A common myth works approximately people that mixing gold and also silver jewel is a strictly no. Due to the fact that fashion is always what friend make out of it, the is quite flexible through the rules, and also you have the right to still produce a statement with your distinctive look.

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You would be pleasantly surprised come know just how amazing the looks if friend can build a combination of gold and also silver in the ideal way.

What jewelry you wear specifies your personality or mood. Occasionally you desire something bold, and other times you want a sleek and straightforward style.

Mixing gold and also silver offers you the liberty to play with different styles and patterns and also create an in its entirety beautiful look.

Another great reason come mix silver and gold jewelry is the truth that you can constantly create a unique look with comparable jewelry pieces just with a different combination.

How to strategy the styling

This could be something new to you because even 4 to five years ago, mixing different metal jewelry would certainly be taken into consideration a ‘fashion disaster’.

We have actually tried to administer a action by step overview on just how to begin the technique with your styling. If you are one of those civilization who placed in a many of initiative while picking the right form of jewelry, friend have come to the ideal place!

Here’s a step-by-step strategy on how you can develop a well-coordinated look through a mix that gold and also silvers.

✓ decide the clothing first

If girlfriend are right into fashion patterns or style, you understand how vital the best dress deserve to be. Through that, us don’t average only branded or expensive clothes. Just how you wear your favorite shirt or jeans, that is what matters the most.

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You can also be the facility of attraction by placing on a simple tucked-in white T-shirt. Simply think that white tees and also your favourite boyfriend blue jeans accessorized v a mix of bold necklaces and chain form bracelets stacked together!


Source: by Lauren M

With a summer outfit, friend would want your jewelry to it is in daintier and with simplistic style but tho personalized; think a monogram bracelet or name necklace.

Source: Sweet blossom Gifts

If you’re heading the end to a party, you can produce a unique, flashy jewelry style by mix birthstone ring or other birthstone jewelry in gold and also silver or layering Swarovski necklaces for extr dazzle!

✓ Mix steels for each jewelry category

The next step is come mix pieces of jewelry within a particular category. If you prefer wearing accessories, you would recognize the wide range of jewelry alternatives that are available for each human body part.

To help you far better organize, we have actually categorized jewelry together follows:

Neckpieces: when it pertains to necklaces, you have actually pendants, lockets, beaded necklaces, classic necklaces, chains, and also chokers.

The thumb rule is to usage one specific type and climate wear extra yellow or silver- chains. However you can constantly choose to wear more than one single focus piece, that’s the beauty about mixing jewelry.

Wrist jewelry: Wrist jewelry contains watches, bracelets, and also wrist bands. When it involves mixing silver and gold, our personal favorite is to go for a silver watch and mix it v gold arm bands of different patterns.

Source: Pinterest

Rings & Earrings: This is more than likely the many versatile category. You have earrings and also piercing jewelry because that ears and any form of ring for any type of finger,

What us love most is mixing is stacking rings, which incorporate gold, increased gold, and silver metals all in ~ once, and when it comes to earrings, mixing broken silver and gold studs and tiny hoops is constantly a winner!

Source: Missoma

Feet accessories: If you are not wearing shoes or boots, feet accessories such together anklets or toe rings are quite a unique pairing. You have the right to mix and match silver and also gold, maintaining them in comparison with your sandal or flip flop color.

✓ focus on one area

We recognize a most you love wearing jewelry everywhere all in ~ once. However, always keep in psychic to placed the emphasis on one certain area (hand, neck, ears).

If you decide to emphasis on accessorizing with necklaces, avoid including other form jewelry. Job-related on layering a couple of silver and gold necklaces in different chain lengths.

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You can likewise play through jewelry textures, an interpretation you deserve to wear different species of chains (think rolo, cable or Cuban chain)!

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Another factor you have to avoid overdoing it with jewelry top top both ears and around her neck or roughly your wrists is to compliment your outfit and also not detract fist from it.

Always make sure to usage jewelry as an accessory to her outfit, and not the other method around.

✓ determine the bridging piece

The bridging piece is the most vital factor when you are brand-new to mix silver and also gold jewelry. It will assist you learn just how to layer various metal piece all in ~ once.

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The bridging piece have the right to be an neck watch for the wrist or any kind of timeless jewelry. Because that the neck, you deserve to go for a heart-shaped yellow or silver- pendant as the bridging piece and also then add dainty multi-layered chains.

Source: Lipstick through Some Sunshine

You have the right to even produce a bridging piece with your finger rings. Undertake a statement ring on her index or ring finger and also stack smaller dainty rings to every your various other fingers!

✓ create a distinct combination

Creating the right mix is entirely subjective. There room no rule to monitor here. The mixing layout will vary depending on the chance or the type of garments you select to wear on a details day.

We have actually come with couple of ideas on just how you have the right to mix the jewelry based upon the type of attire or occasion you’re attending.

→ A simplistic look

For day-to-day office or for school, girlfriend would desire something straightforward and comfy come wear. Our favorite combo is come wear a huge dialed gold or silver watch together with a couple of dainty arm bands stacked together!

Source: Pinterest→ A timeless pattern

Charm bracelets are the most well-known piece the jewelry once it comes to a timeless combo for the wrist.

Sterling silver charm arm bands with some huge gold cuff bracelets in the middle are among our favorite classic looks because that the wrist.

Source: WSJ

For the neck, you can wear a beautiful gold-plated collar necklace or choker paired through some silver multi-stringed neckpiece.

Source: Pinterest

If you are going for bold jewelry, we would recommend not to overdo with the outfit; otherwise, her jewelry will certainly not stand out.

→ A semi-formal style

For business meetings and also finners, walk for a semi-formal style. Your hand movements, while providing a presentation or talking to colleagues and also business partners, will certainly look much better compared come the neckpieces.

Source: E Shopping for Less

A vintage or antique gold bracelet through a pearl in the middle have the right to be her bridging piece. Include some silver cuff arm bands with those, and also you have yourself the perfect jewel mix for your semi-formal look.

Source; whereby to get It

A climbed gold bracelet paired v a silver- or yellow bracelet is additionally a good combo for your semi-formal attire.

→ A casual style

When it concerns casual wear, we just love sophisticated watches combined with loads of gold and silver bracelets. It’s always a winner combination no issue what she wearing!

Source: Pinterest

You can likewise mix and also match stacking ring on her index and middle finger, which room not your many usual finger to wear rings on, and also that’s why us love the idea of doing so for a change!

Source: Swag UK→ strict formal style

For black-tie events, you should be stricter with the method you accessorize and we recognize that. Don’t problem though, mixing silver and gold is a really versatile game and we have few ideas for your formal look together well.

For the neck, you deserve to go for a golden bib necklace paired through a slim silver choker. For hands, one alternate combination of gold and silver cuffed bracelets will look at classy and elegant.

Source: Memorandum

Alternate gold and silver chains approximately your neck and wrists if you are wearing a black color suit v a white shirt or a tiny black dress.

→ Festive look

When it comes to festivities, you have actually the liberty to walk ‘super extra’ through your jewelry. During the holidays, the bolder you go the far better it looks!

Mix and also match bold gold necklaces through chunky rings. Spice the up v colorful arm bands matching her gemstone rings collection.

Source: FCW

You can additionally stack ring on each finger and also match them through some cool, dainty and chunky bangles!

→ Retro style

A retro format is anything that involves vintagy and art deco rings, such together signet rings. Also, wearing oxidized jewelry pieces (the kind of jewelry that looks tarnished yet in a very cool way) will include that touch the vintage pertaining to a retro look.

Source: Pinterest

As because that retro necklaces? Pearls, pearls, pearls. That’all we gained to say!

Event-specific styles for you

Now the you know the different categories the styles, we have actually made a few pointers based on special occasions that occur in everyone lives.

→ because that a date

Surprise your date by put on an engraved silver bracelet through your partner’s initials. Add a few gold bangles to finish the finish look.

Source: Pinterest

You can likewise choose to wear a silver- locket v a heart pendant or your partner’s favorite gemstone, together with a gold antique choker.

Source: tune of Style

If searching for something an ext intricate, you have the right to mix and match name rings and also necklaces v your name on it, an inspirational word, or her partner’s initials on the necklace or ring!

→ for a girl’s hangout

For a girl’s hangout, you’ll desire to present off your best jewelries to her girlies. If you space wearing a fancy top, we recommend that you store it classy through a branded yellow watch paired through two to 3 charm bracelets.

Source: where to acquire it

You can likewise wear a silver- matinee paired through multi-stranded gold chains.

→ because that a gala night

For gala nights or huge parties, we know you’ll want to look her best. When it pertains to these events, most of the time, people like come play the safe.

The most reliable choice would be to walk for a golden lariat neckpiece in addition to a silver- choker. If you room confident around your appearance, friend can additionally go for a mix of gold and silver opera neckpieces.

Source: Born to Fit Club

Add some an intricate rings on her ring finger and also thumbs, and also you have yourself a distinct look.

→ because that a date of birth dinner

On your one-of-a-kind day, watch fabulous with a combination of gold princess necklaces together with silver opera ones.

Source: Gem jewelry Boutique

For the wrists, girlfriend can pick a turquoise bracelet in the middle with two to three gold and silver arm bands on both sides.

Some extra tips from us

When mixing any jewelry, constantly keep the complying with in mind. Periodically a random combination gathers a most appreciation, whereas various other times, you just can’t gain it appropriate no matter just how much friend try.

To aid you out in getting it right, we rounded up some an easy tips that will certainly inspire girlfriend to nail that silver and gold mix just the appropriate way!

✓ usage exotic jewelry pieces as the bridging piece

The general dominance of ignorance for standing out of the crowd is to walk for one unusual item of jewelry. It can be anything!

Source: Bustle

It deserve to be a tiny diamond cut bracelet or a uniquely shaped bangle. Us recommend that you store at the very least two to three exotic jewelry piece in your collection.

✓ Antiques constantly look classy and also elegant

If you room attending a one-of-a-kind event, always choose antiques over various other options.

Source: Poshmark

Antiques gather more attraction compared to a standard item of jewelry.

✓ Pair everyday jewelry through special chance pieces

One the the finest ways come accessorize favor a pro is to combine simple pieces v something the you would just wear on one-of-a-kind occasions.

Source: whereby to get it

Pair your day-to-day jewelry v one impressive piece of jewelry that you own. You will certainly see exactly how much difference it makes to mix and match your day-to-day jewelry with distinctive pieces!

✓ coherent stones go a lengthy way

The last tip would certainly be to add a selection of gemstones to her collection. Valuable stones not only look classy and gorgeous, but most of the gemstones likewise have healing and also protection powers (think heal crystals!).

Source: Pinterest

Emerald, amethyst, sapphire, and topaz are our top favorite options for priceless stones the go well with silver and gold combos.

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When it concerns mixing silver and gold jewelry, the all about being confident and also choosing piece that match each other.

We encourage you to play v jewelry textures, different lengths, and designs as not constantly going for comparable jewelry is the best way to go. Occasionally combining very different pieces of jewel (not simply combining different metal) results in accessorizing prefer a pro!

We hope this guide gave you some great inspiration top top gold and silver combination, and also if that did, make sure to check some the our various other jewelry inspiration short articles as we have plenty of ideas we love to share daily!