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Sputtering, Quitting Engine

My six-year old Craftsman mower, after being in winter storage, began up as usual and I promptly cut half of mine yard"s spring lawn growth. Climate it sputtered out. Restarting brought about only a brief burst that power and also then immediately quitting. Only priming the engine (with the thumb-sized rubber throttle) would acquire it to start for these short moments.

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I to buy a "Tune increase Kit" indigenous Sears and also replaced the air filter, spark plug, and leveled off the oil level with new oil (all of which came in the "kit," together with an additive "fuel stabilizer".) for a perform of Craftsman mower replaceable parts, with part numbers for this Briggs and Stratton engine, walk here.


As a issue of year-to-year maintenance, an altering oil, wait filters and spark plugs is important. On the Craftsman version 917 design it"s likewise easy and also fast, requiring simply screwdrivers and an appropriately sized wrench or socket for the spark plug. Take it a look in ~ this photo below showing place of the waiting filter and what that looks like on this specific 917 Craftsman model (called the "22 inch mulcher" top top one side). The oil lid is labeled and also the spark plug is obvious.


PHOTO: air FILTER transforming CRAFTSMAN 917 MOWER: Gas is mixed with oxygen for firing within the engine. A dirty wait filter provides it hard for the engine to obtain an adequate supply the the oxygen it needs.



But still: starting was followed instantly by the engine quitting.

Research top top the internet suggested a variety of possible problems: carburetor gunk build-up, fuel filter clogged, bad gasoline, no oil, serious inner engine problems.

(2) step TWO: experimenting WITH A VALVE

How I addressed my details issue: i took the cosmetics plastic peak off mine Craftsman mower, and also then I began the engine again, and also kept that going (weakly) by constantly "thumbing" gas to the engine utilizing the primer-throttle. Ns noticed over there is a plastic valve which opens and closes. Ns attempted to manipulate this valve by flicking the open, closed, holding the halfway, etc.,with the finish of a screwdriver, to simply see what distinction it made. It made part difference but not sufficient to keep the engine going.

PHOTO Below: place of the valve on the Craftsman 917 version Mower


Water in gas?

Based top top what i was observing through the engine behavior, there was something happening between the primer, the valve, and the gasoline. So, come make details the trouble wasn"t simply gas v water in that (water deserve to condense right into the container of gas as result of weather changes) ns retrieved my plastic oil-pan reservoir i m sorry I usage for recording oil once I execute an oil adjust on one auto, tipped the Craftsman mower sideways and also poured the end all the gas from the tank. I then placed in brand-new gasoline which had actually not to be sitting because that a long time (i.e., has actually not unable to do "sour").

The mower then began as normal from the primer, ran a bit stronger 보다 it had actually been, yet still coughed and quit. I restarted and forced the plastic (rubber?) fuel valve to stay open up using a screwdriver. The mower keep going, though not with full power. Ns let the die, restarted it again, and continued to hold the valve open. ~ a half-dozen starts-and-stops, i noticed a change: when I exit the valve native being required open, it would waver top top it"s own and then close, at which allude the engine would certainly then roar to full power.

PHOTO below: valve forced open ~ above Craftsman 917 model Mower through a Briggs and also Stratton engine. I used the end of a screwdriver to press the valve open.



I had the engine quit, then i restarted the engine. The sputtered and also threatened come quit: I compelled the valve open again, that improved, ns released the valve and also it roared to typical power.

I then reduced my grass, stopping about halfway with the process and restarting the engine to view if it would sputter, but instead the performed exactly as the should: whatever was in the fuel, whether water, or some kind of buildup within the fuel line or approximately the valve, had been cleared.



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Craftsman Lawn Mower resource Help

Other resources for help: below is a you Tube video clip with a basic primer on transforming out disposable components on a Craftsman Mower.

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An digital You tube Video

Another resource of help: A good outline of just how to resolve diaphragm and carburetor worries on a Craftsman mower is in ~ the gardenweb online. Big photos and also well created instructions.


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