Skechers is an American shoes brand, developing both casual and performance footwear. Its collections are well known for your appearance and memory foam insoles.

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If you own a pair of Skechers, you’ll want to store them as fresh and new-looking together possible. Therefore today, we’re explaining just how to wash Skechers memory foam shoes.

How to wash Skechers storage Foam Shoes

Most Skechers shoes include memory foam. Below we’ve had different guides because that washing various materials Skechers offers.

Washing Skechers performance Shoes

Skechers performance shoes, such together the GOwalk and also GOrun, encompass non-leather uppers. Skechers indicate that you usage its Skechers strong Cleanser gel and also a soft cloth. It’s no recommended to fully submerge the shoes or placed them in the washing machine.


How execute You obtain the Smell out of storage Foam Shoes?

Memory foam is a cushioning footbed that makes your feet feeling comfortable, also after standing for a few hours. The drawback, however, is the they tend to absorb odors like a sponge, so it’s necessary to clean.

With Skechers memory Foam shoes, the best method to remove odors is to usage its Odor Eliminator spray. Use the green solution after ~ every wear, and also in a couple of days, any type of smells must be gone. After ~ this, you deserve to use it less frequently, for example, once every third to 4th wear.

If friend don’t have the odor Eliminator, you can use various other deodorizing sprays. Although, consult the label beforehand. You can additionally read ours complete overview on how to clean smelly shoe insoles.

An alternative an approach is baking soda. Put around 0.5 cups of baking soda into a pair that socks. Tie the ends and place one in every shoe and also let castle sit overnight. In the morning, eliminate powder native the sock and clean that in the washing machine.

Here’s a video clip on just how to deodorize shoes through baking soda.

Do you Wear Socks v Skechers storage Foam?

Although the memory foam insole feel soft and comfy on her feet, it’s recommended to undertake socks. In fact, with all synthetic soles, you must always try to wear socks. The only exception to this rule is when the shoes are machine washable. Otherwise, you run the danger of creating a bacteria reproduction ground.

Our feet contain about 250,000 sweat glands the together develop more sweat than any other location on our body. Because of this, socks are vital as lock absorb the sweat from her feet throughout your day.

Can You placed Skechers storage Foam in the Washer?

Most the the casual, non-leather Skechers shoes deserve to be an equipment washed without issue, even the memory Foam insoles. Use a tenderness cycle and also air-dry when finished—never use the dryer as the heat can damage the materials. Ensure the the pair of shoes are fully dry and also then law them with the Water Proofer, which also keeps them clean because that longer.

For shoes with light-up features or any electronics attached, you need to never put them in the washer. They will certainly suffer significant damage from being submerged in water. Instead, use the measures from previously to clean them.

In Conclusion

How to wash Skechers storage Foam shoes? It counts on the material used for your certain shoe. Nylon and mesh are simple to clean and you deserve to probably use the washing machine. Leather, favor suede and nubuck, have to only be brushed. An ideal method to save your Skechers clean is to usage its cleaning Kit.

Most Skechers footwear contains a storage Foam insole that you can remove and enable to waiting out. Treat it with the odor Eliminator spray to protect against smells and wear socks at any time possible.

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We hope the you got an answer to her query. We’d love come hear from friend in the comments and feel free to share with various other Skechers owners.