific Gravity 3:52 5.8
Source Artificial, needs high technical level, the machine and the ideal environment Industrial, straightforward to make, easy to massive production
Application Manufacturing technology (breakers, thermal conductivity devices, optical materials, electronics, and also a couple of are provided as rock jewelry Used in every kinds of jewelry, accessories, ...

(*) currently on the sector of Vietnam has actually not offer jewelry with artificial diamonds and also synthetic diamonds left. You have to distinguish synthetic diamonds v CZ stones or conventional CZ Cabon government.

COMPARISON chart dispersion


Swarovski Zirconia stones CZ stones first is in full compliance with the requirements and comprehensive evaluation of the quality cut diamond grinding of gems Institute the America (GIA) - the highest authority on inspection of diamonds


416 logo design engraved on the within belt rings, pendants and chains cotton. (416 method 41.6% pure gold, corresponding to global standards 10K gold)

Laser sculpture "Swarovski Zirconia" certified origin and excellent high quality is guaranteed by SWAROVSKI GEMSTM

From conception all things in heaven and earth constantly mutual interaction, if Easterners believe in Ngu Hanh theory every human being being is born attached to a bow, par Kim in the five facets - Mercury - Jupiter - Mars - Turkey is in the West, that is believed that every month that the year tied to the name of a different gemstone. Accordingly, those born in the month chandelier be with a gem and stones were viewed as symbols carry luck and also fruitful because that the employer. The following birthstones will offer us new clues about choosing jewelry trends by month of birth of the West.


January: Garnet (Garnet)

Color: brown, red, green, yellow, orange, burgundy

As rocks that vitality and also energy, Garnet symbolizes trust, loyalty humans, is taken into consideration a symbol of brotherhood members-which originated every success in life. Garnet particularly radiant night so it"s prefer a talisman, protecting owners from nightmares or perils in a long journey.

February: Amethyst (Amethyst)

Color: lilac, purple

In a long time. Amethyst is well-known as a stone royal violet sweet by exceptionally delicate together representing strength, confidence and wisdom of man. Amethyst is additionally considered the perfect rock for those who are in tension due to the fact that it is qualified of soothing sorrow, brings harmony and also peace the mind.

March: Aquamarine (Aquamarine)

Color: blue from irradiate to deep blue, occasionally green.

Roman sailors once sailing the old work often bring talismans make from Aquamarine stone because this is the rocks have the right to resist the seduction the evil and bring tranquility to the people. Besides, Aquamarine- with the capability to boost the intelligence, restores youth to carry to labor love and also happiness. This is also the desired stones as gifts for Valentine"s work or wedding anniversary 19 years

April: Diamond (Diamond)

Colors: white, gray, yellowish, reddish, greenish.

Diamonds forever remain a price of eternity and also vitality liet- strong is the structure of sustainability and prosperity. Ky diamond in time to come to be the ultimate gift that love, always selected for carving top top wedding rings, engagement rings and also anniversary stones wedding day 10 years- 20 years.


May: Emerald (Jade)

Color: yellowish green, green.

Is among the precious stones bearing the symbol of faith, prosperity and all the best, capable of arousing Emerald intellectual, person creativity. To the Romans, they think that Emerald also increase fertility, when reminiscent of the goddess of love Venus yeu-, for this reason this is also a rock symbolizing peace and also happiness in love.

June: Pearl (Pearl)

Colors: black, white, cream, gray, yellow, pink.

Pearl Oriental additionally be likened come rocks that the moon, a prize of purity, tolerance, compassion, can lug the owner an excellent luck, understanding the soul and also the balance emotions. Pearl through pure beauty beauty is also the image of a happy marriage.

July: Ruby (Ruby)

Color: pink to red purple.

In old Sanskrit language, Ruby dubbed Ratnaraj- "king the gemstones". Is among the perfect gemstone, Ruby symbolizes the sun, power, freedom, luck and happiness in life. Westerners believe that, if worn near the heart, Ruby stones will have actually the strength to arouse vitality, emotion in people and also along the way, Ruby is seen as a price of romantic love.

August: Peridot

Color: green, blue rotate slightly come yellow, olive green.

Born native volcanoes, Peridot symbolizes the strength, viability and also honoring human qualities, environment-friendly stones v this charming aid balance emotions and also emotional heal in the past. Legend claims the stone Peridot an effective pull us from sin, prevent sadness worry, help us be more successful in the social partnership is the bond of marriage.


September: Sapphire

Color: blue, pink, purple, yellow, orange ...

Sapphire is among precious stones, is considered the price of faith, loyalty and generosity of people. Is the type of stone of destiny, Sapphire has actually the capacity to revolve the desires of world come true and bring lucky in love

October: Opal (Opal)

Colors: plenty of colors, particularly red create flames.

Opal has a very exotic beauty beauty by the sun"s rays falling on it can produce sparkling rainbow colors. The queen that gemstones, every member Opal has actually a delicate beauty different, brilliant and also iridescent colors mau.Opal symbolize hope, positive action and achievement. Romans revered opal rock as a price of honesty and also luck.

November: Citrine

Color: yellow, orange, pink and also orange.

Impressed by toxicity colors hot and also brilliant yellow Dao, Citrine with sunny color of the sun god pride as a price of domination, because that truth and also human integrity. A certain point Citrine is likewise used to heal line bites and also venom of other reptiles.

December: Topaz

Color: blue, green.

Greek, Topaz method "to shine", this rocks space colorful but only blue Topaz stone of the brand-new is born in December.

Topaza symbolizes intelligence, beauty, loyalty and also true friendship the the people. Additionally, the rock has the ability to soothe feelings and also bring strong, wise, arouse ability to conquer the employer.


Nature always contain in us the shimmering beauty, mystical harmony ao.Tu the five elements five facets in the universe: Eternal Kim, sharp together Jupiter, as Hydro glitter, dazzle favor Mars, mysterious together Turkey evoked countless inspiration come the artist jewelers introduced jewel masterpieces for time eternal.

Not just to respect the beauty, to express tastes, her fashion style, jewelry five also contain that is own meaning for each supply of human destiny. Therefore if girlfriend know choose the gemstone jewelry shade to suit each bow destiny will carry a many health, luck and also prosperity come the owner manic ...

By a an easy truth don- jewel is not just the beauty, the class, jewelry likewise contain many hidden wonders ... Always waiting for united state to discover. Select jewelry handbook arc par born as a referral to customers more choice when wishing to use jewelery.

Let"s hear to the share indigenous the and also choose because that themselves the jewelry each bright colors, not only to respect the beauty looks but likewise bring something truly amazing for the vivid life of ours .

INTERACTIVE MAP the BIRTH other subjects


According to the rule of Marble, atmosphere consisting the 5 elements: steel (Metal), timber (plants), water (water), Fire (fire), planet (ground) and also each aspect has the characteristic shade such as: shade Kim includes bright colors, white and also iridescent colors; Wood color including blue, eco-friendly of trees; Resources include blue color dark, black color water; Train through red shade shades, pink, purple symbolizes fire; Turkish color is brown, yellow, orange to represent the earth.

According come Feng Shui, in between the Five aspects have relationship foster, encourage each other to lobby incessantly and one convention Five facets same student together follows: Jupiter biochemical (plants energize come fire), Biochemistry Turkey (everything burn under fire turns right into ashes, dust, soil, sand), Turkish born Kim (underground born metals), Kim born Thuy (metal melt that the water), Hydrobiology Moc (water lush farming).

Besides, in between the 5 Elements additionally have different institutional relationship to store the balance, that is one more object relations. It rule the order of five elements other subjects as follows: metal engraving hardwood (Metal cutting is grassy), hardwood carving earth (plants absorb the nutrient of the soil), Turkey carving resources (land block countries, have the right to cross the river, filling the sea), Thuy portrayed (water extinguishes fire), other flowers Kim (fire melted metal)

Currently, there are countless different patterns are conquered by choosing jewelry follow to the five facets such together the shape, season, month of birth ... Specifically with the eastern we, select jewelry follow to the five aspects that take the shade rock acts v Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, planet aim to balance yin and yang energy to attain harmony ideals. Have the right to understand sound is darker colors absorb quiet and also Ocean sharpens shade shifting irradiate reflection. Therefore, the color is applied in the 5 will strengthen the favorable factors and limiting the disadvantages because that each.

With the choice of jewel under the delivery par 5 elements, there has been the perception the if provided jewelry improperly, not by color Five for equivalent par wearers, can lug things imperfect human being use. Vice versa, if the jewelery mountain colored stones equivalent supply clause, will lug health, luck, prosperity for the people there. It is important for each human being that we recognize the regulation of five facets of how to use them in the means of costume jewelry and choose to acquire a life happy and also fruitful


THE jewel KIM


Consultants who pick jewelry because that par Kim

Subtle and profound together the highlights in the personality of par Kim

For par Kim, can select the kind of diamond jewelry with white bow symbolizes their destiny by this brings harmony and vitality come create good in ours lives.

People par Kim also gives her warmth and secret with the color of onions Turkey together tan, brown ground for the concept of Five, the "Turks born Kim" - shades that Turkey will add energy volume and also reinvigorate yourself. Include a choice anymore because that par Kim is eco-friendly with shades that Jupiter complete of life due to the fact that only brand-new institutional Kim timber carving is ...

Thus, the par Kim must wear this stones have colors together follows:

Mutual: dark yellow stone, earth brown, tiger eye Interoperability: ice cream silver, white, bright yellow Tame: green stone

For par Kim, carry out not undertake jewelry regularly colored stones that Mars together red onions, pink or purple. Funding carved by Martians Kim (metal melting heating systems fire) have to wear the color symbolizing the fire could impact the luck that the par Kim had been in life


THE jewel WOOD


Consulting select jewelry because that the confront Jupiter

Sensitivity, gentleness and also innovation are attributes of the par Jupiter

For par Jupiter, follow to random Hanh concept "Aquarium Jupiter" (or Mercury Jupiter nursing) therefore ideal shade for girlfriend is dark blue, blue, blue, blue rock Sapphire, Topaz , pearl shade black ... Which is the properties of Mercury.

People destined Jupiter can likewise choose the kind of gemstone green shade which is properties for operating Jupiter. Moreover, since Jupiter get over the Turks therefore you have the right to unleash the beauty through jewelry golden brown, dark yellow shade of the rock Citrine- plot symbolizes Turkey.

Thus, the fate Jupiter must wear the color of rock are as follows:

Mutual: black, blue, blue, blue Interoperability: wood, green Tame: tan, brown soil

For those who perform not frequently par Jupiter jewelry wearing fancy stones under executive, management Kim as white or silver. By Kim carving Carpentry (ie knives are felled tree) should wear jewelry v colored stones under executive Kim can lug imperfect things for employers




Consulting pick jewelry because that the challenge Cards

Sociable, an innovative are the attributes of the par Thuy

Those destined Cards should choose form of jewelry stones white together Diamond, due to the fact that as a ascendancy the same student in the five "Kim born Resources" and also whiteness the the Diamond will be the shade mutual perfect to lug luck Cards because that par. Besides, the par sources can also choose jewelry v black, blue stone Sapphire, Topaz colour that space characteristic because that par Cards.

Furthermore, since Hydro Fire regimen is etched so the par Thuy wearable jewelry with gems par symbolizes Mars is red, pink or purple

Boil down, civilization should wear ice cream Shui par with the colors together follows:

Mutual: rock white, silver color Interoperability: Stone, black, blue Tame: Red, pink, violet

For those destined Fisheries, under preeminence restraint, Turkey will certainly tame Thuy (meaning the soil will definitely be water in rivers and also the sea spilled into) so people destined Resources must not wear continuous kinds of jewelry shade stones the Turkey plot as: tan, brown land


THE jewelry FIRE


Consultants who pick jewelry because that par Fire

Features of the Martian face is an innovative and really rich imagination

For those who face the Fire, since as a dominion mutual "Jupiter biochemical" (fire-energized and also power native the plant) should Jewelery Emerald v green and under operation Jupiter and jewelry colored gemstones compatible through the Fire together Red, Pink, Purple rock of Ruby, Amethyst ... Will certainly bring an excellent luck come the owner. You can likewise make yourself come to be brilliant and also attractive 보다 owning jewelery Cuong v characteristic white color of par Kim, by the Fire tame Kim- only new fire warm metal to flow into the country.

Thus, people should undertake Martian rock confront with the colors as follows:

Mutual: environment-friendly colored stones. Interoperability: Red rock, pink, purple. Tame: White.

For those who challenge the Fire, together a rule, the family member restraint biologic Thuy Hoa engraving means water will extinguish the fire, therefore you must not use frequently stones space black, blue, due to the fact that this is shade symbolizing Thuy.


THE jewel THO


Consulting choose jewelry for the confront Turkey

Boldly and also faithfully the personality characteristics of world destined Turkey

For those who face Turkey, because that biochemistry Turkey, so except the jewelery gem brown, tan represents the it is provided destined Turkey, friend can pick jewelry with heat colors choose red rock Garnet Amethyst purple, pink Ruby ... I m sorry is the characteristic color to administer the Fire par ...

Also, for those destined for Turkey Turkey should tame Fisheries attract blue stones favor Sapphire black, blue Topaz will certainly bring an excellent luck to face Turkey

Par Turkish people should use colored stones as follows:

Mutual: red, pink, violet Interoperability: earth brown, tan Tame: Black, blue

Par Turkish people should prevent stones with green is the shade representation the Jupiter operator. Through the law of five elements, hardwood carving Carpentry Thơ- (tree) take every the nutrients in the ground (earth), regular use of eco-friendly stones can bring to the employer incomplete.



Watches easily contaminated indigenous exposure to sweat, dirt and other substances, which is the causative certified dealer of water-in clock. Clean the clock by using toothpaste through soft toothbrush and also then obstacle dry v a soft cloth.

wash with heat water meter (attention not hot evaporation in hose) immediately after cruising (for watches enabled diving)

maintained for clock wire


The usage of a lengthy day provides wire clock dirty black, climate you must use warm water above 50 levels mixed through a tiny dishwashing liquid embedded in around 3 minute to melt the dust a long stick in the interstitial cord, then use soft toothbrush and also rub dry with a soft cloth. Every month one-time cleaning her clock will constantly shiny.

Leather cord:

Limited exposure come water, in addition to removed the clock once sweating, will proceed wearing smelly and affect the life of the wire.

1. CLOCK Battery (QUARTZ)

because that clock power quartz if not wearing, protect against close objects with solid magnetic fields such together televisions, refrigerators, cabinets, computers or mobile phones since it susceptible magnetic overview to run the clock apparatus is not accurate, rapid battery drain.

2. Automatic WATCH (AUTOMATIC)

because that clock making use of automatic apparatus must be worn on the hand around 8am every day.

To ensure consistent clock running and also precise, bedtime should alternative tunings through se knob from 10-12 ring.

because that clock was standing machine, if you desire to rebuild, simply shake or alternate tunings, climate reset the date and also time clock to common operation.

3. Useful Chronograph the town hall Co.

for stopwatch duty Chronograph must limit the use of second hand Chronograph regularly, because if you use this role continuously clock will certainly act as the mechanism of activity of the 2 clocks in ~ the exact same time, resulting in the battery the fast clock off, diminished life expectancy. In addition, parts count and also divide the period of dysfunction, can immediately stop and the needle will not return to its initial position despite being reset.


for watches use light power if left in the fridge, package is no exposed to light will stand machine. If you desire to be lugged to light around 20 minutes to clock job-related again, yet not come this case occurs generally will reason damage to the apparatus.



Warranty details

* Treadmill inexplicable freezes, the an equipment is no water because of technical errors.

* The warranty apparatus inside as repairs, brand-new alternative come the internal components, execute not replace it through a various clock

* replace the batteries in ~ the warranty period

Warranty is precious only as soon as the clock card / warranty booklet formal and also complete accuracy, completeness of information, together as: code clock, i beg your pardon sells dated buy, seal distributor"s formal and must remain in the warranty period specified.

The warranty period is counted native the date of purchase proclaimed on the card / home window warranty.


- No vouch battery life

- No warranty because that the indirect consequences of using improper clock the users

- No warranty for the clock has been repaired in areas not that center

- No warranty for external contents such as shells, glass, wire, beads ...


- never use or come clock in areas with big magnetic fields

- no to clock suddenly temperature changes

- perform not permit the clock at high temperatures the exceed 600 C (1400 F equivalent) or lower areas 00 C (320 F equivalent).

- carry out not wear a watch as soon as hot and cold shower, vapor because the temperature changes abruptly material elasticity erratic, producing openings because that water and also moisture entered to contaminate the machine, struggle the circuit, reducing water resistance, perishable maker and battery soon.

- not so long stagnant water, water will certainly corrode watchmaking lightning.

- do not let the clock call with chemicals, carry out not use any kind of solvents, cleaning agents, detergents industry, adhesives, repaint or spray ~ above the surface of watches, watch chain, as well as expenses more details.

- execute not wring or twisted button setting button as soon as underwater and make certain the button has been driven / screwed down tightly ~ use.

- perform not try hardness and scratch resistance the glass Sapphire with points being harder 보다 sapphire as cutter diameter, diamond or coffee clock challenge directly top top the rock walls, brick ... As this will damage the batch that glass clock.

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- avoid plummeting clock, eliminate the watch when playing sport committed clock except for sports.