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1. Feng Shui, the wind is air, a type of flow air; water is every kinds of water resources, consisting of rivers, lakes and also seas and also rain dew.

2. Feng Shui emphasizes the result of wind and also water top top the person body. It is thought about that the location where the wind is too huge is inevitable, and the location where the waiting is no circulated is not an ideal for living. Wherein there is no water, that is not suitable for human being to live, and the place where water is submarine Not an ideal for living.

3. Feng Shui is a examine of person habitation. It is separated into two significant schools – the formalism and also the temperament.

4. The official School, also known as the Shantou School, is prevalent in the area around Jiangxi. It mainly takes the start and stop the mountains and rivers as the main body, and conducts surveys with the teamwork of dragons, holes, sand, and water.

5. The qi institution is also known as the martial arts school. That was created by a singer and a singer. That is an ext popular in Fujian. The qi school offers the Heluoli number together the theoretical basis to study the relationship between the person body and geography, climate and also geomagnetic tide from time and space.


- The sale is for a feng shui crystal gem money tree

- make of resin and crystal stone, Leaves and branches deserve to be arranged how you like

- It"s around 6.5” tall; broad diameter is around 3.1”

- The best place to put the article is her living room and office

- great design, crystal comes from Money Tree for riches Luck. The Chinese - Letter top top the Money Tree is ” Choi” way ”Wealth” ”Luck

- Perfect gift for a girlfriend or business partner.

- great furnishing post perfectly decorates your home.

- crucial decoration for setup up shop come a thriving business.

- do of high-quality resin material, not basic to break, long service life

- Beautiful Money tree appearance, the is claimed that the will bring fortune to people.


Material: Resin

Style: China Feng Shui


base diameter 8cm/3.1in

Heigh: 16cm/6.3in

Color: Purple,Green,Yellow,Pink,Colorful

packing List: 1* Fengshui Money Tree


because of the difference in light, there is a shade difference.

Dimensions with 1-2 cm error.

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