Bronzed Shoes

What could be cuter than a day-to-day reminder of as soon as your child or grandchild wore his or her an initial pair that shoes! Bronzing baby shoes has been a heritage for end 70 years and also continues to be a exorbitant keepsake of your tiny ones together they grow up.

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Makes a fantastic gift for any kind of holiday or date of birth or just order one for you yourself to screen at house or at work.

If girlfriend have any questions, speak to us at 855-STL-PATTY or fill in the form below under acquire Started and either Linda or Karen will certainly get earlier to you very soon.

Product Description

Baby shoes Bronzing Choices:

Antique bronze, pewter, silver, or yellow shoesSolid oak or walnut baseOval or square base through engraved nameplateSingle shoe or pair of shoes on basePair of shoes on basic with photograph frameJust shoes with no basic (felt protectors added to soles protect your furniture)Hanging engraved name tag (additional $25 charge)


Included is a standard practice engraved, single mounted black and also brass or black and also silver plate that contains your baby’s name and also birthdate. We can inscribe 2 lines through a preferably 25 characters per line.

How to Order

If you’re interested in bespeak a Patty-Cakes Bronzed baby Shoes please contact us today. Us will set an appointment to involved your residence to pick up your baby’s or babies’ shoes and also show you a sample so you deserve to see because that yourself how beautiful her keepsake will be.

Please permit 12 weeks because that delivery. Every Patty-Cakes is meticulously hand-crafted so no detail is missed and you finish up v a perfect replica to last a lifetime. Every Patty-Cakes have actually a lifetime guarantee against breaking, flaking, cracking. Tarnish is not covered by our lifetime guarantee.

Get Started

Get Started

If you’re interested in a Patty-Cakes product, please call us making use of the kind below or call 855-STL-PATTY.

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When it concerns family gift principles – native hand and footprint bronzing to badge bronzing and also holiday accessories – nothing is an ext personal or unique than one heirloom-inspired, handcrafted Patty-Cakes bronzed keepsake.

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