The brief answer is NO. Under no circumstances have to you mix semi-permanent hair dye with a developer.

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If girlfriend do, the hair dye pigments won’t be deposited on the surface of the hair. Those more, you’ll damage the color molecules. If girlfriend intended to use the developer to prolong the term of the color, look at for various other options. You can opt because that a irreversible hair dye or select a semi-permanent hair dye brand v maximum durability. Today, I’ll tell friend what castle are.

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Oh, you’ve obtained a head complete of stunner ideas!

Why execute you want to mix semi-permanent hair dye v a developer?

Let me guess because I’m going to shot to placed myself in her shoes.

I’m trying to think around your reasons, and I’ve just come up through two:
The first reason why you could want come mix semi-permanent hair dye v a developer is the you want the color to critical longer. The 2nd reason may be to shot to lighten the shade by including a developer come the hair dye.

I can’t think of any other reasons, yet I can assure you v absolute certainty is that semi-permanent hair dye shouldn’t be blended with a developer under any circumstances.

If you want a lighter color, choose a lighter shade.

Peroxide fades the pigment concentration the the hair dye. That’s why you’ll never get the shade you had chosen.

friend shouldn’t play with hair commodities just together you can’t mix water and also oil no one bleach with ammonia.

That’s true, particularly if you plan to use those mixtures to your hair.

It’s the biochemists rental by the huge brands who are there come explore brand-new possibilities, research, and play.

Don’t forget the a developer is a chemical. It can change the outcomes of any mix of products.

If you pick a semi-permanent hair dye, it’s since you want to prevent using peroxide. So, why would you desire to mix them?

Truth it is in told, it doesn’t make sense.


Also, if you chose a semi-permanent hair dye, it’s due to the fact that you choose to readjust your hair color frequently, you have damaged hair, or you’re vegan.

The developer is in ~ odds through your purposes in any type of of those cases.

Because the developer is responsible for opening the hair cuticles for the permanent color to be deposited.

The developer is responsible for permanently changing the color. It is why it’s provided in permanent hair color.

It makes no feeling to mix semi-permanent hair color and also developer because their objectives are opposite. It would be prefer wanting come walk backward and also forward in ~ the same time.


Also, it renders no sense to mix semi-permanent hair dye and a developer due to the fact that they are ready to use when you buy them.

They room deposited ~ above the surface ar of the hair, so there is no require to include a developer. Even if you include a developer, they won’t come to be permanent together many world think.The only thing friend would attain is to fully ruin her semi-permanent hair dye. The chemistry degrade the color, and it won’t have the impact you room hoping for.

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If you desire your semi-permanent hair dye to last longer, select brands that will certainly ensure maximum durability yet don’t include a developer


As hydrogen peroxide is one oxidant, it stays clear of the colors of the semi-permanent hair dye indigenous adhering come the surface of the hair. So, they shed their effect.


The hair dyes are designed for straight use to protect against damaging the hair.


A an excellent start to expand the expression of your semi-permanent hair dye is to choose brands that ensure extra to trust or an ext intense pigments.

Each hair dye brand has its particular duration because the semi-permanent hair dye fades v washes. So, every time friend wash her hair, you shed a tiny color.

Some the the longest+lasting semi-permanent hair water are:
Splat: approximately 30 washes Clairol natural Instincts: approximately 28 washes Manic Panic: as much as 16 washes Got2b Creative: approximately 15 washes Punky Colour: as much as 12 washes

Also, dark colors favor brown 4, violet, or blue will last much longer than lighter shades favor light blonde 8 or pastel pink.

This is due to the fact that darker colors contain more pigmentation. Therefore, lock adhere better to the hair and attain greater covering power.

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You likewise shouldn’t include a developer come semi-permanent hair dye if you’re trying to find a lighter shade

Most that the brands ns mentioned above have a color chart with countless alternatives.


If you want a lighter color, select a lighter shade. It’s as simple as that.

Manic Panic, because that example, provides alternatives.

Some of your shades permit you come play with the exposure time to achieve different shades that the very same color.

And several of those shades room Cotton candy Pink or electric Pink Pussycat.

In that case, you’ll attain a softer shade due to the fact that you leaving the hair dye on for less time. It has actually nothing to perform with including peroxide come the hair dye.


Therefore, it all adds as much as a global truth.

If you want your semi-permanent hair dye to critical longer, rather of mixing it through a developer, inspect your hair treatment routine


Beauty assets like shampoos, conditioners, and masks contain chemistry that are corrosive come color.

Sulfates, parabens, and metallic salts can remove her semi-permanent hair dye in just a couple of washes.

the is why you should check all the products you use and replace them v those that deserve to maintain your shade without modification.

The sulfate-free shampoos are best if you’ve dyed her hair with a semi-permanent hair dye. The big brands have actually launched entire lines that these commodities that incorporate Pantene Pro-V increased Water and also Herbal Essences honey & Vitamin B.

Of course, this are simply two examples. Nowadays, virtually all the well-known and lesser-known brands have launched sulfate-free hair assets or products with a lesser amount of toxicity ingredients.


friend can likewise use a color depositing shampoo the deposits colors in each wash to extend the expression of the color.

For example, if you colored her hair blue, you might use a blue shade depositing shampoo.

If you colored her hair pink, you might use a pink depositing shampoo.



And lastly, carry out you use a flat iron or blow dryer very often?

You deserve to start changing your habits because the heat opens the cuticles of the hair and also the colours of the hair dye come out.

I’m no saying the you can’t use warmth tools anymore.

Just make smart choices around when you level iron or curl her hair. When you do, usage a sulfate-free warm protectant to care for your color.


Could you solve your questions?

That’s great news for your hair! Because semi-permanent hair shade should never ever be combined with a developer. A developer no designed for it.

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If her idea is to prolong the color duration or to gain a lighter color, currently you know exactly how to perform it there is no risking your hair.

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