Charles Frederick Ingalls: Facts about Laura Ingalls Wilder younger brother

Post published:August 11, 2021
Most the us space probably familiar with the 1970s television show tiny House ~ above the Prairie. Laura’s just brother Charles Frederick Ingalls, who passed away on august 27, 1876, in ~ the age of about ten months, received very small attention. In between Laura’s publications “On the financial institutions of Plum Creek” and also “By the Shores of silver- Lake,” he lived.

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The household images ~ above this website offer us a feeling of what tiny Freddie would have actually looked like.

So Charles frederic Ingalls was a younger brother of famed writer Laura Ingalls Wilder. The surname Charles Frederic shows up in the Ingalls family Bible, although Laura always referred come him as “Freddy.” He was born in Walnut Grove (Redwood County), Minnesota, top top November 1, 1875, as the fourth child the Charles and Caroline Ingalls. Mar (born 1865), Laura (born 1867), and also Carrie (born 1869) were his older sister (born 1870). In 1877, grace Ingalls was born.

Laura Ingalls Wilder writes in she Pioneer Girl manuscript the her family relocated come a small cottage in Walnut Grove “behind the church, and not far from the schoolhouse” so that she and Mary can attend school during the winter, and also that her brothers Freddy was most likely born there. In the spring, the Ingalls family members returned to their Plum Creek preemption claim, and grasshoppers decimated the plants once more. The harmful insects were there for the entire month the June 1876, according to regional history.

The Ingallses relocated come Burr Oak, Iowa, to aid the Steadman family members in running the Burr Oak House, which had previously been organized by Walnut Grove resident william J. Masters. ~ above July 7, 1876, Charles Ingalls paid for his preemption claim and also sold it 3 days later on to Abraham Keller. The family had chosen to stay with Peter and also Eliza Ingalls in Zumbro Falls, Minnesota (Wabasha County), until it to be time to move to Iowa in the fall.

Her brothers Charles Frederick Ingalls feel ill while in ~ Uncle Peter’s, and also the doctor involved see him, according to Wilder. This to be most likely Dr. Harvey Rogers, who lived and practiced only a few miles from Uncle Peter’s residence in Zumbro Falls. “However, little brother’s condition deteriorated quite than improving, and also one devastating day, that straightened out his little body and also died.” (handwritten manuscript for Pioneer Girl) “Fred Ingles” died August 27, 1876, follow to Wabasha County fatality records (Book A, page 135); the cause of death was reported together diaorrhora (an often-used spelling for diarrhea in these death records).

A variety of additional children in the county died for the same factor that year, varying in age from 28 days to a year. Diarrhea in youngsters have the right to swiftly cause dehydration and mortality in simply a few days. The is unknown whether Charles Frederick Ingalls’s fatality was led to by a bacter infection, famous infection, parasite, food intolerance, or noþeles else, however it seems most likely that his an illness could have actually been treated simply and successfully if he had lived in the modern-day world.

Freddy was buried in southern Troy, Minnesota, according to the Ingalls family members bible. Peter and also Eliza Ingalls live at Zumbro drops in 1876, and the nearest cemetery was 2 miles southern of the Zumbro river and throughout the road from the south Troy post office and also town. It’s conceivable that Freddy was hidden alongside the Phelps family, Robert, and also Elizabeth. Mr. Phelps to be a member the the cemetery board as soon as their kid Martin died of a “liver ailment” on the very same day as Charles Frederick Ingalls. It’s conceivable the he listed Charles Ingalls’ kid a interment place in his family members row.

A rough-hewn limestone marker to be discovered buried near the shrubbery in ~ the end of the Phelps row over fourty years back (before most tiny House readers even knew Laura Ingalls had been in the Zumbro drops area or had a younger brothers who died there), as caretakers to be probing the cemetery for sunken headstones. The Phelps family’s headstones were all original and accounted for. This rock was excavated and relocated come the cemetery’s front, whereby it still stands today.

“If only Freddy had lived,” Wilder when wrote, “everything would have actually been different.” there would have actually been a male in the family members to aid Pa ~ above the farm, hunt, and also do chores, as well as a boy to pass on the household name. Freddy could have additionally been taught how to play Pa’s violin.

Laura hardly ever spoke the him, although later on in she life she did speak he had never been ahealthy baby, and suffered convulsions prior to he died. So late in her life, Caroline Ingalls said, “Everything would have been different if Freddie had actually lived.

From discover a grave we uncover this paragraph with a tomb marker.

About Charles Frederick Ingalls’s family

Charles Philip Ingalls Or “Pa”- ( Charles Frederick Ingalls dad)

In all of his incarnations, Charles had actually a wandering foot. In genuine life, his household had long been farmers, and he had moved countless times together a kid in pursuit of a far better opportunity. After ~ marrying Caroline Quiner, Charles followed the very same trend with his own family, always looking for greater financial possibilities, specifically a prosperous wheat farm. Charles confirmed up his residential or commercial property with the aid of his family after several transfers and efforts, but owing to health and wellness difficulties, he resigned indigenous farming virtually immediately afterward. Charles and also Caroline constructed the last home in De Smet, southern Dakota, together. Together Charles and also Caroline collected one final home in De Smet, southern Dakota. It’s known in Laura circles together the 3rd Street House and is where Charles and Caroline spent the remainder of their particular lives.

Carrie, Mary, and also Laura

Carolin Celestia Ingalls Swanzy (Freddy’s sister)

Carrie is a member the the Ingalls family members whose life may surprise viewers the most. She operated at a variety of places before obtaining a task at the De Smet newspaper. E.L. Senn, who controlled a syndicate of publications in the Dakota Territory, recruited Carrie as soon as she uncovered her specialty in newspapering. She married widower David Swanzey and homesteaded in Phillip, south Dakota, i beg your pardon she perfect by preemption. She would spend the remainder of her life close to Mt. Rushmore in Keystone, southern Dakota.

Grace Pearl Ingalls

Charles Frederick Ingalls’s sister Grace was born 10 years later. Grace was still a child as soon as Laura’s focus shifted far from the family, and she was just eight once Laura left the family to marry. Grace i graduated from typical school, teach school, and married regional farmer Nat Dow, who moved to Manchester, the next town under the railroad from De Smet, in genuine life.

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Almanzo James Wilder or Manly

Almanzo, the boy of a wealthy farmer, aspired to operation his own financially rewarding farm. Almanzo to be born in new York and also went come southeastern Minnesota through his parents before looking for his very own property farther west. The met and also married Laura while in ~ De Smet, and the two began working towards their objective. Your initial endeavors to be met with failure in ~ every step. They started over in Mansfield, Missouri, and also were eventually able to construct a modestly successful farm. His stories were a resource of impetus for his wife’s books.