Medically the review by Cameron White, M.D., MPH — written by Adrienne Santos-Longhurst on April 21, 2021

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It’s possible to contract HIV from swallowing semen, but the danger is an extremely low.

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Oral sex is considered a reduced risk task for HIV transmission. Though swallowing might increase the threat a tad, other factors affect just how risky that is.

The possibility of contracting HIV from swallowing different from one case to the next.

Things, like the viral load of the human whose fluids space being swallowed or whether the person doing the swallowing is acquisition pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), influence the in its entirety risk level.

How long the semen sit in the mouth prior to being swallowed affect your in its entirety risk, too.

Let’s malfunction some typical scenarios.

If you’re taking PrEP

If you’re acquisition PrEP together prescribed, you probably have nothing to worry about.

PrEP to reduce the threat of contracting HIV native sex by 99 percent, and also fellatio is already considered a lower risk pleasure. You cool.

If their viral pack is undetectable

A person with an undetectable viral fill can’t transmit HIV, so bring on.

If you offered a condom or barrier

There do not do it be anything to swallow if you offered a condom or barrier, therefore in this case, it’s all good.

If the condom ripped or slipped off sufficient to spill during an especially enthusiastic beej, the threat is still super low.

If that was just pre-cum and also not ejaculate

Pre-cum does carry HIV, yet the risk would be lower compared to swallowing semen as result of the lot of fluid alone.

That said, the risk increases if the person offering the BJ has actually an ulcer or reduced in their mouth or throat.

If friend spit the end as lot as girlfriend could

The less call the rubber membranes in the mouth have actually with semen containing HIV, the much less chance it has to obtain into the bloodstream.

Spitting the out absolutely reduces the risk, specifically if you’re quick about it.

If the only happened once

Once is technically all it takes come contract HIV.

But, due to the fact that the hazard is short to start with, the odds room in her favor if you don’t swallow ~ above the constant without taking other precautions.

Obvs, the risk boosts the more often you do something.

If you took PEP afterward


Post-exposure prophylaxis, or PEP, is highly efficient at to reduce the danger of contracting HIV native sexual activity — if began within 72 hrs of the feasible exposure and also taken continuously until finished.

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How most likely is this generally?

There’s no number to quantify the danger of swallowing seminal fluid.Though swallowing does rise the threat of HIV some, fellatio is thought about a reduced risk task overall.