Rainbow Shops: your plus size garments at Rainbow is complete of remarkable fashion finds that will have you going indigenous 0-100 in no time. V their short prices, friend can construct your dream closet without having actually to break the bank. They market stylish choices that selection from sizes 14 to 24 and 1x to 4x, so you can certainly count on castle to have you looking flawless and at a same price.

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Retail Warehouse: factory direct buyer that the best American made and also imported motorcycle leather available in the sector today. Sturgis, MI phone # (616) 651-2464

Revolve: released in in march of 2003, REVOLVEclothing.com provides the finest in women"s and men"s designer clothing and also accessories and also an eclectic mix of way of life goods. Shop end 400 brands and also enjoy our unequaled customer company with totally free worldwide shipping, totally free returns, and live operator assistance.

Richman Gordmans/ Gordmans: Men"s, women"s and also juniors apparel, fragrances, sleepwear and accessories.Omaha, NE phone call # (402) 691-4269

Rinascente (Italy)

Roaman"s: Stylish to add size garments for women Roaman"s, her style, your size 12W - 44W. A add to size apparel leader for over 100 years. Roaman"s was created for plus dimension women that appreciate style and true value. From material to style Roaman"s appreciates that glamorous plus size garments look.

Roots(Canada)Roots was founded by Michael Budman and Don Green, two city children who met in ~ summer camp in Algonquin Park, whereby they first fell in love with the ideals and beauty that Canada. Their birthplace might have remained in Algonquin Park, yet they unite the best of cabin and also city globally. They have over 120 stores throughout North America, an ext than 150 internationally, and they offer online shipping to end 70 countries. Girlfriend can constantly find Roots, no issue where you are.

Ross Stores, Inc.: began in 1982 with 6 stores in the mountain Francisco only Area. Ross right now operates end 325 stores in 17 states (2000). Together an off-price retailer, Ross uses first-quality, in-season, name-brand apparel, accessories and footwear because that the entire family at savings that 20% come 60% from consistent department and also specialty store prices, as well as similar savings on fragrances, gift items and also linens because that the home. Newark, CA phone call # (510) 505-4400

Rudsak Leather, Inc.: apparel for men and women, consisting of coats and jackets and also accessories.

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Montreal, Canada phone # (514) 389-9661 (Canada) or (877) 389-9661 (USA)

Russell Athletic:

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