When i was a child, my mommy made sugar cookie for the holidays. Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many more. Us frosted them and sprinkled them through decorations in various colors. Us looked forward to that every year, the shining cookies and also that possibility to be an imaginative with different colors. It was a happy time.

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This is even much more fun. So fun that also adults get hooked. We’ve taught people how to execute this in classes and have watched incredible, delicate scenes painted on cookies. Yet it’s additionally easy enough that the kids have a blast.

Bake the Cookies

Make street cookies v your favorite recipe or one of our sugar cookie mixes. Cut them out as you would for other cookies come decorate.

Use her favorite recipe or you can try our sugar cookie mix.


Frost the Cookies

After cooling, frost her cookies through either imperial icing or fondant.

Royal icing is merely a powdered street icing through meringue powder or an egg white added. Through meringue flour or one egg white, that dries to a hard shell and also creates a nice, glossy surface ar for painting.

It’s super simple to cover her cookies v rolled fondant. Roll the fondant to around 1/8-inch thick and also cut the fondant using the same cookie cutters that you provided to do the cookies. Background the fondant turn off the counter, brush a small water top top the earlier with your finger, and lay the fondant on the cookie of corresponding shape. The fondant will certainly cover the cookie to about 1/8-inch of the edges and also the moist ago will host the fondant in place.

Fondant creates a little different effect than does imperial icing. While imperial icing is slick and shiny, fondant is more of a matte finish.


Paint the Cookies

Use food colors for paint. Skilled food color gels space best; they are so concentrated that castle cover well and also can it is in diluted v water. We typically use a autumn of food color to numerous drops that water. There room over 40 color to choose from.

The food colors uncovered in stores nothing work almost as well. Castle are more diluted and much more pastel instead of the bright, colorful colors that gels. Castle cost much more than the gelatin too.

Use a watercolor brush and also paint your cookies just as if girlfriend were utilizing water colors. For fine work, such as the eyes on a snowman or the star on a Christmas tree, usage a toothpick come dab shade on.

It’s fun to do pretty, painted cookies and also you have the right to be as an imaginative as girlfriend like. If girlfriend are much more of an artist 보다 we are, girlfriend can create stunning works of art through cookies and also a paint brush.

About Meringue Powder

Meringue powder have the right to be offered in most frosting applications. As soon as frosting cookies, add a tablespoon that meringue powder. It will certainly make your frosting simply firm enough that the cookies won’t mar or stick together easily. Because that true difficult shell imperial icing, use more meringue powder.

Add meringue flour to your whipped cream together a stabilizer. One tablespoon per cup that whipping cream will sluggish melting so the your desserts are more attractive and the whipped cream lasts longer.

Another fun idea for Halloween comes up is homemade face paint.

Halloween challenge Paint

(Recipe supplied with permission indigenous Nancy’s Kitchen)1 teaspoon cornstarch1/2 tespoon water1/2 teaspoon cold cream2 drops food coloring

In a little mixing bowl, incorporate all the ingredients and also mix well.

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Have fun making memories!

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