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Welcome come TREE! Description: 1. Feng Shui, the wind is air, a sort of flow air; water is every kinds the water resources, including rivers, lakes and seas and rain dew. 2. Feng Shui emphasizes the impact of wind and also water ~ above the human being body. That is taken into consideration that the location where the wind is too big is inevitable, and the location where the wait is not circulated is not perfect for living. Wherein there is no water, it is not an ideal for people to live, and also the place where water is flooded Not an ideal for living. 3. Feng Shui is a study of human being habitation. It is divided into two significant schools – the formalism and the temperament. 4. The formal School, also known together the Shantou School, is widespread in the area around Jiangxi. It mainly takes the start and also stop the mountains and also rivers together the main body, and conducts surveys with the teamwork of dragons, holes, sand, and water. 5. The qi college is likewise known together the martial arts school. It was created by a singer and a singer. The is more popular in Fujian. The qi school supplies the Heluoli number as the theoretical basis to research the relationship in between the person body and geography, climate and also geomagnetic waves from time and space. Features: - The revenue is because that a feng shui decision gem money tree - do of resin and crystal stone, Leaves and also branches have the right to be arranged just how you prefer - It"s around 6.5" tall; broad diameter is around 3.1" - The best place to placed the item is her living room and also office - great design, crystal comes from Money Tree for riches Luck. The Chinese - Letter top top the Money Tree is " Choi" method "Wealth" "Luck - Perfect gift because that a girlfriend or service partner. - great furnishing write-up perfectly decorates her home. - vital decoration for setup up shop come a growing business. - do of high-quality resin material, not straightforward to break, long business life - Beautiful Money tree appearance, that is said that that will lug fortune to people. Information: Material: Resin Style: China Feng Shui Size: base diameter 8cm/3.1in Heigh: 16cm/6.3in Color: Purple,Green,Yellow,Pink,Colorful packing List: 1* Fengshui Money Tree Note: because of the distinction in light, over there is a color difference. Dimensions with 1-2 centimeter error. thank you for understanding! Note: Các sản phẩm có chất liệu vàng, kim cương, đá quý trong shop đều là xi mạ/ nhân

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