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free stuff:There is a guy in Paradise falls that walks as much as you and gives girlfriend a arbitrarily item. These items deserve to be ammo, stimpacks, food, nuka cola, and also caps. Once you understand what he looks prefer (not by what armor the wears, b/c the changes, yet facially), you have the right to just walk as much as him and also keep talk to that for complimentary stuff. If friend can"t uncover him inside, that is commonly in the barracks. I got about 200-500 10mm rounds and also shells, around 1000 5.56mm rounds, 100+ stimpacks, and also alot that food in around 20-30 mintes.The fence to this glitch(if that is without doubt a glitch) is that you have to be evil to acquire into paradise Falls, and that that is a an extensive process come get helpful results. (supplied by: Angus_Young_Jr) acquire the best choice of fallout 3 cheat & Codes because that XBox 360 indigenous Cheat password Central
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variety of Achievements: 50Total Points: 1000Vault 101 Citizenship AwardReward: 10 PointsObjective: acquired the Pip-Boy 3000.The G.O.A.T. WhispererReward: 10 PointsObjective: took the G.O.A.T. Escape!Reward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Escape!".Following in His FootstepsReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Following in His Footsteps".Galaxy News RadioReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Galaxy News Radio".Scientific PursuitsReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Scientific Pursuits".Tranquility LaneReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Tranquility Lane".The Waters that LifeReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "The Waters that Life".Picking up the TrailReward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "Picking increase the Trail".Rescue from ParadiseReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Rescue from Paradise".Finding the Garden the EdenReward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "Finding the Garden that Eden".The American DreamReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "The American Dream".Take that Back!Reward: 40 PointsObjective: completed "Take that Back!".Big problem in large TownReward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "Big trouble in huge Town".The Superhuman GambitReward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "The Superhuman Gambit".The Wasteland survive GuideReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "The Wasteland survive Guide".Those!Reward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "Those!".The Nuka-Cola ChallengeReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "The Nuka-Cola Challenge".Head that StateReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Head of State".The Replicated ManReward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "The Replicated Man".Blood TiesReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Blood Ties".OasisReward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "Oasis".The power of the AtomReward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "The strength of the Atom".Tenpenny TowerReward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "Tenpenny Tower".Strictly BusinessReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Strictly Business".You Gotta shooting "Em in the HeadReward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "You Gotta shoot "Em in the Head".Stealing IndependenceReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Stealing Independence".Trouble top top the HomefrontReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Trouble ~ above the Homefront".Agatha"s SongReward: 20 PointsObjective: completed "Agatha"s Song".Reilly"s RangersReward: 20 PointsObjective: perfect "Reilly"s Rangers".ReaverReward: 10 PointsObjective: reached Level 8 with negative Karma.MercenaryReward: 10 PointsObjective: got to Level 8 with Neutral Karma.ProtectorReward: 10 PointsObjective: got to Level 8 with an excellent Karma.Harbinger the WarReward: 20 PointsObjective: reached Level 14 with negative Karma.Pinnacle the SurvivalReward: 20 PointsObjective: reached Level 14 v Neutral Karma.Ambassador of PeaceReward: 20 PointsObjective: got to Level 14 with good Karma.Scourge that HumanityReward: 30 PointsObjective: got to Level 20 with poor Karma.Paradigm that HumanityReward: 30 PointsObjective: reached Level 20 through Neutral Karma.Last, finest Hope the HumanityReward: 30 PointsObjective: got to Level 20 with great Karma.WeaponsmithReward: 30 PointsObjective: Made among every custom weapon.Doesn"t play Well with OthersReward: 20 PointsObjective: killed 300 people.Slayer of BeastsReward: 20 PointsObjective: killed 300 creatures.Silver-Tongued DevilReward: 20 PointsObjective: won 50 decided Challenges.Data MinerReward: 20 PointsObjective: Hacked 50 terminals.Keys space for CowardsReward: 20 PointsObjective: picked 50 locks.One-Man Scouting PartyReward: 20 PointsObjective: found 100 locations.Psychotic PranksterReward: 10 PointsObjective: inserted a grenade or mine when pickpocketing.The Bigger lock Are...Reward: 20 PointsObjective: kill all the at sight Mutant Behemoths.Yes, i Play v DollsReward: 10 PointsObjective: built up 10 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads.Vault-Tec C.E.O.Reward: 30 PointsObjective: collected 20 Vault-Tec Bobbleheads.
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