There are many misconceptions roughly King vs. California King mattress sizes. Plenty of people believe that a California King is the largest mattress alternative on the market. That carries v it an waiting of luxury and also success. However, it’s a tiny more complex than that. We dive into why, plus what else you must be considering once comparing the 2 in our overview below.

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Our put in order king dimension mattresses are made native multiple great of cooling foam. Then they’re squeezed down into atiny box, i m sorry magically shows up on your doorstep in ~ a few days.

California King vs. King: Mattress Dimensions

A typical California king is 72 inches large by 84 inches long and also a conventional King mattress is 76 inches wide by 80 inch long. The traditional King resembles much more of a square form while the Cal King looks much more like a rectangle. The California King is the longest mattress obtainable to buyers. The King mattress is four inches broader than the Cal King, making the the widest mattress easily accessible to buyers.The California King has less surface area than a King. The California King has a surface area of 6,048 square inches if the King mattress has a surface ar area the 6,080 square inches.Tip: A great way come remember the difference in between these two is by their name. The state that California is just one of the longest states and also the California King is longer than the King.

King vs. California King: Pros and also Cons

Whether she deciding between memory foam vs. Spring or King vs. California King, it’s constantly important to weigh the pros and cons of her choices before making a last decision.

California King

The California King, also known together the “Western King,” is about four inches taller and more narrow than a King-sized mattress. It’s thought about the tallest mattress top top the market, and it also sacrifices a few inches in width.Pros

Great because that taller peopleBetter because that long and narrow roomsIdeal for single sleepers or couples


Difficult to moveHarder to uncover accessories for

The California King is right for taller civilization and solitary sleepers or couples. However, any much more than this deserve to make the an are feel cramped. Once it comes to accessories, it can be difficult to find bedding and also bed frames because that this mattress size since it’s not as accessible to buyers.


A conventional King mattress, likewise known together the “Eastern King,” is the widest mattress on the market. That designed to fit 2 sleepers perfectly, and also a few additional family members members.Pros

Great for couples with kids or petsBetter for much shorter and more comprehensive roomsWidely available


Difficult come moveToo brief for human being over 6’ tall

The King mattress is good for couples with children or pets. It’s additionally ideal for much shorter or broader rooms. However, if you’re over 6’ 2”, your feet might hang turn off the mattress.

Things to consider When Choosing

Both mattress sizes carry an air of luxury with them. A mattress fit for a King should be perfect because that you, right? However, there is much much more to think about than status and stature. Take it a look in ~ your sleeping environment. Will your room right a California King bed? will certainly your partner’s feet hang off the edge? before buying right into prestige, take the below into account.

Room Size

When considering your resting space, the California King is going come be far better for rooms that are much longer rather than wider. This can include guest rooms and also master bedrooms the are around 12 feet by 12 feet, though it is recommended because that rooms about 12 feet by 14 feet for this reason you have some extra an are to to walk around.The King mattress is also good for guest rooms and master bedrooms, however, if the room is too narrow, the mattress won’t fit. The King mattress is perfect because that bedrooms that room 12 feet by 10 feet, though 13 feet through 13 feet is encourage for an ext space.Tip: It’s always best to get the size of her bedroom prior to choosing a mattress.


The price of King vs. California King mattresses will mainly depend ~ above the brand she buying from. However, lock usually roughly the same price point. It’s additionally important to factor in the accessories you will need.The California king has actually risen in popularity, but it’s still not as usual as the King. As such it’s harder to discover the correct bed frames, box springs, mattress protectors, and sheets because that the mattress size. This can an outcome in it being much more expensive. The King-sized mattress is a lot less complicated to find and also buy, which method you will be able to find a variety of price points come compare and consider.

Your Family

The California King deserve to fit two people comfortably. However, any an ext than this deserve to make the space feel cramped. If your children like come jump into bed with you, you may want to opt because that the King. Majesties are a bit more comprehensive and offer much more space, particularly if her dog likes to snooze v you. Once it comes to motion isolation, both mattress sizes are an excellent at limiting movement transfer. To ensure your mattress has motion isolation, choose a mattress made v memory foam.

Your Height

Because the California King is slightly longer than the King, the Cal King is better for civilization who space really tall. If you space over 6 foot, a California King size mattress will certainly ensure her feet no hanging off the edge. Because that those that are about six feet and under, a King sized mattress is a perfect fit.

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Do California King Sheets fit a King-Sized Bed?

 A conventional King-sized bed is 4 inches shorter and four inches broader than a conventional California King bed. Therefore, Cal King sheets will certainly not fit a King bed. You will must shop because that king-size sheets separately. Now that you have actually weighed the pros and also cons of each mattress size and also considered your sleeping environment, you should have enough information to do an informed decision. In ~, we sell King mattresses and California King-size mattresses for the exact same price, so you don’t need to worry about your budget plan when compare the two. When you understand what size mattress you desire to buy, make certain to pair it through the correct bedding size.