Sản phẩm Bình nước chứa tinh thể đá thạch anh đang được mở bán với mức giá siêu tốt khi mua online, Vừa được giảm giá từ 375.400 xuống còn ₫ 225.240, giao hàng virtual trên toàn quốc với chi phí tiết kiệm nhất,0 đã được bán ra kể từ lúc chào bán lần cuối cùng.Trên đây là số liệu về sản phẩm chúng tôi thống kê và gửi đến bạn, hi vọng với những gợi ý ở trên giúp bạn mua sắm tốt hơn tại betterworld2016.org Việt Nam

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Welcome come Tckg. our product will offer you a big profit, below you deserve to buy high high quality goods and get best service. monitor our save will gain special discount! reap your purchase time!! Decription: Feature: 1. 100% quartz spar absent healing 2. Hand polished, smooth surface 3. Promote health, focus, and spiritual expansion 4. This is a good gift for her friends and family. Note: since it"s 100% crystal, it"s hard to make everyone the same, for this reason these deserve to happen: every body form and weight space different, and the distinction is normal. The color may also have some differences from the product, which is normal. The photo usually watch bigger 보다 the actual product, please describe the product size. Specification: Type: Quartz crystal allude energy water bottle Material: Quartz, 304 stainless steel, glass Quartz crystal point: Yellow/blue/red/white smelting,fluorite, smoky (brown)/clear/rose quartz/citrine(yellow creastly), tiger"s eye, lapis lazuli, firework stone, dream amethyst, labradorite, amethyst, clear citrine Process: Hand sprucing up Shape: Hexagonal prism Color: As presented Bottle height: around 260 mm Capacity: 500-550ml Crystal allude length: about 80-90mm (3.149"-3.543") network weight: about 500 grams The factor you need it: 1. Its power is emitted directly from the top, dubbed the "generator". If that has sufficient weight, that will consistently emit, developing a powerful energy ar from the facility point, like a vortex, which is the best house endowment to help people improve their spirituality. ; 2. The white crystal suggest is called the “vacuum cleaner” and can absorb diseases, dirty gas and suffocating gas; 3. Have the right to be offered to collection up a seven-star array for meditation and also visualization; 4. Its powerful energy is concentrated at the top and is the ideal tool because that treating and also adjusting body and spirit; 5. Deserve to play the duty of degaussing, properly reducing the radiation of family appliances; 6. You deserve to balance your body and mind, change your emotions, and assist concentrate. Package list: 1 x water bottle Included: 1 x Water party Note: Các sản phẩm có chất liệu vàng, kim cương, đá quý trong shop đều là xi mạ/ nhân

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