Common household items choose mouthwash and rubbing alcohol may seem innocuous enough to many people, yet for recovering alcoholics, castle pose significant risks. Eating mouthwash or rubbing alcohol might make a recovering alcoholic feeling inebriated initially, however the ethyl alcohol these substances save is not meant to it is in consumed. Swallowing that can an outcome in hospitalization and even death.

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Mouthwash: 54 Proof

Manufacturers add alcohol to mouthwash due to the fact that it helps to dissolve other an essential ingredients and make a an ext consistent product. It likewise helps to permeate plaque that can be gathered on teeth.

To prevent the federal excise taxes that the government levies on every alcoholic beverages, manufacturers modify the ethanol before including it to mouthwash and also convert it come specially denatured alcohol. Denatured alcohol isn’t fit to it is in consumed, but that no deter those who are struggling with sobriety from drinking it.


Original Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash consists of 26.9 percent alcohol, which method it is 54 proof and more potent than wine, beer, and some liquors.1 since mouthwash is reasonably cheap and easy to purchase without arousing suspicion, many human being who struggle with addiction to alcohol uncover themselves turning to it when they feel as though they have run out of options.

Abusing Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol, or isopropyl alcohol, is a common staple that many people stock in their medicine cabinets in ~ home. It’s frequently used together an antiseptic for cuts and also scrapes. Because that someone v an addiction to alcohol, rubbing alcohol can seem favor a tempting means to curb your cravings because that alcohol.

Signs of isopropyl Alcohol Overdose

Consuming isopropyl alcohol carries with it numerous risks, including fatal alcohol poisoning. The signs of overdosing on isopropil alcohol include:

Abdominal painComaDecreased body temperatureDizzinessHeadacheHypoglycemiaHypotensionSlow breathingSlurred speechThroat painVomiting

People who drink rubbing alcohol likely do so for the same factors that lock drink mouthwash: that cheap, inconspicuous, and also readily available. However, it’s also incredibly dangerous. The US nationwide Library of medicine directs human being to call the nationwide Poison Control center at the an initial sign of isopropil overdose because if left untreated, isopropil poisoning can lead to mind damage, bleeding, and also kidney failure.2

In enhancement to consuming mouthwash or rubbing alcohol, who struggling through sobriety may additionally abuse other household items. Because that example, certain cleaning supplies, repaint thinners, and also perfumes contain isopropyl alcohol and also can result in feeling of inebriation, complied with by dangerous side effects. Various other items the pose a risk incorporate cough and also cold medications. Family members members need to be aware of the potential for relapse even if there is no alcohol in the house and should take procedures to make sure these type of items aren’t in the house.

Abusing mouthwash and also rubbing alcohol in the workplace

Many people who abuse alcohol, including mouthwash and also other non-beverage alcohols, can think the no one is noticing castle using different liquids to search for a feeling of inebriation. However, that’s hardly ever the case. Drink mouthwash is one easy method to abuse alcohol in the workplace. Employees may also use mouthwash ~ drinking various other alcoholic beverages come cover up the smell, so this is something that all supervisors must be conscious of. Family members members should also keep one eye top top recovering love ones because excessive use of mouthwash can indicate that they room not totally committed come sobriety simply yet.

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The United claims Office of Personnel administration (OPM) reports that the results of alcoholism manifest us in various methods in the workplace.3 for example, absenteeism is around four to eight times greater among employees who abuse alcohol. Even an ext alarming is the on-the-job injuries are more prevalent amongst this demographic as well. For every one of these reasons, seeking therapy for alcoholism helps the individual and employers and culture in general. Family education on concerns like use of mouthwash and also rubbing alcohol in recovering addicts can aid those struggling through their seeks to remain safe and sober.