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Sulfate-free shampoo for dandruff after keratin treatments.

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Yes, Keratin treatments Can give You Dandruff!

Like any kind of other chemical treatment, a keratin treatment provides alkaline agents to flex the cuticles down and make your hair glossy.

While many of these treatments are safe, girlfriend or your hairdresser have to use the ideal amount during the application.

Using too lot of the systems in her hair can reason protein overload. The overabundance protein then dries the end to cause flakes and also buildup in your hair.

Excess protein buildup can also happen if the therapy is applied too close come the scalp. Keratin treatments need to be used 1 inch away native the scalp.

Over time, the overabundance buildup (mostly dirt), urges fungus bacteria come grow and feast on.

Another reason for dandruff ~ a keratin therapy is improper pH balance.


LuxeOrganix Sulfate complimentary Shampoo

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The best sulfate-free shampoo for dandruff ~ keratin treatments.

Why usage A Sulfate-Free Anti Dandruff Shampoo ~ above Keratin cure Hair?

Dealing with dandruff is frustrating.

And oftentimes, it leader to desperate procedures that work to remove dandruff, yet not benefiting her keratin treatment.

Let me define …

Most dandruff shampoos save on computer a high level of sulfates and other ingredients choose Coal Tar, sodium Chloride, Salicylic acids, and Ketoconazole.

These harsh ingredients are choose kryptonite come keratin and color treatments. They will neutralize and also effectively remove all the an excellent stuff you’ve put right into your hair.

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While anti-dandruff shampoos space super effective against white flakes and also dry scalp, they do injury your high-quality blowout. They can strip great of keratin through their harsh ingredients.

The best way to defend your keratin treatment and get rid the dandruff is to select your shampoo wisely.

Choose a shampoo that deserve to do both.


LuxeOrganix Shampoo

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Puriya Sulfate free Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

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Puriya’s tea tree oil shampoo deeply hydrates your scalp and hair. This is done v its great blend that tea tree oil, arnica, sage, and also rosemary.

This shampoo is also:

free from sulfates and sodium chloride pH-balanced 100% organic Hydrating

Packed with highly potent antifungal ingredients, Puriya will instantly soothe your scalp and also keep it well hydrated for longer.

Lastly, that is also paraben-free, and artificial fragrance-free. This makes it perfect for any hair type and for people of every ages.

Maple Holistics vegetable Apple Cider Vinegar Shampoo


Tea Tree Shampoo and also Conditioner

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The peppermint and rosemary extracts assist to nourish dry and also itchy scalps, while aloe vera, rosehip, and licorice, work to soothe and hydrate every strand of your hair.

Finally, the tea tree oil gives you anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation benefits.

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All the products’ ingredients are doctor-recommended. And though the smell could be too intense for some, that does the project quite well.

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Moisturizing Shampoo for sensitive Skin by Tree to Tub

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