Difference in between Buddhism and also Hinduism

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Buddhism vs Hinduism

With the exemption of a few, world are born to religion. We flourish up through the religion that our parents space practicing and also are guided by the moral standards the it has set for us. There room several faiths that teach different things, the biggest being Christianity, Islam and also Judaism. A many people also practice Buddhism and also Hinduism, two interrelated religious beliefs that source in India.

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Both religions are based on three beliefs: maya, karma, and dharma. Maya is the belief that every little thing on planet is just an illusion, a product of just how man perceives himself. Karma is the belief that whatever you do has consequences, blessings because that the great and curses for the bad. Dharma is a id in man’s obligation, thus everyone should abide by your obligations and duties. Return they have a the majority of similarities, they different in a the majority of things.

Belief in Gods

Hindus think in Gods, they room made in people’s images and also stories to be created about them and their functions on earth. In fact, they believe that Buddha is the reincarnation that the Hindu God, Vishnu. Buddhism, ~ above the various other hand, does no teach about a God or Gods, although that did no teach that there is no God either. The taught that it is futile to find for one.


For Hindus, the earth was developed by the gods in the beginning of time. Because that Buddhists, the planet was developed with man’s desire come produces numerous beings indigenous his body and from his thoughts developed the earth and also everything in it.


Hinduism teaches about a spirit (atman) and also that a Hindu need to do his dharma well in bespeak to be reincarnated come a higher kind during rebirth and eventually to escape the bike of rebirths (moksha). Buddhism does no teach around a soul, it does not focus on ideas around soul, life after death or the origins of the human being as we view it. Buddha taught about achieving enlightenment through meditation and also that nothing on planet lasts.



For Hindus, a woman can only attain spiritual salvation with the deeds of her husband and her devotion come him. Buddhists room taught the everyone, man or woman, can acquire enlightenment. Buddhism teaches equality among everyone, stating the the idea of me is the source of all evils in the world and also that everything is a component of a whole.

Ultimate Goal

Hindus wish because that unity through Brahma, Buddhists wish to accomplish Nirvana.

Summary points of Buddhism and Hinduism

1. Hinduism teaches around Gods, Buddhism does not.

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2. For Hindus, the earth was produced by the Gods, because that Buddhists, the planet was developed by man’s thoughts.3. Hinduism teaches about a soul and also how we space reincarnated right into other forms of life until achieving moksha. Buddhism focuses around life top top earth and how to accomplish full enlightenment through meditation.4. Hindus think in the caste system, Buddhists perform not because for them everyone and everything is equal parts of a whole.5. Hindus desire to achieve unity with Brahma, when Buddhists desire to attain Nirvana.