One the the most common questions and also misnomers i hear when mentioning mattresses with my reader is regarding the sizing of California King vs. King size mattresses. Most people tend come think the California King mattresses are bigger than King. However, this is no true. When a California King is slightly longer than a conventional king mattress (also well-known as one “Eastern King”) it has less complete surface area.

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A California King is 72″ large and 84″ long. It has a complete surface area of 6,048 square inches.

A conventional King size mattress is 76″ large and 80″ long. It has a complete surface area the 6,080 square inches.


California King vs. King Mattress Comparison

Below is a rapid comparison the the California King vs. King mattress.

California KingKing
Surface Area6,048 square inches6,080 square inches
ProsGood because that taller peopleMaximum width renders it an excellent for couples
ConsMore an overwhelming to uncover accessories. An overwhelming to moveDifficult to move
Other Names"Western King""Eastern King"

Should ns buy a California King or King mattress?

There are countless factors to take into consideration when deciding on even if it is you must purchase a California King or traditional King size mattress.

Room Dimension – ideally, you desire at the very least 2 feet of room on all 3 political parties of your mattress. This will administer enough room to walk and maneuver approximately the mattress. Additionally, aesthetically this will provide enough an are to look prefer it belong in the room and also is not overly crowding out various other furnishings or the room in general. If you have a narrow room you might lean much more towards the leaner profile of the Cal King. Likewise, if your room is a bit more comprehensive the standard “Eastern” King size mattress might be proper given that is width.

Costs – if the California King size has actually grown in popularity, it’s still significantly rarer 보다 the standard King. Together a result, trying to find box springs, bed frames, sheets, mattress protectors, and virtually every other accessory is no only much more difficult, however it deserve to be an ext expensive. There simply are not as numerous options easily accessible in terms of bedroom accessories for California King mattresses as their space for standard Kings. If you room on a tighter budget, it would be an ext prudent to opt because that the King mattress together you’ll have a much less complicated time to buy for your accessories.

Your Height – if you’re end 6 feet tall the California King may be a great option. The extra length will give you a little an ext space indigenous head-to-toe. That said, this yes, really is a personal preference. Ns am 6’1″ and also I love come sleep with my feet hanging turn off the bed. Because that me, the extr length ~ above the California King isn’t worth it. However, you may uncover you love the extra length if you space taller 보다 average.

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Your Partner – if girlfriend sleep through a companion your preferences as a couple may additionally determine even if it is the California King or King is the much better option. As the Cal King is a bit narrower the is an ext ideal if you have tendency to sleeper closer come or poignant your partner. In the very same vein, if you like your room during your sleep the standard King, i m sorry is a tiny bit wider, is most most likely the finest option because that you.