You might think that you don’t need tanning lotion since you’re stretching out top top a tan bed. Girlfriend actually need it to produce an even, glowing tan to her skin.

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Without the lotion, you’ll finish up with dry, splotchy skin, and also that’s never ever attractive. It’s not difficult to use the lotion because that a demorphs bed. It’s all about preparation and also care of the skin during the process.


You might have to make a couple of purchases before you begin, though.

Stay with us to learn exactly how to effectively prepare yourself for a perfect tan bed session and what to execute after you complete with your session. Right here is precisely what we room going come talk around today:

Can you Use constant Lotion because that a demorphs Bed Session?Choosing the ideal LotionShowering before Your VisitApplying at home Tanning LotionAfter the Session

Let’s start by pointing out whether you can use your constant lotion for your tanning bed sessions.

Can girlfriend Use continuous Lotion because that a tan Bed Session?


The straightforward answer to this question is no, you can’t and also you need to not use continuous tanning lotions for her tanning bed sessions. Here is why:

Regular tanning lotions are made that ingredients the can cause damage to the demorphs beds. These ingredients over time construct upon the surface ar of the beds and also slowly start to compromise it.

That’s why many salon owners will not enable you to usage a continual lotion in your tanning salons.

Although a wide selection of tan lotions is available in the market, you must use only details tanning lotions that are specifically made to be provided in a tanning bed.

If you want to attain beautiful gold skin, you should use at home tanning lotions. These lotions room made of together ingredients that will certainly nourish her skin and make the tan remain for a longer period.

No worries, us will aid you pick the best lotion for her tanning bed sessions. Keep reading!

Choosing the best Lotion


The process of using the tanning lotion starts long before your tanning visit. Girlfriend should always look into purchasing your very own tanning lotion.

You don’t want to depend on the salon having actually the best lotion perfect for her skin. They’ll have actually their preferences, however that can be based on the bulk of your clients’ requirements – no yours.

Indoor tanning scent has various properties than outdoor demorphs lotions. Lock don’t have as lot SPF aspect at work, so the will aid you discover tanning bed lotions versus outdoor lotions.


Tanning bed lotions will vary from bronzing lotions come moisturizing creams. Over there are even sprays that have the right to be used in a tanning bed.

In suntan lotion, the UV rays space blocked while lotions are offered to improve rays in the demorphs bed. The process is entirely different, so it shouldn’t it is in surprising the the lotions are different, too.

Next, we define why you should take a shower before your visit to a tan salon.

Showering before Your Visit

Before friend worry about how to use the lotion, you have to prepare her skin for the process. When this might seem choose a large list of tasks for preparation, it’s in reality easy and should currently be part of her beauty routine.

Shower and also exfoliate prior to your visit come the salon. This will remove any lotions and also other commodities from your skin that might block the tanning process.

While showering, it’s a good time to shave. Any area that you want to tan must be hairless. Otherwise, the lotion could sit in the hair follicles offering you dots that bronzing and uneven tanning.Moving on…

Applying indoor Tanning Lotion


Bring the lotion v you, so you can apply it instantly before climbing into the tan bed. Together with the lotion, bring clothing that you don’t mind destroying with the lotion after your session.

Most lotions have actually bronzers that will certainly be set off by the irradiate of the tan bed. That can ruin garments when you’re dressing after ~ the appointment.

Bring one elastic for your hair, and also it can’t hurt to wear gloves or usage a mitt when applying tanning lotion.

At the an extremely least, carry your very own towel because that wiping her hands or other locations that girlfriend don’t want to tan prefer the bottoms of her feet or in between your toes.

Dry skin won’t absorb the lamp from the tan bed also or together evenly. Usage a generous it is provided of lotion. Start at your feet and add an ext squeezes of scent to her hands as you go.


Don’t skimp ~ above the lotion but remember the it shouldn’t be a layer of white spanning your skin. It has to be rubbed in completely. Lighter locations of your body can receive an ext lotion, but make sure it’s mostly an even process.

You’ll require some scent on her face, neck, and also back. A technician can aid with the back, or you can lug a friend with you to the salon.

If you tan in ~ the gym, you could need a scent applicator for your back. You’ll want an even tan top top your earlier that can’t take place without also application of the tan lotion.

Next, us talk about what to carry out after the tanning session…

After the Session

You’ll most likely be visiting the tanning bed an ext than once. Together you tan, you’ll notification areas that need more or less lotion. Assess the outcome each time you’re in the tanning bed. You could forget areas like under the eight or setup on act some areas gradually.

Wait at the very least 2 to 3 days in between visits come the tanning bed. This will provide the skin time to heal and time for you come exfoliate and also use a moisturizer on her body.

Tanning saps humidity from the skin, and also that have the right to be what causes your tan come fade in ~ a job or two. Tans should last longer, however only if you room caring for her skin properly.

You should have actually exfoliated prior to your very first appointment, therefore you can keep that to a minimum during your visits to the salon. You’ll certainly want to carry out a light scrubbing throughout your shower but constantly apply a an excellent moisturizer ~ you gain out of the water.


It’s not daunting to apply tanning lotion because that a demorphs bed session. It simply takes part preparation and time invested taking treatment of the skin during the procedure of tanning.

It helps to understand the demorphs process, too. Basically, it’s critical that you exfoliate and apply the lotion evenly to the skin as much as possible.

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Avoid too lot lotion in areas about the face where it can gain dark – especially if you’re utilizing a bronzer.

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