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2018 Equinox LTAnyone else having trouble with torquing the lug nuts come 140 ft lbs? The owner"s manual gives that speak spec yet it seems like I"m walking to piece or break the wheel lugs off. I had actually a 2014 Equinox LT with the very same torque spec and never had actually an issue. The 2014, however, had a larger lug nut (it took a 22mm socket). The 2018 has actually a smaller sized lug nut (it takes a 19mm socket). Ns thought maybe GM placed on the wrong dimension lug nuts at the factory but I have two 2018 Equinox"s and they both have actually the exact same size lug nut. I also had a 2013 Impala and it had the smaller, 19mm socket lug nuts, however, the talk spec was 100 ft lbs. Is it feasible that GM forgot to readjust the talk specs in the owner"s hands-on on the 2018 once they decided to go v the smaller sized lug nuts?

Must be an error. 140 is means too much. Mine Tahoe is only 130 ft lbs v a tow package and bigger lug nuts with a 20"" rim. I"d go v 100 ft lbs.
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I don"t have actually my Owners hand-operated handy, but i believed that I had actually read the encourage torque is 100 FT-LBS. Room you sure the analysis was ft-lbs and also not newton-meters ?
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I wonder about this 140lb spec also.The same discussion went on on the Colorado/Canyon forum whereby the very same 140lb spec is stated for those mid sized van wheels. Yet the truck additionally has a 6 bolt wheel.Wondering if this is gift applied throughout all vehicles for some reason or, together one suggested, probably it is misprint form a general owners hands-on edit?
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I wish it were the simple. I"m usually much more observant the that. :wink:My 2018 owners hands-on shows 140 lb ft and also 190 Nm. I have actually attached a snapshot of the speak spec from mine owner"s manual.Is yours a 2018? If so, i must have a bad/inaccurate owner"s manual.
Using a torque wrench and the suitable socket, alternately and also evenly tighten the wheel nuts to 140 Y (103 lb ft)
in the succession illustrated.
just looked in 2018 Traverse owners hand-operated , i think same misprint .103 FT LB 140 nm IS native GM TECH.
I have a 2018 and also my manual is different from yours.The wheel nut torque is on web page 380 of mine manual and it shows 100 lb ft.The electronic version the the manual additionally shows 100 lb ft on page 380.BTW, I discover it comfortable to save the PDF file of the hand-operated on mine computer and also phone.
LeeIowa2018 Equinox 2.0 Premier AWD do in Canada2008 Malibu LTZ3.6 and also 6 speedPast: 2008 Equinox sports AWD 3.6 and also 6 speed
Thanks come all the chimed in. That looks favor I have a misprinted owner"s manual. I"m going through 100 ft lbs. Renders me kinda wonder what else is wrong in it. :sad:
just looked in 2018 Traverse owners hands-on , ns think same misprint .103 FT LB 140 nm IS from GM TECH.
BigB . . . Might you look increase what the GM Tech info states for 2018-18 Chevy Colorado?And if not 140lb/ft . . . Short article a message of what the does say?Or send me a PM v that information so as no to confused the thread. . .Thanks!
Page 380 the the digital manual has it at 100 lb ft should have actually sent a rectification to hands-on owners which had actually misprints.
BigB . . . Can you look up what the GM Tech information states for 2018-18 Chevy Colorado?For a dollar. Ok my Christmas existing ...........

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In 30+ year of doing my own automotive fix work, i have *never* bothered to use my talk wrench top top a solitary lug nut. Have constantly just excellent it through “feel”, making certain they’re all evenly “snugged up”, climate I just lean ~ above the 4-way lug wrench until each seed “stops” (tightening in the “Star”, or criss-cross sequence).I understand - making use of the torque wrench is the “preferred method ”, however it’s really no necessary. Evenness the tightening, Star sequence, and also not “killing it” room all you must remember to do.
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Using a speak wrench and the ideal socket, alternately and evenly tighten the wheel nuts to 190 Y (140 lb ft) in the succession illustrated. From GM TECH190nm// 140LB FT native 2018 owner MANUAL
Using a talk wrench and the suitable socket, alternately and also evenly tighten the wheel nuts to 190 Y (140 lb ft)
in the succession illustrated. Native GM TECH190nm// 140LB FT indigenous 2018 owner MANUAL