Has anyone ever heard of no letting someone host your baby since it"s the time of the month? I"ve always heard it growing up and that it will make the baby sick. Not sure exactly what type of sickness it would cause... I think uncomfortable stomach or something follow me those lines. Everyone else?

My mom used to always tell me that when I had my son 2 years back. I"ve never ever really request anyone prior to holding the if the was that time the the month. It"s kinda aer lol I simply pushed that off together an old wivestale

Lol, i wouldn"t asking either. My sister in law volunteered the details so I decreased to permit her host my baby. I think it may be an old wives tales too but it"s instilled in mine brain. Ns don"t organize other ppl youngsters if I"m on my cycle. I don"t tell them why, I simply don"t.

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What is the thinking behind it supposed to be?? Lol I"ve never ever heard the before. Is it supposed to it is in a hormone thing? Or simply the truth that they"re bleeding? due to the fact that uh, you will bleed after delivery. Need to you not organize your baby?? Lol

I"ll take her word because that it. Lol I"m no going come google it due to the fact that it sounds prefer superstitious nonsense to me. Haha It"s funny to hear tho. Ns don"t think i would care if someone was superstitious and also didn"t want to hold the baby - that"s fine, less germy human being holding my baby. Haha



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