Your body needs nutrition come stay solid and aid you live a healthy life. If you"re unable to eat, or if you have an illness that provides it difficult to gulp down food, you may need a feeding tube. The tube is surgically inserted into your stomach and also is supplied to provide food, liquids, and medicines.

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Depending on why you require a feeding tube, you may have it for number of weeks or months or for the rest of your life. Having a feeding tube means learning new skills and adopting brand-new routines. You"ll should learn exactly how to use and also care for the tube, and also how to avoid usual problems.

A feeding pipe is inserted throughout a surgery. ~ the surgery, you"ll have actually a 6- to 12-inch tube coming out of her belly. Foods, liquids, and medicines are offered using the tube. The food is a mixture (formula) made up of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Maintaining the tube clean is an extremely important. Adjusting to making use of a feeding pipe takes time. The very first step is learning all friend can around how the tube works and how to protect against problems. Making tube feeding much less of a an enig may help you do it a part of your daily life.

How carry out you use and care for a feeding tube?

Using the pipe for feeding

It"s vital that the food you usage for pipe feeding have actually the best blend of nutrients for you. And also the food requirements to it is in the correct thickness therefore the tube doesn"t clog. For many people, a milk shake type of formula the you can buy in a can works finest for pipe feeding. Your physician or dietitian will assist you find the appropriate formula to use.

Make sure that the tube-feeding formula is in ~ room temperature. Wash her hands prior to you manage the tube and also formula. To wash the peak of the can of formula before you open it. Follow your doctor"s accuse for how much formula to use for every feeding. If utilizing a feeding syringe: attach the syringe to the tube, and also put the formula right into the syringe. Organize the syringe up high so the formula flows right into the tube. Use the plunger ~ above the syringe to gently push any kind of remaining formula into the tube. If utilizing a gravity bag: attach the bag come the tube, and add the formula come the bag. Cave the bag ~ above a hook or pole around 18 inches over the stomach. Depending upon the type of formula, the food might take a couple of hours to circulation through the tube. Ask your physician what you have the right to expect and also how long it need to take. Sit up or save your head up throughout the feeding and also for 60 minute (or as lengthy as your physician tells friend to) afterward. Save the formula in the refrigerator after you open up it. Don"t allow the formula sit in ~ room temperature for much more than 8 hours. Throw away any kind of open cans of food after ~ 24 hours, even if they have actually been refrigerated. If you feel sick to her stomach or have stomach cramps throughout the feeding, slow the price that the formula comes with the tube. Then progressively increase the rate as girlfriend can control it. Talk through your medical professional about changing your feedings or drugs if you are having difficulties with diarrhea, constipation, or vomiting.

Using the tube to take medicines

If you take medications through her feeding tube, follow her doctor"s instructions. Don"t try to put whole pills in the tube—they may gain stuck. Questioning your doctor if liquid medicine is available, or if your pills have the right to be crushed. Don"t mix your medicine with the tube-feeding formula. This can reason a clog in the feeding tube. Don"t put much more than one medication down your feeding pipe at a time. Do the washing up the tube v water before and also after you put each medication down her tube.

Caring because that the tube

keep it clean. That"s the most crucial thing you should know around caring for her tube. Flush the pipe with warm water before and after feedings or offering medicines. You have the right to use a syringe to press water through the tube. Clean the end (opening) the the pipe every day with an antiseptic wipe. Always wash your hands before touching the tube. Tape the pipe to your body therefore the end is encountering up. Look for clinical tape in your local drugstore. It might irritate your skin much less than other types of tape. Change the place of the ice every couple of days. Clamp the tube when you"re not making use of it. Placed the clamp closer to her body so that food and liquids don"t operation down the tube. Store the skin around the pipe clean and also dry. Sleep top top your back or her side. You are likely to be an ext comfortable.

Avoiding common problems

Blocked tube. A blocked pipe can take place when the pipe isn"t flushed or as soon as formula or drugs are too thick. Stop blockage by flushing the tube with warmth water before and after feedings and also medicines. If the tube is blocked, shot to clear it by flushing the tube. Contact your doctor if the tube won"t clear. Don"t use a wire or anything rather to try to unclog a tube. A wire can poke a feet in the tube. Tube falls out.

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Don"t try to put the tube earlier in by yourself. Speak to your physician right away. The tube requirements to be replaced before the opening in your belly closes. This can take place within hours. Leaking tube. A tube that leaks might be blocked, or it might not to the right right. After check the tube and flushing it come make certain that the tube isn"t blocked, call your doctor.

Author: Healthwise Staff clinical Review: Adam Husney MD - family Medicine catalen Romito MD - family members Medicine Rhonda O"Brien MS, RD, CDE - Certified Diabetes Educator

Author: Healthwise staff

Medical Review:Adam Husney MD - family members Medicine & catalen Romito MD - family Medicine & Rhonda O"Brien MS, RD, CDE - Certified Diabetes Educator


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