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Consumers and Producers by: Megan Dimanche The difference between a producer and also a consumer is the a producer provides their very own food, and also a customer depends on other organisms for your food. A instance of a customer is a human and a bumble bee. An example of a producer is a sunflower.

The Difference between A Producer and A Consumer by: Bre"Shonda The difference in between a producer and also a customer is that the producer renders the food, and also the consumer, which is the animals, eats the food the the producer make.

Difference in producers and also consumers by: Gaurav samantaray normally producers are green plants,who are self dependent whereas consumers room the pets who space dependent ~ above other pets or producers.

Difference in producers and consumers by: Jessica Producer makes the food and also the consumer consumes (eats) the producer and becomes a an initial level customer which gets energy from the producer i beg your pardon gets energy from the sun.

What space producer and also Consumers difference? by: Justin Bieber Well,The producers room autotrophic that means they room organisms the manufacture their own food by the procedure of photosythensis and also consumers feeding on the producers.

Differences by: susan santo The producers room autotrophic the is lock manufacture their very own food by the procedure of photosythensis while consumers feed ~ above the producers

The various bteween a producer and also a consumer by: warisat A producer is the the first tropic level, eat just plant. While a consumer eats producers.

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Diffrence in between producer and consumer by: Kahlon_sahab Producer room those living things that create organic matter and also make first trophic level e.g. Plants. While consumers eat producer and make 2nd and in part cases third trophic level.

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