Today, I wanted to make the Perfect baked Potatoes in stove to go on side of my Roast Beef Sandwich. When I to speak Oven, i am talking around my Convection Oven. I don’t use this attribute much, however I to be going to start using it more. 


So, be on the lookout for an ext Convection cooktop Recipes. 

Potatoes space a lull food for me. Few of my favorite potato recipes space mashed potatoes, small potatoes, and also potato salad.

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What is Convection range Cooking?

You probably own a Convection Oven and don’t also realize it. Take it a watch at her oven and also see if it has the native Bake v a small fan beside it. Walk ahead I’ll provide you a second…… 


You most likely never noticed it before since we are provided to hitting the bake and adjusting the temperature. If you’ve never used your Convection Oven prior to this is the perfect cooking recipes to shot it out with.

If your oven doesn’t have a Convection Oven button they perform sell them together a separate countertop gadget. They range anywhere native $60 come $280 because that a Countertop Convection Oven. 


Let’s explain what a Convection cooktop does and why friend would use it. Here are a pair of reasons why I usage my Convection Oven. 

Using the Convection cooktop will reduce the time friend will must cook. The convection range reduces chef times by around 25 percent because the pan blows air and keeps an even temperature around the food. Convection Ovens are better for browning food due to the fact that it creates a dry atmosphere while cooking. If you never had actually Chicken wings in a Convection cooktop you need to really provide them a try. The wings room crispy and brown. 

How lengthy to cook Baked potato in the Oven?

Cooking a baked Potato in a Convection range takes 45 minutes. However if you’re cooking a baked Potato in a constant oven it deserve to take anywhere between 60 to 70 minutes. Which is around 15 minutes much less time you need to wait for the Perfect baked Potato.

How to chef the Perfect small Potato in a Convection cooktop

Preheat Convection stove to 425°F.

I prefer to use Jumbo Russet Potatoes because that Baked Potatoes. To wash off every potato you are planning to cook. Psychic Potatoes prosper in dirt and should be cleaned turn off otherwise you will taste grit.

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Melt 1 tbs of butter in the microwave for 10 seconds for each potato you are cooking. Ns made 3 potatoes, therefore I offered 3 tbsp that butter and also microwaved for 30 seconds. 

Add about 1 tbsp of coarse kosher salt come the butter mix together. I offered coarse kosher salt, yet table salt is just as good. Placed the Russet Potato ~ above a skewer and pierce it v the middle. Over there is a video below come see exactly how it’s done.

I used a Corn top top the Cob holder to poke holes in the Potato, however you deserve to use a fork if you don’t have actually them. The corn ~ above the cob holders is pointy and also sharp they walk in the potato easily. 


Brush the entirety Russet Potato v a quite coat that butter and salt on the skin. Ar on a shallow pan choose a brownie pan. This permits the potato to it is in lifted off the pan since we space using the skewers. 

The skewers room doing two things, one they are maintaining the potatoes turn off the pan and also letting the skin obtain crispy. The second is lock are acquiring heated native the inside because the skewers host the heat. 



Here’s a video clip to see specifically how to make the Perfect small Potato in a Convection Oven. 

Baked Potato Toppings Ideas

ButterSour CreamBaconShredded Cheddar CheeseChiliBroccoli and also CheeseCaramelized OnionsSalsaChivesMushrooms/OnionsGravy

Get an imaginative try two various ingredients in ~ the very same time. Perfect small Potatoes in Oven can be topped with just around anything or naught at all it’s that Delicious. If friend don’t believe me offer it a try yourself and also let me understand what girlfriend think?

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