River, the dog which offered as both model and also inspiration for Fallout 4"s Dogmeat, has died. Developer Joel Burgess, that was River"s owner, announced the death on Twitter and also went over River"s influence on fallout 4"s breakthrough as a consistent presence for the development team to know a dog companion. Flow was likewise filmed, recorded, and also had her habits watched together a reference for Dogmeat.

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I stated goodbye today to River, who most of you recognize as fallout 4’s Dogmeat.Heartbroken doesn"t covering it, but I won’t eulogize her here. Because that twitter, I believed it"d be suitable to look ago at her influence on the game.(plus, writing around game dev hurts less than grieving) pic.twitter.com/ayN1Vd6oqQJune 27, 2021

In the Twitter thread, citizen goes deep into detail about how River influenced his desire to have a dog companion in autumn 4 be much more than a weapon, however a true friend to the player. Happen the personality that a loving, protective, outgoing dog to fallout 4 was among Burgess" style goals for the character, and also so River"s looks, movements, yet most important personality to be reflected in the in-game character. Dogmeat"s propensity to bring you huge objects, even ones girlfriend didn"t want, was based upon River.

"River yes, really loved making civilization happy... Occasionally by bringing us big objects. She intentions to be pure, however her judgement wasn"t always perfect," stated Burgess, add by a picture of River carrying a big log.

Likewise, a walk with animator Jean Simonet motivated Dogmeat"s behavior: flow would often walk front of Burgess, however consistently avoid to look back and check on him.

River"s behavior in the video game is also based top top the habits of German Shephards, security dogs that will placed themselves between the thing they want to protect and also danger. Dogmeat does simply that. "This didn"t just give Dogmeat a distinctive combat style from various other companion NPCs; it was a character choice," burgess said.

Dogmeat is a tether. The grounds girlfriend in the world, will always stand by you, command you to her family, and anticipate her needs. He wants you to it is in safe and happy.In other words, that loves you. And also if love is River"s legacy, ns am contented.Rest in peace, big girl. Pic.twitter.com/XiUszPtOnMJune 27, 2021

It"s never ever easy to shed a friend, particularly when that friend is a continuous companion prefer a dog. Our hearts go the end to Joel Burgess, and everyone who knew River. Advanced a glass to River"s storage today. As Dogmeat, at least, she can keep bringing people joy (and huge sticks) because that years to come.

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