Baby powder is vital powder used to protect against rashes top top babies. As a result, the powder can be in the type of a spray or together cosmetics together well. A baby can gain the rashes, specifically on your buttocks, through diapers. However, medical professionals have always warned human being to be careful when applying this powder because that babies, together inhaling the powder may reason aspiration pneumonia or granuloma.

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The concern is: deserve to you eat infant powder?

Baby powder is a typical substance in many homes, especially residences with babies in it. However, together a person, deserve to you eat infant powder? Although some persons have actually the unusual habit of eating powder, the is not perfect for one’s health since of the substances it contains. Craving for something choose baby powder have the right to be an indication the a health concern that one demands to examine with a physician.

Baby Powder and Cancer

There to be a time a documentary on the relationship between baby powder and also cancer to be on the news, and also reports of it to be in national headlines. Some talc has asbestos, i m sorry is a substance well-known to reason cancers in and around the lungs once you be breathing it. Asbestos mainly is composed of silicon and oxygen, although with various other elements.

The types of asbestos space two, recognized as Chrysolite and Amphibole. This two species both have actually links through cancer. As soon as one inhales asbestos with the air, they deserve to stick to rubber in the throat, windpipe (trachea), and also bronchi. These gain cleared when you sneeze it increase or gulp down it.

However, some fibers have the right to reach the entire little airways in the lungs or even penetrate the external lung lining as well as the chest wall. When this happens, it can reason lung cancer mesothelioma. Joel Kahan M.D, director of Pediatrics at Syosset Hospital in brand-new York, stated that those that always use infant powder, especially on a baby’s challenge region, room subjecting the baby to the health dangers that developing from inhaling these substances into the baby’s lungs. Wherein this wake up often, it can be a hazardous phenomenon to the child’s health.

The Uses the Talcum Powder

Nursing mothers might not be able to do without using it to your babies so regarding prevent rashes. Adult can additionally use it by using it together facial and also body powders. Asides using the powder to avoid rashes, civilization use it as a kind of dry shampoo. The is since it additionally removes oil and also grease and also makes the hair look fresh washed.

One can use the powder together a pet shampoo for pets such together cats and dogs. It also removes sand the finds its method to her clothing, car, or house after a day in ~ the beach. Simply place the powder over the component stained with sands, and it will certainly make it easier to brush turn off the dirt.

Another use for the talcum flour is the you can use it to untangle necklaces. The is valuable for these purposes because of the aspects that it contains. Several of these facets are magnesium and silicon, and also oxygen.

The Condition dubbed Pica

The talc powder might not be hurtful in a way when ingested or inhaled. However, the perils of talc can likewise expose one come the danger of asthma. It is due to the fact that our lungs are not because that inhaling anything except pure air. It describes why pediatricians usually prefer cornstarch to talc because it is unlikely for one to inhale that quickly.

An addiction Psychiatrist, Jeremy Martinez, M.D described that the is feasible to have some civilization who eat non-food items like baby powder, and this may be related to iron deficiency. The condition is w to together pica. Patient of Pica crave and chew building material that have no nutritional worth such as ice, clay, soil, powder, or paper.

Since reports and studies evidenced that the deficiency of steel in the body is what causes pica, especially the craving for eating infant powder, then it will be far better to concentrate much more on the day-to-day intake the irons in her food.

Other reasons of asides iron deficiency encompass stress, social factors, pregnancy, etc. The pica condition frequently affects young children, specifically those with pundit disabilities. Thus, craving because that talc might be a means the human body is attempting to acquire the minerals it has actually been missing.

You Are not Alone

Research has displayed that there room some other world who additionally crave weird non-food substances choose you. There is a story of a woman referred to as Anderson aged forty-four, mother of 5 who stays in the united Kingdom. She was secretly gorging on infant powder because that ten years before her ex-partner found her weird habit.

She will chew mints in windy to meet her craving. However, she continually feeds ~ above Johnson’s infant powder. The longest she had actually been without it was 2 days. Having actually concluded it as a emotional disorder called pica, she walk ahead for the actual diagnosis that the doctors.

There is one more woman aged fifty-two, for over two years of her life, every day, she would eat a handful of Johnson’s baby powder. Follow to her, she would save a huge container in stock. She stated after breakfast, she would reach for the infant powder kept near her bed and also eat it. She explained feeling comforting and satisfied as soon as doing it.

Dr. Greg Johnson, an Assistant Professor that Psychology, at Tulsa college in Baltimore county Md., explains that pica is fairly common in tiny kids roughly the age of ten. Also, 32% of children from periods one come six try to eat stuff the is not commonly food.

How To prevent Craving For infant Powder

You cannot prevent the require for a infant powder without using a replacement because that it. The absence of stole in the body causes one come crave non-food substances. Thus, the best means to avoid is to supply accurate and sufficient iron come the body.

The Recommended everyday Allowance (RDA) because that iron for men is 8mg every day. For non-pregnant women, that is commonly 80mg per day, while pregnant women are compelled to take 27mg daily. Although after giving birth, while she is breastfeeding, the intake need to drop ago to 9mg every day.

The Controversy about Baby Powder

The media has actually reported several instances where women instituted hundreds of cases against Johnson and Johnson concerning their infant powder and also how it has actually caused ovarian cancer from making use of it in your genital region. The male individual was also not left out in the steaming conflict as they likewise sued the company.

At some point, the agency publicly announced the it recalled 33,000 party of its flour from the industry as a result of windy outcry and concerns with the presence of asbestos and how it resulted in cancer. Once the firm made the announcement, stores had to start pulling the off your shelves and also stopped offering it.

The Alternatives To infant Powder

Since the usage of talcum powder is traceable come cancer, there room other choices to it. These choices do not cause cancer. Thus, us shall be taking a look at at few of them.

These choices are in ~ our straightforward reach, together one can also find castle in stores approximately us. However, there some other options to talcum powder that deserve to be quite challenging to locate. Whereby this is the case, you can make her homemade powder.

Baking soda: 

The baking soda you have at home has actually other offers asides from gift an ingredient because that baking. That is valuable as a replacement because that talcum powder. However, utilizing it in its purest type can it is in harsh top top the skin, i m sorry is why you deserve to mix it v cornstarch.


Cornstarch is just one of the many popular alternatives for the usage of talcum powder. Most talcum powder brand are beginning to combine cornstarch right into their products.

Tapioca starch:

It is wonderful alternative come talcum powder, primarily as the absorbs oil, sweat, and other forms of moisture. You can easily find tapioca strength in any grocery store you enter.

Kaolin clay: 

It is a type of clay frequently used top top the skin and referred to together cosmetic clay. World use the on the skin due to the fact that it is soft on the skin and likewise absorbs moisture. It is in containers in stores.

Arrowroot starch: 

The people that commonly resort to arrowroot starch space persons that space allergic come cornstarch. It is prefer the tapioca starch the you acquire from plants. Thus, the most obtainable place friend can uncover the arrowroot starch is a shop the sells healthy food.

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Other choices to the talcum powder are oat flour and rice starch. It is worthy to keep in mind that powder service providers are beginning to incorporate these alternatives into their products, hence making it much safer for consumers.


Studies have presented that world do not just use baby powder for the typical purposes that were the intentions that the powder companies. Surprisingly, world get addicted to consuming baby powder regularly. It is what prompted the question, deserve to you eat infant powder?