Ghost quartz is one of the quartz the everyone desires to own by the effects and its beauty. So just how precious ghost quartz is when it is attractive to countless customers? Let’s check out the an excellent things about this stone in the synthesis post below.

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General information about ghost quartz

Ghost quartz is considered one of the rock variations of rarely quartz. Ghost quartz likewise known as mossy quartz and a ghost quartz is still quite brand-new to plenty of people. Scientists called the ghost quartz: Scenic quartz, landscape Quartz, Garden Quartz.


The uniqueness that ghost quartz

It is dubbed ghost quartz together a mossy quartz since in this decision stone, that is seen asinclusion the mossy-like crystal. This formation is because the structure of the moss quartz is SiO2 that contains the different impurities. Ghost quartz space now popular with many different colors and also the most usual is white, yellow, red, orange or sheet …

Distribution the ghost quartz

Ghost quartz is distributed in Russia, Brazil, Germany and are appreciated for quality and reserves. In Vietnam, this rock is also found but the high quality is not high and the volume is not much.

Physical properties of ghost quartz

Ghost quartz has the adhering to physical properties:

Formula of ghost quartz: SiO2

Hardness the ghost quartz ~ above the Mohs scale: 7

Specific gravity of ghost quartz: 2.6g / cm3

Quartz is a triple- measurement crystal

Ghost quartz with glass luster.

Crystal framework of ghost quartz

Constellation that ghost quartz: is one of the variations of ghost quartz crystallized in six-dimension system. At a temperature that 537 degrees Celsius, the ghost quartz will transform and also crystallize right into a triple-dimension mechanism like ghost quartz.

Crystals that ghost quartz: us will meet ghost quartz in the kind of a pyramid with an extremely short or no prisms. In addition, the ghost quartz will have a range of forms such as: ghost quartz with horizontal dip, M surface, triple complex, R block surface. The ideal form is prismatic quartz v hexagonal faces at the two ends.

In addition to ghost quartz, ghost quartz has rutilated structure, canxedon or quartz, the development is as result of optical properties.


Optical properties of ghost quartz

When the strawberry quartz is shined by the sun, the light ray of the stone are randomly and indefinitely oriented. In the light that, human being often speak to that is infinity. And if the magnetic and electric ar vectors room in the exact same direction, the light that hits the strawberry quartz will be polarized.

Insulation that ghost quartz

Strawberry quartz is insulating since the framework of the electron corpuscle does not move as easily as the framework of the metal. However when exposed to strawberry quartz, we can feel the electrical field the this stone. The reason is since quartz energy absorbs the power of the sky.

What space the benefits of ghost quartz?

Ghost quartz is just one of the ghost quartz thought about important and almost everyone would favor to have. Due to the fact that the result and an interpretation of this ghost quartz really makes human being feel satisfied. More specifically, the ghost quartz will have actually the following great effects ~ above health, geomancy and meditation:

The an interpretation of ghost quartz v health

Ghost quartz has actually the following great uses:

Active power in ghost quartz acts together a natural source of antibiotics that can assist the body repel countless kinds the illness, rise the immune mechanism so that it fights inflammation and also recovery exceptionally well.

Ghost quartz can also assist improve health, boost mental, reduce stress, fatigue and also stress in work, life, boost blood circulation and reduce the risk of punch in the elderly.

For those who suffer from neurological disorders such as anxiety, headache and also stress result in bad sleep, …, as soon as using ghost quartz, it may minimize the innovation of neurological diseases. .

For civilization with poor digestion, ghost quartz will enhance the duty of this system.

The effect of ghost quartz ~ above the geomancy

Ghost quartz have actually the following results on geomancy :

Ghost quartz is a good source the energy, and it helps to slow down the negative energy sources, thus bring much more luck, peace and also fortune to the owner.

Ghost quartz helps to give the owner a smart intellect, concentration and alertness so users constantly confidently confront every challenge, an obstacle in life, work.

For businessmen, the wearing of ghost quartz bracelets will bring great luck, fortune and an excellent business.

Ghost quartz also brings the relationship to the owner better, boost love to work or social relationship such together friends, partners, customers additionally become open and also better.

The effect of ghost quartz on spiritual meditation

For meditators or yoga practitioners, this is among the ghost quartz that have the right to put you in a state that deep meditation. This stone works to open up the chakras, promote the capacity to emphasis and assist you to absorb the energy of planet a lot compare through usual.

Who have to use ghost quartz?

Ghost quartz is the convergence of miscellaneous colors representing the five elements, for this reason most people can use it. However, according to the geomantic experts, the selection of ghost quartz need to be based on their destiny to it is in calculated follow to pinyin to pick exactly. Especifically, the choice of ghost quartz will be together follows:

Choosing ghost quartz suits her destiny

Ghost quartz is rather special, for this reason the choice will be based on each color of the stone. Especifically:

Green ghost quartz will complement with the human being of Wood, Fire horoscope.

Gold-brown ghost quartz will complement with the fate the the Earth,Metal.

White ghost quartz will enhance with the destiny of steel horoscopes.

Red-brown ghost quartz will complement with Fire and Earth horoscope.

Ghost quartz will suit the people of Earth, Fire or lumber horoscope.

So, you deserve to base you yourself on what her destiny is to choose the right shade of ghost quartz the suits you. If you carry out not know exactly how to pick ,then allow assistance you.

Distinction real and fake ghost quartz

There are countless fake ghost quartz counterparts on the market since of that is high value. Therefore, when buying products, customers must pay attention to. You have the right to refer to the method of differentiating ghost quartz as belows:

How to distinguish real and fake ghost quartz

You will have two methods to distinguish the ghost quartz:

First, usage axetone solution and sweep ~ above ghost quartz. If this rock releases color, the is a dice ghost quartz.

Second, distinction by cutting: If girlfriend look carefully, organic ghost quartz is no the exact same as other quartz. For this reason if you do a fake, the manufacturer will deliberately cut to make it natural yet this is a mistake because it no look favor nice and soon is known .

Which assets are over there in Kim Tu Thap?

Ghost quartz in ~ Kim Tu Thap is an extremely various in models, designs because that customers to choose. In addition, the commodities have been certified the origin, so the product is very appreciated through customers and also experts. Make sure ghost quartz products at Kim Tu Thap space 100% natural. Therefore, client who acquisition our assets can be completely assured around the origin of products. Especifically, friend can select one the the complying with products:

Raw ghost quartz i beg your pardon is no processed

Raw ghost quartz is just one of the many popular commodities for customers. Civilization can select this product come serve various purposes for themselves such as organization or manufacturing if possible.

Prices of life ghost quartz will differ from 1 million VND / kg. If friend polish, so depending upon the work and quality of stone, price will include from 600,000 come 700,000VND.


Ghost quartz bracelets

Ghost quartz bracelet is among the ideal selling assets at Kim Tu Thap. Right here we have actually a lot of ghost quartz for customers to select or you have the right to ask united state to make or mix the charm in the bracelet to make this product an ext aesthetic.

The price because that a ghost quartz bracelet is end 500,000 VND or more. Relying on the quality, size and processing, ghost quartz prices might vary.

Ghost quartz pendants

Similar to the ghost quartz bracelets, the client can pick their selection of ghost quartz pendants with different shapes and designs. Girlfriend can select many encounters such as: Pixiu Pendant Quartz, teardrop pendant, Budder- shape pendant, cylindrical quartz pendant, …

Prices because that ghost quartz pendants will likewise vary depending upon the quality, workmanship of the product. The price will be 700,000 – 2 million per face.

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So this is the synthesis of ghost quartz. If girlfriend have any questions, permit aid you come answer questions.