I have actually a recipe the calls for garlic powder, yet I only have actually fresh garlic top top hand.

What ratio have to I use to substitute?


I"d say about 1 clove for every half-teaspoon the garlic powder. There isn"t going to it is in anything specifically scientific about this, because garlic cloves vary in size, strength and also flavor but that will be in the ballpark.

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I"ll commonly get 1/3 the starting weight the the cloves ( weight prior to peeling ) as soon as it"s all dried and also ground.

I"ve just weighed before and after twice though.

Method used: peel and slice garlic really slim (used a mandoline), spread out on a parchment lined baking paper (heavy aluminum), roasted at 170 F (lowest my cooktop would go). Remove as soon as the dried garlic conveniently crumbles in between your fingers (check every 15 min. ~ the first 45 min.). Then grind it up.


The other choice I have the right to think of...

Finely chop up some garlic and also cook castle in med-to-high temp oil. You might put in the garlic when the oil is warm, so friend don"t over cook. As shortly as you watch the colour of garlic transforming to brown colour, remove it asap and get the garlic out of oil.

After that, you deserve to use the same amount that the cook garlic together the powder.

Another method is come roast your garlic and then chop it increase which is closer to garlic powder


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