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Screw-on or snap-on?

Carmakers usage two techniques to for sure plastic wheel covers: feather clips and screw-on plastic lug nuts. If friend don’t know which type is on her vehicle, shot turning one of the plastic nuts through the socket end of your tire iron. If the rotates, you have actually the screw-on type. Unscrew all the plastic nuts and also lift off the cover.

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If the nut doesn’t turn, you have the snap-on style. Those have to be pried off, and that’s where some civilization get right into trouble. If you jam the tapered end of your tire iron right into a weak area top top the cover, you’ll rest it come pieces. Therefore be sure to pry behind one of the bigger spokes and also twist till the cover mister off.

Underinflated spares space unsafe!

If you don’t routinely optimal off the air push in your spare tire, don’t it is in surprised if it’s severely underinflated when you need it. Steering on a severely underinflated full-size preventive is unsafe, and also driving on an underinflated space-saver preventive is downright dangerous. Solve that trouble by keeping a plug-in tire inflator in your automobile at all times (one selection is the Slime 12-Volt Digital tires Inflator, No. 40022, around $30 ~ above amazon.com).

Start the engine, plug the unit into your strength port and bring the spare tire as much as the recommended press (found top top the decal inside the driver’s door area) prior to installing it on the hub.

Keyed sockets for keyed lug nuts

To protect against theft, many cars have actually one special lug seed on every wheel that requires a unique “keyed socket” to ease it. If girlfriend can’t situate the crucial when you have a level tire (or an additional driver in the family members isn’t mindful of it), the won’t be possible to remove the wheel. You’ll have to use Fix-a-Flat, speak to for roadside company or have the vehicle towed come a shop. That can price upward the $200. So do a allude of maintaining the an essential in a safe place, favor the glove box, that is well-known to everyone that drives the car.

Use the spare as a battering ram

If girlfriend don’t revolve your tires every 5,000 miles, your wheels may be external inspection to the hub through rust. Here’s a means to knock the wheels loose, submitted by one of our readers.

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With the lug nuts loosened around three-quarters of the way, take the preventive by the facility hole and also use it together a battering ram. Swing it horizontally v all your might so it strikes the grounding wheel in ~ the 12 o’clock position. Repeat the blows at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions till the wheel breaks totally free from the hub.